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  1. Thedoctor989

    Gas Mask how to?

    i was wanting to make a gas mask powerup and i want to know if you can show a image of the mask on the screen (when picked up) which protects you from poison
  2. Thedoctor989

    Community Chest 64

    there is 2 options we have: 1. Change the mother demon sprites to be some other custom enemy, but have it behave like the mother demon. 2. Don't include a bossfight and just have a bunch of custom levels.
  3. Thedoctor989

    Community Chest 64

    then could we change the sprites for the mother demon?
  4. Thedoctor989

    Community Chest 64

    then could we somehow make a new enemy? something far worse than the Mother demon? (maybe a Father demon?)
  5. Thedoctor989

    Community Chest 64

    maybe we could do it as a final showdown, you have to single handedly take down of High tier enemies, in waves, theres 4 ways which increase in difficulty and finally after you defeat the last wave we could maybe add a new enemy as the boss? (if that's possible?)
  6. Thedoctor989

    Searching for a video game

    fran bow was a good game as well, definitely try it!
  7. i made one like that! it was a Jason vs Micheal map: halloween.zip (i would like to help but i'm making another project so maybe if i have time i will)
  8. Thedoctor989

    Custom hud overlay

    yeah! thats what i was wanting to do! also couldn't you just change what the Radiation suit display looks like or is that hardcoded?
  9. Thedoctor989

    Custom hud overlay

    im making a WW1 mod and i would like the player to be able to press a speciific button or maybe a powerup which shows this for a limited time so they can go through gas clouds and such Newest version of GZDOOM
  10. Thedoctor989

    Custom hud overlay

    Hi, i was wanting to put this as a removable mask the player can choose to use or not:
  11. Thedoctor989

    Replacing weapons with Realm667 ones

    hi, i want to make a mod and i need to know how to replace all the weapons with custom ones!
  12. Thedoctor989

    Share Your Sprites!

    Doom Guy gets outdone by Freddy mercury! and who said QUEEN was dead? (all sets are done btw) Freddy.zip
  13. Thedoctor989

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    could that 2nd voice be the guy who is the doomguy?
  14. Thedoctor989

    120 Doomguy Variant Skins: Released+Fixed!

    hi i got bored one day and converted Doomguy's mugshot to be that of Freddy Mercury from Queen! (big fan!) probably could work for a joke wad. Freddy.zip
  15. Thedoctor989

    Custom voice pack (non brutal)

    i was wanting to do something like that! (beats putting a crapton of random sound clips in the maps!)