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    2. kain


      disply an add for xxx clubs. now that would be cool.

    3. Psyonisis
    4. Hyena


      I have definitely noticed a trend in finding new ways to advertize. Every normal way has been done to death, so now they want to put ads on cars (and give them to you free), gravestones (and pay the family), and now in space (this sounds dangerous as no one really has a claim to any particular part of space, and that means there's no stopping them).

      I'm sure eventually, every piece of cement in our sidewalks will be imprinted with a big stencil that advertizes products. We'll all be wearing hats with an LCD screen on them that constantly project advertisements. And maybe down the road, all our food will have logos stamped on them with food colouring. Yeah, that TROJAN logo makes my french fries look appetizing. Thanks, marketing!