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  1. Sorry for the bump but I just need to tell you guys how much I loved this. This was definitely the best map set from you guys so far and I think I'm going to have to replay this every year around Christmas time.
  2. Keep these projects coming Doomer Boards folks! Always excited when I see these pop up from you guys.
  3. Medenutcracka

    GatEs, a Microsoft windows theme Doom mod (V3)

    This was appropriately shitty. Appreciated the MSPaint blood fountain out of the tech support dudes.
  4. I destroyed/escaped the simulation! Awesome episode. Music fit the levels really well, and I really liked the parts where you can crush the tougher enemies if you don't want to fight them. Also Map01 with Project Brutality/Brutal Doom would be absolutely insane. MagicMaha must hate imps. Edit - I tried it with Project Brutality.
  5. Medenutcracka

    Cold Open: Single Map WAD for Boom

    I somehow didn't even notice that during my playthrough. Weird. Amazing choice though.
  6. Medenutcracka

    The Incident - My very first map

    Loved this map and the obvious thought that went into it. But I cannot find that last secret for the life of me, and I just spent like an hour looking for it haha.
  7. Medenutcracka

    Cold Open: Single Map WAD for Boom

    @mArt1And00m3r11339 Is that metroid music I hear?
  8. Medenutcracka

    Cold Open: Single Map WAD for Boom

    Really good little map. Reminds me a lot of Quake's first level but that's probably what you were going for. Please update us if you do end up making it a megawad. I would play it in a heartbeat.
  9. Medenutcracka

    Schism - A Limit-Removing Doom 2 Map (now in /idgames!)

    Just finished the map. Those archviles in the final arena were harder than the cyberdemon haha. Great map.
  10. Medenutcracka

    Terra Firma [My first DooM mod].

    Really excited to play this.
  11. Looks really good. Excited to see how it develops.
  12. Medenutcracka

    Perilous Cavern [RELEASED] [IDGames]

    Playing the map right now. Just got past the caverns part, and I was pretty much out of ammo. When I got the yellow keycard and got to the fight with the 3 boss pinkies, the only ammo you gave me was 2 packs of shells and an energy canister. I can't kill even one of the pinkies without running out of ammo. So basically I can't finish the map without spawning more ammo. I suggest that you add some more ammo for all the weapons in that boss area, because after fighting like 100 demons in those caves, I was pretty much completely out. Btw I'm also playing on Ultra-Violence. Other than that I really enjoyed the rest of the map. Just needed more ammo at the end haha.
  13. Medenutcracka

    Arctic Outpost [GZDoom Map]

    Just finished the map. Really enjoyed the twist towards the end. Will definitely be playing again with other gameplay mods in the future!