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  1. Fraulein

    Where is Dr. Sleep?

    Oh, No problem I take no offense. I think it sounds alluring and mysterious. I like to think he would have enjoyed the musings over his absence online. Thanks again, all of you, for your kind words. Its nice to still be able to make new memories about him.
  2. Fraulein

    Where is Dr. Sleep?

    No I dont. That's weird timing too. But his sons name is J Anderson.
  3. Fraulein

    Where is Dr. Sleep?

    Hmm, Im pretty sure the only pictures I have of him and I together are when I was an a youngster so thats of no help. I'm not too worried about proving I'm related but I thought It be nice to answer. That maybe somewhere in his ego or heart he would have wanted you guys to know. I did try to find you guys a Digital Obituary. I was unable too. It was unexpected and he didn't have a funeral. (He was an atheist and didn't seem to want one) I'm assuming thats why there isn't one for him, But is for his Brother who died a few months before, Jeffrey J Anderson, My father. http://www.adferguson.com/websites/ferguson/default.asp?status=cond&cont2=read&id=18381 In there it does say his Surviving brother John W. Anderson But thats as common as a name as any so guess you'll have to take a leap of faith. I have a feeling the person who signed on in 2017 to let you guys know he was alive and well, Was in fact him. But its just a hunch. He would of been the type to do that lol. I was aware of his levels in doom but never spoke to in depth about it. I'm amused to see the rumors of where he disappeared to. Now even I want to know if he was at one time wanted by the FBI, or incarcerated. If he really owes someone 10,000 dollars lol. All things Ive never caught wind of but cant rule out. He was a colorful person to say the least. The only uncle I had a close relationship with. I guess I'm sad I didn't think to look more into his online presence while he was living. So I have no answers there, Unfortunately. I stumbled on this looking up his name with Doom just to see what Id find cause he was on my mind. I wasn't let down. I'm glad he was seen.
  4. Fraulein

    Where is Dr. Sleep?

    Dr. Sleep, Or John Anderson as I know him, Passed I believe In April 2018 of the pneumonia. He was my favorite uncle.