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  1. Strongly Agree. Skyrim is nothing compared to Doom for the amount of ports possible.
  2. Agree. Having fun is the most important part of any game.
  3. Semi-Agree. It was fun when you got used to it. People would buy a standalone game where it’s just every id Protagonist flexing a lot.
  4. Arlak

    Favorite thing about the Doom games?

    I’ve gotta say my favorite thing is probably the community support and how awesome the Devs are. No one creates a Doom map because they want money. It’s always a project of passion or fun.
  5. Disagree. TI-84’s are way overpriced for their specs.
  6. Quake depends on how you run it. On the old 2D GPU’s before full 3D took off, it would render them at 10ish frames per second (taking from the person above, sorry I don’t remember off the top of my head). However, if you had a better GPU that was built for 3D rendering, it could possibly render faster. The main problem was that at the time they weren’t strong enough, so it would likely look pretty similar on the first Voodoo GPUs, if a slight bit faster. This took advantage of OpenGL, which is why it’s called GLQuake. This was pretty revolutionary at the time. Also I’m no expert I could be wrong do not be afraid to correct me!
  7. Agree. Games should focus more on gameplay than story, unless the story is essential for the gameplay (depends on the genre too).
  8. Unsure. Memes are becoming more and more unintelligible every day.
  9. Hello there! I was looking into the iOS 11 update of DOOM Classic, when I saw the ibase.pack file (I may have said that wrong) was needed. Luckily I have an iPhone 5S with the whole game in it’s full glory on it. Is there any way I can somewhat legitimately pull it from my iPhone and just casually snag the file? Thanks a bunch my dudes.