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  1. Talking about levelnames, subforums can also use alternative names from levels instead, aren't they? Doom General - Entryway WADs and Mods - The Waste Tunnels Doom Editing - Phobos Lab Console Doom - Computer Station Source Ports - Refueling Base Doom Multiplayer - Gotcha Doom Eternal - The Living End Doom 2016 - The Spirit World Doom 3 - Monster Condo Doom Speed Demos - Pandemonium Creative Works - Tricks and Traps Eternity - Tower of Babel Freedoom - Phobos Anomaly Everything Else - The Pit Doomworld News - Spawning Vats
  2. KDITD, Doom II up to Map 7, NRFTL.
  3. Nancsi

    Which monster hater is most annoying?

    Then I'm in the target zone. Most custom monsters suck, they don't blend well with the rest of the game.
  4. Nancsi

    Which monster hater is most annoying?

    Why does this thread exist?
  5. Nancsi

    I always felt these maps were underappreciated

    Well, if we can update this thread to the most underappreciated maps of Doom in our opinion, here are my picks: Way too many dead guys Sure, it's still in the beta phase, but I've yet to see something as quality as the design of these maps, particularly Contact, Descent and Breach. Cage is a bit annoying, but Urthar promised he will redesign it for the better. I mean these maps use vanilla assets, don't look obstrusive at all (like many modern levels), but at the same time you can feel the space, the height, the 3D, all felt like real places, original ones instead of imitations, and gameplay always felt classic in style without unnecessary slaughterfests and annoying puzzles (before Cage). Redemption of the Slain How this masterpiece didn't win a Cacoward is beyond my understanding. It was made by a pro (NRFTL ace Russel Meakim), and while BD focus did hurt the balance of the earliest parts of the map (yea, that Caco spam), it's still perfect with standard GZDoom elements, and the design, the ideas like the hidden spectre area, the cinematic fights (like in the castle with the switches or the bridge with cacos from side towers), it very well should have been a commercial release.
  6. Nancsi

    Is TNT and Plutonia canon?

    NRFTL felt more canonical to me in terms of both visuals and gameplay/combat. TNT and Master Levels are like the Memento Moris or Requiem, community projects with various styles and quality, and with no real timeline or sense of progression (honestly, UD episode 4 also feels like this). Just collections of maps. They are like music albums by "Various Artists". Plutonia is more about trolling the player, with IMHO nonsense visuals. The main point was to expand the gameplay limits and the skill of the players. Mapsets like Scythe 2, Valiant, NRFTL felt more canonical, because fewer (one or two, maybe three) authors make maps with level progression, and coherent aesthetics in mind.
  7. Nancsi

    What do you think DoomGuy couldn't win against?

    The Archvile spam in Valian Map07. That's why you have to keep the Mancubus alive at all costs.
  8. Nancsi

    Way 2 Many Dead Guys (5 Map Early Beta)

    Bump. I'm playing with this, it looks like something official, and amazing to look at. However I see more version, the one in the opening post has a map with a Spiderdemon in the start, and a canyon outside with many Arachnotrons, but in the 7 map version reviewed in Onemandoom didn't have it. Also this version has a slightly bigger Descent level with a yellow key etc. Not sure where this is going, but looks amazing. Cage was like OMG, it made me a headache.
  9. Nancsi

    What is Hell ?

    Sandy Petersen's levels are the simplified versions of the hell. They look so unpleasant to the eye, that's how hell might look like. If I go into a place with awesome volcanic grottos and great artwork surrounding them, I won't be bothered, just have my phone there for good photos.
  10. Nancsi

    Secret levels

    That's one of my favourites too. The entire episode is as addictive as KDITD by the way.
  11. Nancsi

    Secret levels

    E1M9 is not really a secret level material. It just one of the levels of the episode, just a bit more open. I also wish Duke Nukem's Freeway and Area 51 maps were normal levels, not secret ones.
  12. Nancsi

    Recommendations for a good, balanced megawad

    Slightly OFF, but can anyone recommend me scripted maps like Redemption of the Slain? I mean large maps with continuous small maps inside with some scripted sequences between the mini maps, with music change, some arena style gameplay etc... probably only GZDoom compatible levels can come close. EDIT: AFAIK Slayer Chronicles are somewhat similar in style, but there were some criticism towards it.
  13. Nancsi

    Recommendations for a good, balanced megawad

    I'm not sure what anybody think of it, but I honestly don't care much about mapsets with too many map creators. The best ones are the ones which were made by a single guy or two guys together. When more people are involved, the megawad quickly becomes a map collection without any coherent direction and loses its appeal after 7 or so maps.