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  1. softGalaxy


    thank you!!
  2. softGalaxy


    I've tried both, they don't work.
  3. softGalaxy


    i'm using the latest version of gzdoom. 3.5.1
  4. softGalaxy


    I'm tryin to run the mod Abort_m_v1f4 with Ketchupv5 on slaugherfest2012 and I keep getting the message Script error, "ketchupV5.pk3:decorate.blood.txt" line 545: Expected ',', got 'l'. help?
  5. softGalaxy

    PSX Doom/Final Doom TC (Version 2.135 now released!)

    I'm having a TON of issues with the tc. I can't use keys, I can only pick between the fists and pistol (If I pick up a weapon alls good until I either run out of ammo, or go to change to a weapon) And the issue presented in the photo. This is pretty broken imo.
  6. softGalaxy

    Demon Gate/D!zone/etc

    forgot to add: doomsday was also on the spindle
  7. softGalaxy

    Demon Gate/D!zone/etc

    Which source port would be good to play the levels on? I came across a set of these wad comps in a friends storage (D!zone (collector edition), D!zone 2 and Demon Gate)
  8. softGalaxy

    PSX Doom/Final Doom TC (Version 2.135 now released!)

    I'm having some trouble setting up the total conversion, aside from the wads, gzdoom and the tc, what else do i need?
  9. softGalaxy

    Any Wad/Mod Recommendations?

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but I'm lookin for wads and mods to use, any recommendations? Packs are fine too.