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  1. Dr_Kek

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Thanks this is the one :D
  2. Dr_Kek

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    There was this one Doom wad I heard of what was it? It was like.. Airostine? Aerostein? I dont remember
  3. Dr_Kek

    I'm missing The Ultimate Doom wad from gog

    *Bangs head on desk* How did I not notice in giant bold letters may I add... "THE ULTIMATE" write in front of the normal Doom logo
  4. Dr_Kek

    I'm missing The Ultimate Doom wad from gog

    Oh it's just that after I opened it I expected to see The Ultimate Doom instead of just Doom on the titlescreen that's just what confused me.
  5. So I just downloaded The Ultimate Doom from Gog.com and I can't find The Ultimate Doom Wad just the Wad for Regular Doom 1
  6. Dr_Kek

    Last Official Secret of Doom 2?

    To the people wh are saying that there's no point in playing Doom 2. Think about this. What if, now here me out on this, what if somebody were to make a wad with more secrets than Doom 2 and one nearly impossible secret. I know it sounds crazy but just think about it/
  7. Dr_Kek

    How do I set up GZDoom builder?

    Ah! So sorry I realized I downloaded the github version and that's just the source code so this forum thread is pointless I apologize.
  8. So I just got GZDoom builder and I honestly have no idea how to set it up .-. I'm dumb.
  9. I don't want an argument to occur I think he just misunderstood what Id said.
  10. Oh? I'm really confused in this current situation I am currently involved in.
  11. Could you send me a link to their website so I can get the games?
  12. Oh thanks for that I was about to get it from Gog.com
  13. Ok so I just opened up the shareware Doom in PrBoom and is the screen size supposed to be that small?
  14. Alright thanks for that it was very helpful :)
  15. Okay thnaks just one more question. If I get those two from Gog will I still need an engine to run it? I got ZDoom a few weeks ago.