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  1. @WadArchive Thank you for the information. It's super helpful! Did you know all of this off the top of your head? I think that, from a user interface standpoint, the user will have the final word on what the target engine of a WAD is. However, the interface will provide hints as to what it "thinks" the target engine is, based on the lumps within the WAD. @Kappes Buur I'm glad you confirmed that GZDoom will display the flat correctly. However, what I'm concerned about is how ports, game engines, and even map editors parse these flats. The flat lumps are simple arrays of bytes without any concept of width of height in them. So, if there are 8192 bytes, how come that it shows as 64x128 and not 128x64 or 32x256? Are game engines able to handle any weird size like 35x49? Having your insight on this would be great!
  2. @SaladBadger That's what I thought. I wanted to avoid asking for user input but it seems too risky to guess from the WAD data itself. Thank you for your help! Maybe I can push my luck and ask a follow up question related to my original post: Flat lumps contain only an array of bytes where each byte is the index of a color within the WAD palettes. There's no indication of the height or width of the flat. It's probably okay 99% of the time, since it's going to be 64x64 (which is 4096 bytes). However, if the flat is 4160 bytes (Heretic scrolling flats), or 8192 bytes (some Hexen flats), for example, can I safely assume that they're meant to be rendered as 65x64 and 64x128 images, or could there be pitfalls I am not aware of?
  3. Not a bad idea. However, I am trying to programmatically guess the engine. In other words: I have a script that reads the WAD file and parses it in order to display the resources within the file. If I could find the information about the intended game engine without having to parse the text file, I think that it would be simpler. Also, if no text file is provided, then it won't work at all.
  4. Hello DoomWorld! I am currently working on improving https://github.com/jmickle66666666/wad-js to let you guys view and edit WADs in your browser (crazy idea, right? thank JavaScript for that!). I've been very successful with my experiments so far, but as I am trying to figure out the best way to parse ceiling/floor lumps (because they're not always 64x64 pixels, unfortunately), I came across a question where your insight would be greatly appreciated. Here is my problem: What do you think is the best way to guess the game engine a WAD was made for? In other words: How do I know if this WAD was created for vanilla Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Hexen, or a specific port? It does not look like this information is explicitly stored in WADs, so how would you go about this? Look for specific lumps? If so, then, which ones should I target? Is there a way to be 100% sure? Or should I simply ask the user when they upload their file to wadJS? Let me know!
  5. @Lorenz0 I was able to play a couple more of your maps! Here is my feedback: Map 04 I like how well-rounded this map is. Also, I enjoyed the “flowery” decorations and shapes that are mostly visible on the floor. That’s super nice! Here are some comments I have for this one: The first cyberdemon encounter is great, especially without the plasma gun. I could hide just enough to be less exposed but not enough to avoid being bothered by the demons. You might want to raise the switch that the cyberdemon is protecting by 8 units to prevent things to climb on it, though. Cybie can get stuck on top of it with recoil (it happened in a playthrough as a result of infighting with revenants). Also, I think that a crate of rockets is placed a little funny and looks like it’s sitting on top of the switch. The way rooms are connected make the map flow very well. There’s pretty much no backtracking. However, the impression of having a choice about where you can go first at the beginning of the map is kind of misleading--just like Sandy Peterson’s Downtown (map13) in Doom II. If you don’t get the plasma gun first, the map is extra difficult. Especially when you reach the trap with the hell knights. I like how this trap feels like a great homage to the similar one in Doom II’s The Factory (map12) but it’s also pretty brutal without the plasma gun. Similarly, the first cyberdemon encounter is too much of a piece of cake when you have that weapon. It would be great to find a way to balance this a little bit more. The arena of the second cyberdemon encounter looks amazing but feels a little bit too easy and empty. I like how you put arch-viles in the pillars that protect you from the cyberdemon but it didn’t really put me in a less comfortable situation to handle the cybie. I’m not sure what to do to make this part harder. More arch-viles? A smaller arena? Also, I didn’t feel like arachnotrons did very much for me in this map. I was able to neutralize them without a problem. However, one of your arachnotron in your map 03, for example, is placed in a hallway and is so distant that it’s difficult to kill and dodge its projectiles at the same time. Maybe the baby spiders should be replaced by other demons in map 04? Map 08 This map is more “slaughtery” than the others. Not my favorite thing but I think many people will get a nice kick out of it :) I don't think that there is much that needs tweaking in this map: On the platforms where the mancubuses are, the torches block their projectiles. I’m not sure if that’s what you intended but removing these torches would make the mancubuses a little bit more deadly. More ammo? I ran out of everything when the mastermind came into the arena. Getting out of the situation with the two cyberdemons and many cacodemons was very fun. Keep up the good work! Your maps feel good. Also, for the record, I play your maps on ultra violence by default. I didn't look to see if monsters and items are different in other skill levels.
  6. @Lorenz0 I had time to play map02 yesterday. Map 02 I really liked the visuals and layout of this map. It’s compact and challenging. I also liked how the map opens up gradually as you progress. Additionally, it looks like it would be a good deathmatch map. I have a few thoughts to maybe make this level even more awesome: I thought the location of the super shotgun was clever. I missed it the first time and made it extra hard for myself when it was time to kill the arch-vile since I only had the shotgun and the chaingun. If that’s what you were going for, nice job! However, I felt like that hallway with the super shotgun was too long to really feel trapped by the spectres that teleport. Maybe you could shorten the hallway? Also, you might want to place the spectres on an instant-raise platform (or whatever scripted equivalent exists for the same effect) to create a bigger surprise. The teleport fog alerted me very early that they were coming my way, making them less threatening. I liked the first nukage room with the small platforms but I was short on ammo when it was time to kill the 2 hell knights and the baron there. Maybe an extra box of shells in that area would make that part of the progression more feasible? The blue key room is cool. I wonder if there might be a way to make it a little more interesting, though? I felt like I didn’t have much room to dodge the numerous projectiles, but it was a good challenge. The location of the blue door was not immediately obvious (probably because the texture blends with the walls), but I found it when I paid closer attention to the level design, so it might not really be problematic. I'll keep testing your maps as time allows. Let me know if these ideas are helpful!
  7. Here's the file. I don't mind you streaming on twitch, I'd be glad if you did so.


    1. Gerkhin


      Thanks! I'm busy for personal reasons at the moment but should be able to get to it in a few days :) I'll keep you posted.

    2. Lorenz0


      So when's the time gonna come?

    3. Gerkhin


      I should be able to test today (I'm on the West Coast, by the way) but I might not stream it.

  8. Hi there! I love the screenshots. I would be happy to playtest. Could you share a link to the wad? Would it be okay if I streamed my test sessions on twitch?