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  1. Nootrac4571

    Texture Archaeology

    Yeah, the "random bits of machinery" Tekwall textures are, for the most part, collages made from photos of the BFG and Chaingun toys, a couple of random graphics cards, and the mechanical looking bits from the top half of the Doom logo from the box art (drawn by Don Ivan Punchatz) in various different configurations
  2. Nootrac4571

    Texture Archaeology

    The exit door is from the BFG toy, not the chain gun, although the CG toy was used for parts of some of the techy textures, and part of the tech-pillar sprite. I made a fairly exhaustive list at some point, but am away from my computer for the weekend so can't check right now.
  3. Nootrac4571

    goofy lookin shotguns

    I suspect it's supposed to look like Kyle Reese's shotgun from the first Terminator movie, which is an Ithaca 37 with the stock sawn off (to better hide it under a coat.) https://terminator.fandom.com/wiki/Ithaca_37
  4. Nootrac4571

    How to create monster sprites?

    Amazingly, the sculptor of the original model is actually working on that right now:
  5. Nootrac4571

    How to create monster sprites?

    Your Blender model pipeline is a perfectly valid - and probably the most sensible - way of making sprites for Doom these days. Please go ahead and make some lovely new monsters. But the original Id methods were a lot more low-fi and labour-intensive: Most of the Doom 1/2 monsters were based on actual physical maquettes created by Adrian Carmack and Gregor Punchatz, animated via stop-motion and photographed from 8 different angles, then converted to sprites via a very time consuming process of pixel clean-up and palette conversion:
  6. Nootrac4571

    This guy gives such a weird desription of Doom

    Wow, it's amazing just how utterly Dr. Sack managed to miss the entire point of that movie.
  7. Nootrac4571

    Non Looping Skybox

    You can indeed: a 1024-pixel-wide texture will wrap perfectly around the whole sky. There is a little bit of extra work you need to do if you want it to work in Vanilla though, detailed in this very helpful post:
  8. Do you have any other resources loaded in UDB, like maybe a texture pack? If you're not sure, go to edit->map options, and it'll show you a list of all the resources you're using. Ignore DOOM.WAD or DOOM2.WAD; GZDoom will load those for you if it's set up right, but if there is anything else, then you need to load them into GZDoom along with your map. You can just group select the files and drag them onto GZDoom.exe. Just to be clear: There is no exporting/compiling stage - the file you save from UDB is ready to be played out of the box.
  9. Nootrac4571

    Help me recolor a monster

    I had a little tinker in Slade, came up with a remap that's very close: "16:21=179:182", "22:33=183:188", "34:36=43:44", "37:38=190:190", "39:47=47:47" Here's the exact colour ramps of both sprites, if you want to go mad and make it perfect: Edit: Ok. here's a pretty much perfect colour remap, because I enjoy obsessing over unimportant details: "16:17=179:179", "18:18=180:180", "19:20=181:181", "21:21=182:182", "22:23=183:183", "24:25=184:184", "26:27=185:185", "28:29=186:186", "30:31=187:187", "32:33=188:188", "34:35=189:189", "36:36=44:44", "37:38=45:45", "39:47=47:47"
  10. Nootrac4571

    Post your Doom textures!

    I actually have a crazy idea about making an extremely custom palette with different versions of each colour that "fade" to black at different rates, so I can alternate them and make the textures dither as they get darker. It'd be pretty complicated to make though, so it's just a thought experiment at the moment.
  11. Nootrac4571

    Post your Doom textures!

    Not quite sure what you mean by your monitor refreshing, but the answer is almost certainly dithering. It's not your monitor's refresh rate you're seeing, it's your nice modern monitor/graphics card/browser trying to smooth out an image where adjacent pixels are intentionally very different from each other, and making different decisions about how to best do that based on the image's sub-pixel position on your screen. So it flickers as you scroll around. If that makes sense?
  12. Nootrac4571

    Post your Doom textures!

    Haha yeah - the biggest challenge is that the Spectrum had such a limited palette - for example, no browns at all, while a lot of Doom's textures are famously very very brown. But Fireblu? Yeah no problem.
  13. Nootrac4571

    Post your Doom textures!

    I'm sure this is of limited appeal, but for a while I've been idly working on a project to create a mod that makes Doom look like a ZX Spectrum game. I made a title screen ages ago, in a post that explains the very specific and awkward graphical rules of the Spectrum: Anyway, for the last few months I've been making ZX Spectrum versions of Doom 1/2 textures. Here's where I'm up to right now:
  14. Baron sprites are "BOSSxxxx" Cacodemons' are "HEADxxxx" Plasma projectiles are "PLSSxxxx" (for the projectile) and "PLSExxxx" (for the explosion)
  15. Nootrac4571

    UDB not recognizing Doom 2 things-solved

    Are you loading the Doom 1 IWAD instead of the Doom 2 one?