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  1. birb.

    About Monster

    Hello, I wanted to know how to create a monster in slade.
  2. I'm doing a wad, I wanted to know the name of the doom 2 song to replace (I'm doing it in slade)
  3. birb.


    Hello, I wanted to know how to make the monster touch the player and give a jumpscare
  4. birb.

    My Question 5.

    hello, wanted to know how to make a system look at the monster the face of it appears, same as slenderman
  5. birb.

    My Question 4.

    thanks c:
  6. birb.

    My Question 4.

    I want to make a wad of terror, that neither lighting lights (i forget the name) that the monster chases you to kill you
  7. birb.

    My Question 4.

    Hi, I'm doing a wad of terror, I wanted to know 2 things. 1- How to make the monster chase the player 2- How to make the monster kill the player thanks
  8. birb.

    My Question 3

    Hi, I was wondering if you have a script about chase, like a monster.
  9. birb.

    My Question 2 (RESOLVED).

    and the sprite are invisible :/
  10. birb.

    My Question 2 (RESOLVED).

    When I go to test, this error appears, what do I do?
  11. birb.

    My Question 2 (RESOLVED).

    and how i add a sprite?
  12. birb.

    My Question 2 (RESOLVED).

    Hi, do you know the question I asked before? I said it wrong, I meant how to create a THINGS in doom builder (Print)
  13. Okay, and how do I add the sprites ??