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  1. What have I missed?

    Probably a little more than that! I wish I remembered more names. Hi! Pretty much any quality megawad is enjoyable for me, but there would be oh so many Newstuff Chronicles to go through. Some of my favorites were Twilight Zone II, Scythe, Memento Mori, Biowar, and The Darkening. Also, almost all of Tormentor667's stuff was pretty amazing.
  2. What have I missed?

    I used to play Doom way back in the day when Skulltag was in full swing. I remember playing survival with some cool people like Mechadon, Th0r, and Kid Doom. A skin I made even made its way into Sabbat Martyr DM. I'm just wondering what notable Doom projects I've missed in my absence that I need to play, like awesome megawads/episode replacements.
  3. Oldschool COOP?

    Huh, I guess my memory is faulty regarding the old days; maybe we just didn't respawn with the honor system. In that case, yeah, I would say the user created survival mode is far superior to regular coop. I just recall disliking some of the extra skulltag stuff, like a floating plush toy skin that could be added as a random bot. Took me out of the Doom mood and felt like I was playing a high school joke project.
  4. Oldschool COOP?

    So I recall when playing Doom back in the day, you essentially both had to complete the level without dying. With ZDoom, I'm not seeing an option to prevent respawning until the next level when a player dies. I know Skulltag used to have a "survival" mode, but I don't want to use Skulltag. Is there any option in regular ZDoom to go back to oldschool coop where a player didn't respawn until the next level and you would have to start the level from the beginning if you both die?
  5. Which Monitor for Playing Doom?

    Now if only someone would buy a few hundred CRTs from that wholesale manufacturer and make them available individually.
  6. The Doom Confessional Booth

    I've only ever finished EP1 of the original Doom, but have played Doom 2, TNT, and Plutonia to completion. I was originally exposed to Doom when it first came out as young kid via my older brother, and when I was allowed to play, I was too frightened to do it without the invincibility code. Twilight Zone 2 was the best megawad ever made.
  7. Which Monitor for Playing Doom?

    Where are they being manufactured; by what company? The last CRT TVs made were of the SlimFit variety back in 2006, and I had to look high and low for a used one. I haven't seen new CRT monitors being manufactured either.
  8. Which Monitor for Playing Doom?

    Well, all of the monitors I'm looking at are refurbished/display models and not necessarily cheap, and I specifically opted out of one with response times of anything more than 5ms. Also, I probably wasn't clear enough in that I can't buy a bigger desk to fit a CRT, since the desk wouldn't fit the room. I'm basically stuck with getting a flat monitor. Anyways, the VGA monitor is marketed more as a business model, though has some schtick in there about having low response time for gaming performance. Was the VGA monitor you had being useless for playing games related to picture quality, input lag, or what?
  9. Which Monitor for Playing Doom?

    Yes, I miss CRT technology and would easily get a bulky 50-pound hunk of technological perfection from a garage sale if possible, but this computer is going to be in a very small space, and a CRT monitor isn't going to fit on the desk. Since all current monitors (not to mention televisions) are inferior to CRTs, whether they be LCDs, LEDs, or whatever, I'm not willing to spend over $100 for a new one, and these have presented themselves as the cheapest options. So with that in mind, would playing ancient video games be more responsive on the 19" LCD with a VGA connection or the 17" with a DVI connection?
  10. Which Monitor for Playing Doom?

    The 17" also has 800:1 contrast ratio to the 19" 500:1 and slightly higher brightness (300 cd/m2 to 270 cd/m2); would that make it worth picking up over the larger screen?
  11. Which Monitor for Playing Doom?

    Man, I wish there was a simple answer; if there's no noticeable difference, I want to get it, but since there is definitely a miniscule difference due to conversion, however small, it's making me want the other one. Any last minute suggestions?
  12. Which Monitor for Playing Doom?

    Most likely, I'll have to use a port and run Doom at the monitor's native resolution, which shouldn't be a problem. But as for the VGA vs. DVI thing, since VGA has to convert the signal from digital to analog, and back to digital again for display on the LCD, wouldn't that equal input lag?
  13. Which Monitor for Playing Doom?

    So I have a choice between a 17" and 19" LCD monitor. I'm leaning towards the 19", but it only has a VGA port, while the 17" has a DVI port. Does a VGA cable on an LCD monitor cause any sort of input lag, and should that worry me in regards to playing something like Doom?
  14. Well, I can see where the dislike for map10 is coming from. I thought that Triplet II was big and puzzley, having a couple things which caused me to wander around for quite awhile before figuring out what to do, but that was mild compared to this. Very high-quality wad though.
  15. How exactly does armor work?

    Bleeding and disease... well I guess the doom guy's mortality isn't 'precisely' akin to reality, but in accordance with newer FPS's where you can look for a hidden guy who is chaingunning you for a few seconds and come out of it with 75% HP, the doom guy is definitely vulnerable. And jeez, if bleeding, gangrene and disease were what I was looking for in a game, I would have just gone to medical school.