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  1. Current,modern Star Wars movie series fanservice in nutshell these days,nowadays.
  2. luke11685

    Creating digital videogames launcher

    Such as for instance,as an example Steam?
  3. I heard speaking of Star Wars Expanded Universe on Disney Plus. Here’s a proof. https://geekositymag.com/heir-to-the-empire-in-development-to-be-disney-plus-first-star-wars-film/ Also Anakin Skywalker as Force Ghost in original edit he was way much older at the end of Star Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi. https://www.quora.com/Why-do-people-call-J-J-Abrams-Jar-Jar-Abrams Speaking of Star Wars prequels saga trilogy I heard Jake Lloyd got(maybe it’s none of my business,but…)bullied at school and Ahmed Best received death threats. To me he was funny.
  4. Any ideas how to make a replica of Epic Games Launcher Storefront? Because for instance,as an example alternatives such as Rare and Legendary won’t allow me to import some games such as Unreal 1995 Tech Demo,Jazz Jackrabbit 3D,Jazz Jackrabbit iOS Kismet Tutorial,Unreal Tournament 3,Unreal Engine 1(final build),Unreal Engine 2,Unreal Engine 3/Unreal Development Kit…etc. I guess Paragon,Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo,Unreal Tournament 4,Unreal Engine/Editor 4 is already on Epic Games Launcher. I guess I’m afraid cross-play platforming era wouldn’t solve the problem.
  5. luke11685

    epic acquires bandcamp?

    Well I guess it’s good for him. Maybe I could pay him a visit in his old billionaire residence.
  6. luke11685

    epic acquires bandcamp?

    Like One Must fall 2097.
  7. luke11685

    epic acquires bandcamp?

    Epic Games Digital Launcher Storefront doesn't need any videogames service. It doesn't have to be another Ready Player One thing for Hollywood film industry. Anyway is it possible? I don't need this anyway it's just cloging up my hard drive, that is, hard drive partitions. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/EpicGamesSucks Formerly,originally,initially,intended to be known as Fuck Epic Games Store.
  8. luke11685

    epic acquires bandcamp?

    It seems Tim Sweeney wants to own Metaverse/NFT as founder and CEO of Epic Games in the future Mark Zuckerberg one of creators of social media services named Facebook.
  9. luke11685

    epic acquires bandcamp?

    Well they I mean Epic Games are also owning this Artstation as well.
  10. luke11685

    epic acquires bandcamp?

    I think one of former Epic Games employees Alexander Brandon made a remix of Lab Rat from Jazz Jackrabbit 2. It looks like Epic Games gonna behave such as Sega was in the past anti-consumer business practises.
  11. luke11685

    epic acquires bandcamp?

    They want to buy everything,every company within as AAA corporate companies,studios(within CCP,People Can Fly,Tencent,Epic Games they don't deserve to never ever evolve it doesn't matter better later than never,but it should be rather sooner-earlier than later it matters a lot of contradictions) it's all wrong. They can't do whatever they want it doesn't make me any sort of digital hypocritical dictator of videogaming of development industry. It doesn't matter of what if Epic Games CEO and founder Tim Sweeney if Fortnite brand new indie game genre made him a billionaire or not.
  12. That's the thing. That's the idea. By the way I want to apologize how so sorry I am about quite recently about taking not right rather wrong language skills grasp,influent english language. It's because due to as matter of fact I'm from Poland.