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  1. Thedoctor989

    For a friend

    duly noted
  2. Thedoctor989

    For a friend

    It's not mine, my friend made it and I told him not to release it but he apparently did...I'll have to talk to him about it ps sorry Idk he did that
  3. Thedoctor989

    Doom mods based on movies

    Just remembered i made a John wick mod: (note this was from when i first started modding) Wicked.zip
  4. Thedoctor989

    Doom mods based on movies

    Hardcore Henry mod think it would be easy and badass!
  5. Thedoctor989

    Weird Wolfenstein-alike movie - Need help

    this sounds like another Direct to video movies, but since wolfenstien is underappreciated i think a movie adaption (or blatant rip off) would make for a good B movie as long as their is shooting Nazi's i don't think you could tell the difference!
  6. Thedoctor989

    Flat Earth - Doom Mod

    this is such a dumb descussion
  7. Thedoctor989

    Flat Earth - Doom Mod

    Doom is no stranger to controversy but if it involves senseless mass murder no one is going to do this. try MoonMan doom if you want offensive stuff.
  8. Thedoctor989

    What are your preferred visual settings?

    Iwads: 4:3 truecolor almost all accelerates off to maintain the 1993 quality (i know it's not practical but i like the original look) custom: all accelerates on, bloom off 4:3 truecolor
  9. Thedoctor989

    Project Proposal - Ultimate Doom: By The Map

    We need a better Phobo's sky, the pic now looks like a earth setting, also judging by the way the bases are, the sky should look kinda like this: with Mars being a not so close, as Phobo's is 48.34 miles or 6.86214845123795e-12 light years away (for realism)
  10. Thedoctor989

    Project Proposal - Ultimate Doom: By The Map

    I want to do Toxin Refinery please! (though i might not since i'm pretty busy, maybe some time)
  11. Thedoctor989

    Favorite Cartoons or Piece of Animation

    Fritz the Cat, mainly because of it's Rebellious idea's and new concept's which were deemed "Apalling" to the people of that time, and today it paved the way for free expression animations, as well as promoting freedom of speech (which we have problem's clarifying now)
  12. Thedoctor989

    First WAD ever made on mobile?

    How did he manage to get the was author to work on exagear? Trying to test it out
  13. Thedoctor989

    First WAD ever made on mobile?

    well i guess this is another Mobile What if's! i guess until a Better programmer then me steps in the way above seems like a good start, (if you have the nerve to deal with the Wad author limitations IDEA'S FOR IT the only way i think to do a 3d preview would probably need to borrow some coding from Beloko's port and try a "test mode" If you wanted to do some Xwe or slade like editing you probably would need a 2nd application to do that and also if we do decide to use Beloko's port we would need some approval and maybe source code
  14. Thedoctor989

    First WAD ever made on mobile?

    i don't think a mobile port is possible, at least for touch, it would need to be attached to a external mouse or something similar! otherwise the space you see for mapping would be Crowded to Hell and back (pun intended)
  15. Thedoctor989

    First WAD ever made on mobile?

    Actually I think I might give it a try! What the hell? Sleep is for the weak!