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  1. Do they want another gameplay from another level or prefer to wait? Excuse my English, it's not very good ...
  2. Thank you! I hope I'm doing my job well. I do not want to make such a short game.
  3. thank you very much! I will do everything possible to get this game out as soon as possible, but they will have to wait a lot longer, since I have not finished even half of the process. I work very hard every day to not disappoint them.
  4. I appreciate your suggestion, but I really like this hud. The main concept is to have Doom guy in the world of Duke Nukem, or something like that xD.
  5. Excellent idea! The problem is that I do not have much knowledge. I'm just learning to edit. What I am doing almost entirely, is to edit maps. My knowledge does not reach more. But when you finish it, you can make the changes you want to improve it.
  6. Some extra images to relive this post a little.
  7. Hahaha! I did not know mars3d, and I just saw it and I found it very funny the truth. xD! Well, I do not understand much about your personal point of view, but I know absolutely nothing about the Duke3d edition. Since I was little I liked the idea of creating games and especially long games to extend the fun. Maybe I've been very quick to show this idea.
  8. Actually, that I had been thinking from the beginning, but I have many wads of textures and other tools that I must put together one by one to the same file. It is a very tedious task. In the end I decided to leave this step for when I finished the game completely. I thank you very much for your interest and thank you for your comment.
  9. I bring a little more information about this project. There will be 4 episodes with 8 levels each, plus a secret level in each episode (9 per episode). Giving a total of 36 levels. I have already finished the first episode which is somewhat based on its maps in the game Chasm and Rott. This will be exclusive of the first episode, since the others will be based on other classic games. What do you think of the idea? I leave you some more images, just to accompany this post. Regards!! ---------------- Traigo un poco más de información sobre este proyecto. Habrá 4 episodios con 8 niveles cada uno, más un nivel secreto en cada episodio (9 por episodio). Dando un total de 36 niveles. Ya he terminado el primer episodio, que está basado en sus mapas en el juego Chasm and Rott. Esto será exclusivo del primer episodio, ya que los demás se basarán en otros juegos clásicos. ¿Qué te parece la idea? Les dejo unas imagenes más, solo para acompañar esta publicación. ¡¡Saludos!!
  10. It's an existing old mod. I modified many things to adapt the wad to the idea I want to give in this project.
  11. Thanks for your comment. I am trying to make this game entertaining and challenging. The reason for the delay of the game is to make it more extensive and that the fun is more durable.
  12. Panda

    Speed: The Freestyle Enigma (/idgames)

    What a good mapping. Interesting proposal.
  13. Thank you very much! Your comment inspires me to continue putting all my effort!