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  1. thatdarnowl

    Doom 3/id tech 4 Discord server?

    I setup the server here's the link https://discord.gg/9wtCGHa
  2. thatdarnowl

    Doom 3/id tech 4 Discord server?

    I've seen the game improved with mods like Overthinked Doom 3. There are people who mod Doom 3 but they're scattered on misc messageboards like id tech 4 forums and moddb. It used to be there was a central community called Doom3World but they've since scattered. The biggest reason why I wanted to make a discord server is because I really like Doom 3's engine Id Tech 4 and I like modding for it. So I figured it'd be cool to have a central hub where people could discuss it.
  3. thatdarnowl

    Doom 3/id tech 4 Discord server?

    I'm wondering how much interest there'd be in a Doom 3 discord server? Specifically related to modding Id Tech 4. I know there are several separate Classic Doom discord servers and ones related to things like Quadrilateral Cowboy and The Dark Mod. But I haven't yet come across one for Doom 3 or Quake 4 specifically. Do any of you know one? If not would there be interest if I made one? EDIT: Server has been made https://discord.gg/9wtCGHa