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  1. S_Stryker

    Cyberpunk 2077 [first-person RPG]

    The overall theme brings back memories or the 1997 Blade Runner game on PC, which I enjoyed back in the day, and also Snatcher for Sega CD which I've wanted to play but never have. I might get this.
  2. S_Stryker

    About the Doomslayer's armor.

    I like his armor in Eternal. As for the Praetor suit's origin, it definitely seems like it was largely based on UAC tech, but perhaps there were parts of the back story in Doom 2016 that I overlooked.
  3. S_Stryker

    Enemies you don't want to return

    Honestly, I could do without the lost souls. All iterations of them in all games look cool, but I just hate fighting them. It's also why I really hated fighting pain elementals in classic Doom, since they were always spawning them.
  4. S_Stryker

    Good Things About the Doom Movie

    The FPS sequence was well done. The use of both CG and prosthetics for the enemies worked well in their own respective ways. I think Reaper made for a good main character.
  5. While the functionality of the Archvile seems to still have yet to be completely revealed, the epic way in which it appeared at the end of the gameplay footage makes it out to be even more powerful than in previous games, and I agree it may very likely be a boss. In any case it will be a difficult enemy to deal with.