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  1. Medenutcracka

    Doomified versions of other games

  2. I love you guys and your maps. I’ve played every single episode you’ve released and I’m always looking forward to more. Please never stop.
  3. Lost souls into revenants. Dear god.
  4. Medenutcracka

    My First Doom Level

    Screenshots? Map information? Recommended source ports? What IWAD is it for? After messing around for a minute I figured out that it's supposed to be played in Ultimate Doom, but nowhere in your post does it say that. If you make a post asking people to try out your map, at least add some basic information and screenshots.
  5. Sorry for the bump but I just need to tell you guys how much I loved this. This was definitely the best map set from you guys so far and I think I'm going to have to replay this every year around Christmas time.
  6. Keep these projects coming Doomer Boards folks! Always excited when I see these pop up from you guys.
  7. Medenutcracka

    GatEs, a Microsoft windows theme Doom mod (V3)

    This was appropriately shitty. Appreciated the MSPaint blood fountain out of the tech support dudes.
  8. I destroyed/escaped the simulation! Awesome episode. Music fit the levels really well, and I really liked the parts where you can crush the tougher enemies if you don't want to fight them. Also Map01 with Project Brutality/Brutal Doom would be absolutely insane. MagicMaha must hate imps. Edit - I tried it with Project Brutality.
  9. Medenutcracka

    Cold Open: Single Map WAD for Boom

    I somehow didn't even notice that during my playthrough. Weird. Amazing choice though.
  10. Medenutcracka

    The Incident - My very first map

    Loved this map and the obvious thought that went into it. But I cannot find that last secret for the life of me, and I just spent like an hour looking for it haha.
  11. Medenutcracka

    Cold Open: Single Map WAD for Boom

    @mArt1And00m3r11339 Is that metroid music I hear?
  12. Medenutcracka

    Cold Open: Single Map WAD for Boom

    Really good little map. Reminds me a lot of Quake's first level but that's probably what you were going for. Please update us if you do end up making it a megawad. I would play it in a heartbeat.
  13. Medenutcracka

    Schism - A Limit-Removing Doom 2 Map (now in /idgames!)

    Just finished the map. Those archviles in the final arena were harder than the cyberdemon haha. Great map.
  14. Medenutcracka

    Terra Firma [My first DooM mod].

    Really excited to play this.
  15. Medenutcracka

    DukeDoom Project 2019 Mod - English/Spanish (Español)

    Looks really good. Excited to see how it develops.