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  1. luke11685

    Will there ever be another Commander Keen?

    Well did you try change.org petition instead of Kickstarter as one of crowdfunding platforms? I shouldn't move old topics according to rules, but I want to say something interesting.I want to discuss only on this old thread.Well I heard in early 90's when Bethesda Softworks involved was in Home Alone 1 for NES they could bankrupt if they could be focused on 2d platform sidescrollers back then.Well my reason of bumping this old thread is that Activision(they were publishers of Commander Keen Gameboy Color remake) is capable to make child friendly games like Spyro and Crash Bandicoot they rebooted trilogy of these games.
  2. luke11685

    New Music Copyright Law

    The bill, which received unanimous bipartisan support in the House and Senate, overhauls music licensing regulations for the streaming era.President Trump’s signing of the Music Modernization Act on Thursday, October 11, was driven by the need to update and streamline music licensing processes for the streaming era, where more and more musicians are finding it difficult to collect the royalties owed to them from streams on Spotify and other platforms. It has become the most significant copyright law change in decades. https://www.vox.com/platform/amp/culture/2018/10/11/17965690/music-modernization-act-copyright-law-licensing-streaming
  3. If I could work for some company,studio or corporation and non disclosure act NDA could concern me.What way could be to share restricted and confidential informations of movie,music,literature or video games to bypass NDA violation to avoid lawsuit in the future?Did this NDA existed in the 90's of XX century or just in beginning of XXI century?What if Internet was never invented I mean existed?Could DMCA,new copyright law and NDA laws exist nowadays?How crowdfunding platforms and job application like Glasdoor could look nowadays without network access?Could Nintendo be still making Nintendo Power magazines?Could copyright laws look more simple nowadays?At the same time life could be more complicated don't you think?Commercials I guess could be still on TV that's the only way of distribution in alternate history.Does it sounds like science-fiction novel or not?Denuvo DRM is frustrating.
  4. So what's the future of it?If some bots for instance will delete some tutorials of older Epic Games game engines will it be available at least in darknet if someone will make database backup first?
  5. luke11685

    What if id Software never made Doom?

    Honestly classic first person perspective fantasy and science-fiction pc game shooters exist thanks to NASA without them there could be no fantasy and first or third person shooters video game genres nowadays.
  6. luke11685

    Music remakes & copyright questions

    Did you ever had GEMA message on YouTube when you try to listen some song?
  7. luke11685

    Some good news for Star Wars fans

    Well they decided I mean Disney to cancelled the rest of Star Wars spin-offs Lucas Film planned three Han Solo movies.Anyway which Star Wars 6 Return of the Jedi sequel.Is old George Lucas(he retired now) vision better than new Kathleen Kennedy vision?For Disney expanded universe of original trilogy events after episode vi are now known as Legends reboot of original trilogy and prequel trilogy is now Cannon.I guess Episode 9-12 will be just remakes of Return of The Jedi,Phantom Manace,Attack of The Clones and Revenge of the Sith.
  8. I know this is what usually uncle Google showed me when I was trying to find what epica was he found some music band instead of new copyright law.
  9. I finally know what EPICA means.It's a European Parliament Internet Censorship Act.
  10. luke11685

    What if id Software never made Doom?

    Also Sonic's Schoolhouse,Fallout,Watch Dogs,Lara Croft,Uncharted,Assassin's Creed,Bioshock,Borderlands,Minecraft,Sad Satan,Hello Neighbor and Baldi's Basics Education and Learning these games could also never exist if Wolfenstein 3D and Doom was never made.
  11. luke11685

    Future technology

    It was just ironic joke.
  12. luke11685

    Future technology

    Do you believe in future nano technology will be popular in the future just like in Deus Ex?Nanobots...etc. science-fiction stuff.Perhaps talking about RFID microprocessors are against rules I don't think it could be dumb conspiracy theory people might care too much about some religion it's controversial and against rules on this very forum,but it's just science-fiction technology which possibly might happen.This nano technology sounds like breaking the 4th wall of life just like Marvel's Deadpool and Rick and Morty cartoon,but this have nothing in common with science-fiction like Rick and Morty maybe more like Blade Runner, Matrix kind of like RoboCop and Terminator dark future technology.Do you it's a waste of time to think about it? This thread sounds like nihilistic life point of views.
  13. luke11685

    Demons aka Mortally Challenged

    Are you administrator or moderator of this forum?I guess next words political correctness and ISIS are also forbidden words on this forum.
  14. luke11685

    Demons aka Mortally Challenged

    Is it taboo subject forbidden word that are breaking this forum rules?Are 3 words very offensive Social Justice Warrior will I get second word or got temporarily or permamently banned that I said that?
  15. luke11685

    Demons aka Mortally Challenged

    There are some people outside this forum that word demon are very offensive speaking of Doom Eternal of course they prefer to call it Mortally Challenged.It wasn't my idea and it's not my fault I prefer to call it demon.