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  1. OK now, I'm risking to get a warning or even a ban on this forum (since liberalism never allowed the truly liberal freedom of speech, unless it's fully liberal), but I have to look at the white elephant again what's going on here. In my opinion transgender is not a normal thing. People in the history of our universe will never accept it as a truly normal human behaviour. In fact, it's totally against the way how nature works, how the human race work. Transgender spreaded heavy debate between people, but I'm sure that 95% of them(myself included) will never accept it as something to be celebrated openly. In this case, virginity should be celebrated the same way, or being obese, or whatever. Tolerance is a different thing. In my opinion everything is allowed for people which doesn't hurt other people in their rights. Of course, freedom of speech is allowed, even illiberal/conservative views until it goes into hatred. Of course killing, hurting, discriminating or arrogantly mocking transgender people shouldn't be accepted. People chose it, let them live that way. But when the majority just think it's not a normal, natural thing, it also should be accepted. And celebrating such things in my opinion is openly provoke these people, and this should be accepted by the pro-transgender as well. I have to put a disclaimer here: No Rest for the Living is probably my all time favourite mapset, if I have to choose one for a "desert island", it would be the one. One of it's authors is a trans as well. That won't change my opinion, I absolutely love his maps. Those, who start hating it just because of an author's private life is truly a retarded thing. But at the same time, threads like this, and the anti-antitrans narratives are just as bad in my opinion, and if you are not allowed to share your civilised opinion, it won't result more tolerance. It will result people go into the regular Doom thread on 4chan, and start shitposting about the case.
  2. I'm baffled by the large trans following of this game. Isn't video gaming, and Doom, a truly violent shooter, also map making (a form of engineering) a truly manly man thing?
  3. Oh brother, I leave this thread before I turn into an Archvile.
  4. What do trans rights have to with Doom mapping?
  5. 4) Involved mappers should make clusters or episodes of the said megawad with some kind of bossy conclusion at the end of the clusters The more people involved in a megawad, the more chaotic it will be without any kind of direction and sense of progress. Let's have like 7 mappers. 6 of them do 5-5 level clusters, and 1 make two secrets. That would give a megawad an interesting flow.
  6. Nancsi

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I'm a huge Formula 1 fan. In fact I remember all podium finishes since 1997 in every single race, and also remember at least one definitive moment in like 90% of them. I also write on F1 forums, used to be a member of Autosport, but now I'm only in hungarian forums. My favourite driver used to be Giancarlo Fisichella, and when he retired I switched to Sergio Perez, so underdog fan, not a boring major label guy. Of course I'm rooting for Sebastian Vettel for the World Championship these days, so last year was more than hard to watch.
  7. Nancsi

    Doom 1 Doesn't Hold Up Anymore

    Doom 1 is episode 1 in my opinion, all those techbases which aren't there in Doom 2, and also the whole weapon/monster balance are perfect there. Beyond that, it felt unfinished with only 2 new monsters and 2 new bosses, a huge hole in the midtier area, as you always had to fight against Barons and Cacos in harder levels which became tedious and repetitive, and they didn't fit well with the classic E1 monsters alone and without variety. Doom 2 was a quintessential upgrade, despite the questionable design. We needed that new weapon (in fact, a more damaging RL and CG would have been good too, not to mention the pistol) and all those very different new monsters which gave lots of variety in the midtier area, and many different combat scenarios. I'm wondering how Romero's new D1 episode works. The E1 remake levels are based on the episode's unique Phobos texture set and low HP enemies, which is a different kind of gameplay, and it worked brilliantly, but the addition of E2 stuff and hellish environment is a different thing.
  8. Reading this thread gave me the impression how awesome our era is. Instead of wars, poverty, starvation, our problems are the lack of 100000000000 monster wads.
  9. Nancsi

    Good to be back after 23 years

    Don't forget No Rest for the Living. You will be blown away by that (as how it's spirit is close to the original game, particularly KDITD, but at the same time, limit removal and modern as wel). Also don't forget Tech Gone Bad and Phobos Mission Control by Romero.
  10. Nancsi

    Best Intermission Text You've Read/Written

    This. Ride. Is. Closed.
  11. Nancsi

    doom episode 2 :(

    Episode 2 and episode 3 should have merged together for better impact. Deimos Anomaly (terrible level, but it's good for a start) Containment Area Spawning Vats Deimos Lab Hall of the Damned Pandemonium Mt. Erebus (gate to secret) Tower of Babel House of Pain (secret level)
  12. Weird thread. You opened it about a non story you would have hated anyway.
  13. Nancsi

    doom episode 2 :(

    I have high expectations from Romero's Sigil episode. I want it to be as legendary as KDITD, possibly as a straight sequel.
  14. Nancsi

    Recommendations for E1 WADs to play

    What are those textures?
  15. Nancsi

    doom episode 2 :(

    E2M2 is far and away the most memorable level in both episode 2 and 3.