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  1. That's funny MrD!zone, that's what my mom said when I was born!
  2. Is there a rule saying I have to provide screenshots?
  3. Made another meme wad, because fuck actually making something worth while. E4M2 2.zip It's in UDMF DooM 2, and for (obviously) DooM 2. It's map Map01 and continues to Map02
  4. "In terms of aesthetics I think the map is quite ugly, to put it simply. The use of cameras is pretty cool but the map has very little game play. Its obvious this is a meme WAD. I'm sure you could create a nice looking level if you tried, you seem capable" I did make it beautiful, but as I said before, I lost almost all of my progress on the first level, so that changed up the quality by a lot. Anyways, you expect a wad about storming Arch-vile base as Joel from Vinesauce is going to take itself seriously?
  5. Although it is a meme wad, please take into consideration that I actually did something with EFFORT for once. Based off of Joel's hate of Arch-Viles. If the first map seems lazy, that's because I lost most of my progress on it after I did a lot, so that's why. JVSTAVA.zip Edit: Forgot essential info! Silly me! It's UDMF style for doom 2.