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  1. I made a moving polyobject with portals on its sides to act like a train, and it works perfectly in my test map, but when I moved it over to the main map, whenever I cross over the line into the train from the outside, the sectors inside the portals seem to just...disappear. There's no vertical collision inside where the train should be, but there's still collision for the walls as if I was actually inside the linked sector. I can however noclip and walk to the sector that the portals link to and go in there, where things render and act normally until I step outside the train. Then it reverts to the above behaviour. Here's some images for clarity: Outside the portal: As soon as I step over the line: Noclipped into the portals' sector: Pretty baffled here, I'm guessing it's something to do with the size of my main map, which is about 30MB now. I've attached the test map that works, and can send the other map separately if someone wants to take a look at it, due to it's size and the size of it's separate resources it needs to run properly. traintest.7z
  2. Thanks, but I found a much better way to do it, I'll post below for anyone else looking here: You can do it with the action special 224: Scroll Ceiling and by using a dummy sector to control the scroll. The ZDoom wiki isn't very clear of this: https://zdoom.org/w/index.php?title=Scroll_Ceiling https://zdoom.org/w/index.php?title=Scroll_Floor Draw a dummy sector outside the map area so that one of it's linedefs is parallel to the direction where the ceiling texture should scroll. For this line give it the special and arguments: Action: 224 Scroll Ceiling. Sector Tag: to the targeted ceiling. Options: 1 Displacement *and* 4 Scroll by dx/dy. Scroll: texture only Horizontal: don't scroll Vertical: don't scroll Now the targeted ceiling will scroll when the dummy sector floor or ceiling moves up or down. It'll scroll in one direction when the floor goes down, the opposite when the floor goes up. The speed of the raise/lower will control the speed of the scrolling. The scrolling distance in map units is calculated from: (1/32) x (the length of the 224 action line) x (the lower/raise movement of the dummy sector ceil/floor) To scroll 128 units set the action line length to 32 and lower the dummy sector floor by 128.
  3. Basically the title, all I've found is ways to scroll the floor or ceiling textures indefinitely. I just need to scroll them for a certain distance and then stop.
  4. I'm having issues with major lag with the games movement games, like I can press and release a button before Corvus moves. Has anyone else had this issue? I haven't played Her2 in a long time, but I don't remember it being like this. The rest of the controls are fine, it's just movement that I have problems with.
  5. Looking forward to this! Deathkings really deserves something new. It always felt weird for an expansion that it didn't have any original content other than the maps.
  6. Razumen

    How would you change the Doom 1&2 Chainsaw

    Some ideas: 1. Be able to swing it for a wider area of attack. 2. Have a chance to instill fear in lesser demons who will run away
  7. Thanks! It turned out that somehow the bars to the puzzle room didn't raise, even though I had pressed the switch in the other level. But I ALSO realized I was playing an earlier release, so maybe that affected it somehow. Anyways, I played through it again using the up-to-date version on the weekend with no issue. Though I must admit I used the Wrath of Cronos mod, so not quite vanilla. Quite fun levels. I liked how the higher difficulties were significantly harder in terms of monster count, and the final battle was satisfying. Glad to see that people are still making fun, quality levels for Hexen :)
  8. Hey, maybe I'm daft, but I'm stuck. I have the first key, and a bunch of the gems, but so far I haven't seen any place to use them. I've been to (and completed as much as I could in) the canyon & ice levels, then I went back the the start map which opened up a new area with another gem inside, but from then on I've been at a standstill.
  9. Razumen

    PBR for Original Doom Textures

    Is there some trick to get this to load? Simply dragging the pack over the executable doesn't seem to work...
  10. Razumen

    Hexen : Curse of the demon lord. (A sequel)

    Looks great, is this still being worked on?