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  1. I have been trying to grab these three invulnerability power-ups in "MAP27: Emerald Spire" of "Sunlust" WAD. However, I'm not able to find a way to do so. Is there any way of getting these items? or are they just inaccessible without using the cheats?
  2. Ad009 ZA001

    What was the best level that you played.

    ==================================== Try following maps: ==================================== MAP03: Forgotten Shrine (Sunlust) MAP08: Oneira (Sunlust) MAP09: Saquasohuh (Sunlust) MAP12: Dangeresque (Sunlust) MAP14: Troglobite (Sunlust) MAP16: Lost Antiques (Sunlust) MAP21: Entering Aquatic Desert (Sunlust) MAP29: Go Fuck Yourself (Sunlust) MAP30: God Machine (Sunlust) MAP24: Culture Shock (Ancient Aliens) MAP01: One Small Step... (Lunatic) MAP02: Space Weapon Research (Lunatic) MAP03: Rocket Zone (Lunatic) MAP04: Super Lunarcomputer (Lunatic) MAP05: The Final Countdown (Lunatic) MAP05: Forgotten Village (Vanguard) MAP07: Dead Symmetrical (Vanguard) MAP10: Superstructure (Vanguard) MAP13: Punch-Out (Vanguard) MAP32: The Pyramid of Death (Speed of Doom) MAP21: Solitude (Scythe) MAP22: Despair (Scythe) MAP23: Anger (Scythe) MAP24: Hatred (Scythe) MAP26: Fear (Scythe) ==================================== ==================================== ==================================== WADs I will recommend: Stardate 20X6 Stardate 20X7 Crumpets Swim With The Whales Sunlust Lunatic Vanguard Valiant Sawdust Ancient Aliens Epic Epic 2 TNT: Revilution Legacy of Suffering (Is it a WAD or a mod?) Speed of Doom Resurgence Plutonia 2 Plutonia: Revisited Community Project Back to Saturn X Episode 1: Get Out Of My Stations Back to Saturn X Episode 2: Tower in the Fountain of Sparks Pirate Doom Going Down Hell Revealed II Deus Vult II Combat Shock Combat Shock 2 Aeternum Scythe Scythe 2 Scythe X Alien Vendetta ====================================
  3. Ad009 ZA001

    Unable to get 100% Items in Sunlust - Map 22 (Black Rabbit)

    Thanks for the suggestion @GarrettChan. I'll try using it too.
  4. Ad009 ZA001

    Unable to get 100% Items in Sunlust - Map 22 (Black Rabbit)

    Using the DoomBuilder, that's a very good idea, never thought about it. Thanks for your advice @Bauul. I'll definitely try it.
  5. Ad009 ZA001

    Unable to get 100% Items in Sunlust - Map 22 (Black Rabbit)

    Thanks @rdwpa!!! I found that remaining item. Finally, I get 100% items on this map. Thank you again!!!
  6. So, I was playing Map 22 - Black Rabbit of Sunlust WAD. However, I'm able to acquire only 96% of items(1 item missing). I want 100% items, but I'm unable to find one remaining item. Can someone tell me the locations of all the items in Sunlust map 22, so that I'll know which item I'm missing?