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  1. i was waiting for something like this to happen, i knew they were doing something shady as soon as i saw there sales (which where on a Colossal fail) magically raise back to there highest level they've been in years! but know this proves that even a great company can become corrupted by greed so easily.. so sad.
  2. Thedoctor989

    Free Steam Keys for POSTAL 2/PL

    i have changed my mind on giving it out (to those who did snag it please don't sell it or give it out) instead i feel like a competition should be held for it, you have 1 week to make a speedrun map starting January 14th to january 18th to complete a hell themed map, And whomever's i feel is the best will hold a spot in a upcoming mod of mine and as well get the Steam Postal 2 and Paradise lost keys as a bonus.
  3. Thedoctor989

    Free Steam Keys for POSTAL 2/PL

    i found out that the games i bought were Not compatible and nonrefundable (fucking Valve) so for 24 hours this post will at a random time for 1 hour have the steam keys so be on the lookout! ONCE ITS OVER IT DONE! NO EXCEPTIONS :)
  4. Thedoctor989

    Community Chest 64

    here is my submission, unfortunately i feel like its not what i wanted it but i don't think i'll be able to finish it, (im having a Burn out from modding.) Atmosfear.zip
  5. put you setting of aim sensitivity WAY THE F UP! and remember you not alone so when you walk in a room, immediately look above and if unsure scan the room before entering and have your best gun at the ready! the whole key is HEAD ON A SWIVEL!
  6. Thedoctor989

    Scrooge: a Freedoom mod

    i thought it was a pk3? okay then.. minor slade bug.
  7. Thedoctor989

    Its Beginning to look a lot like Freedoom

    The mod has been released now! :
  8. Thedoctor989

    Scrooge: a Freedoom mod

    i may be doing a update soon to change some textures to make it more christmas themed!
  9. Thedoctor989

    Scrooge: a Freedoom mod

    Hello, this is my first major mod i have created, it took over 1 1/2 months to complete but i'm satisfied with the sprites, anyways it is a Freedoom mod/ Doom mod which takes all the freedoom sprites and transforms them into Christmas themed stuff. (in order to maintain a "constant" there are no religious artifacts within.) here is some screenshots: Scrooge.zip
  10. Thedoctor989

    Community Chest 64

    here is a my map so far, (i plan to expand upon it) Atmosfear.zip
  11. @beloko Dropped phone and lost everything, could i have a New code for Delta Touch?

    1. beloko


      Sure: PU9XH61B6WWPREECLS7S95T


  12. Thedoctor989

    Who is your favorite character from any 90's FPS game?

    i like the Guy from Kens Labyrinth, i find it really funny when you hurt he just says OW! in a monotone dead inside voice!
  13. Thedoctor989

    Its Beginning to look a lot like Freedoom

    THIS PROJECT TOPIC IS DEAD! NO MORE COMMENTING.. you'll just have to wait for release to comment on anything further. if you do comment it won't be answered or even acknowledged.
  14. Thedoctor989

    No sprite rotation enemies

    Its Ken's Labyrinth i'm working on a tc for doom!
  15. Thedoctor989

    Its Beginning to look a lot like Freedoom

    yes but i feel like Freedoom isn't that popular, as People like Wild Weasel and Scuba Steve have stolen the spotlight from it for a long time! also it's a thank you (in a way) because Freedoom is the first game that got me into the Doom community!