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  1. Traditionally, you need a TRANMAP that tells the engine how the new colors mix with regards to translucency. I don't know if/which source ports still support it though. Even if you are able to generate a TRANMAP, it's still possible that it won't give you perfect results, depending on the colors you choose, because it has to select from the 256 base colors from the palette. In my opinion, I don't think purples ranges will mix well if generated automatically. You're probably going to have to manually tweak the TRANMAP image until you get it looking to your liking. Or just disable translucency on the teleport fog entirely and save yourself some headaches. :) Btw: here is a good source of information on how to generate your own TRANMAP, with some examples and source images.
  2. EarthQuake

    Using HOMs intentionally

    They can be placed behind translucent textures to create a sort of motion blur effect on those textures, which looks really cool.
  3. It's nice that you thought of doing this, so kudos for that. I really like how you provide the option of using both textures and patches. I did get a few error messages when playing around with the sliders (like setting size to 1), but couldn't get anything to crash. I know it's literally an initial release and you probably already have a list of things you want to add or improve upon, but here's a few things that someone with "pre-existing knowledge in any graphical application" would find useful: The ability to zoom so that you can see what you're doing on smaller textures/finer work. A cursor showing the currently configured size/shape of the drawing tool. The current mouse cursor needs to go, imo. It obscures what you're drawing, and being able to see the brush size/shape allows for better precision. A coarser selection on the slider controls, in particular "scale". For the life of me, I couldn't reset it back to 100% without restarting the program. The ability to palettize the resultant image. This one is probably non-trivial and I can understand if it's outside the scope of the program. It can easily be done from Slade3 when importing the image into a wad. There's probably loads of other things I could suggest, but I'll give you break. :P
  4. EarthQuake

    Doom 3 Or Quake 4?

    There was a Quake 4? Where the fuck have I been?
  5. EarthQuake

    Teleport a Projectile?

    Maybe this will shed some light. If you clear the NOTELEPORT flag on the projectile, does it do what you want? Or are you trying to preserve the angle in which it enters? If it teleports normally, it will face whatever direction the teleport destination faces.
  6. EarthQuake

    Some Questions About Editing Menus & Screens

    I've used the TEXTCOLO lump to change/define message colors before. I'm only going by a decade-old memory here, but I think you can colorize pickup and obituary strings within the LANGUAGE lump using the Print color escape sequences (e.g. "Picked up a \chblue\cl keycard."). The LANGUAGE article mentions colorizing strings, but I'm not sure which strings it works with. You will probably want to define some new colors and then use the "\[colorname]" escape sequence in your strings. Hope that works for you. I poked around in the LANGUAGE lump in zdoom.pk3 and I did see some strings relating to the options menu and stuff, so maybe it's possible to redefine the strings you want, even though they're not listed on the Strings page. As for the menu headers, I believe they are all strings now, so for example OPTMNU_CONTROLS is "Customize Controls" in the menu. Edit: sorry, misread the font question. I actually don't know if there is a way to change which font is used for the menu. This was something I had to design around in the past. I honestly find manipulating the GUI to be the most infuriating aspect of modding for (G)ZDoom any source port. :)
  7. Take a look at the "weapons" tab. Frame 17 is defined right there. I should mention, that although you can change which frame the muzzle flash will start with, some weapons, like the Chaingun or Plasma rifle rely on some hard-coded quirks to determine exactly which frame comes next.
  8. EarthQuake

    Help with replacing normal Ss sound

    What does your replacement sound... sound like? The reloading sounds for the SSG are comprised of various "clicks and clops" that happen after the "boom". If you only want to replace the "boom", all you need to replace is that first sound, DSDSHTGN. If your "boom" sound contains reloading sounds, you are probably going to want to remove the other sounds that are hardcoded into later frames. Here is the DECORATE definition for the SSG: ACTOR SuperShotgun : DoomWeapon { Weapon.SelectionOrder 400 Weapon.AmmoUse 2 Weapon.AmmoGive 8 Weapon.AmmoType "Shell" Inventory.PickupMessage "$GOTSHOTGUN2" Obituary "$OB_MPSSHOTGUN" Tag "$TAG_SUPERSHOTGUN" States { Ready: SHT2 A 1 A_WeaponReady Loop Deselect: SHT2 A 1 A_Lower Loop Select: SHT2 A 1 A_Raise Loop Fire: SHT2 A 3 SHT2 A 7 A_FireShotgun2 SHT2 B 7 SHT2 C 7 A_CheckReload SHT2 D 7 A_OpenShotgun2 SHT2 E 7 SHT2 F 7 A_LoadShotgun2 SHT2 G 6 SHT2 H 6 A_CloseShotgun2 SHT2 A 5 A_ReFire Goto Ready // unused states SHT2 B 7 SHT2 A 3 Goto Deselect Flash: SHT2 I 4 Bright A_Light1 SHT2 J 3 Bright A_Light2 Goto LightDone Spawn: SGN2 A -1 Stop } } Take a look at the "States" section. A_FireShotgun2 is the attack codepointer where DSDSHTGN is played. The other sounds are played when A_OpenShotgun2, A_LoadShotgun2, and A_CloseShotgun2 are called. Since you're using GZDoom, you can modify the frames directly (and by extension what sound lumps are played) by using DECORATE to creating a replacement Shotgun that inherits from this. If necessary, you can remove the 3 loading sounds by doing something like this: actor NewSuperShotgun : SuperShotgun replaces SuperShotgun { States { Fire: SHT2 A 3 SHT2 A 7 A_FireShotgun2 SHT2 B 7 SHT2 C 7 A_CheckReload SHT2 DEFG 7 SHT2 H 6 A_Refire SHT2 A 5 A_ReFire Goto Ready } } (Note: A_CloseShotgun2 also internally calls A_Refire, so I've replaced it with that keep the animation the same). But again, what steps you need to take to replace the SSG's sounds depends on what you're replacing them with. If you want to replace only the firing sound, then the solution is simple: just create a wad with something like Slade, import the file, name it DSDSHTGN. You can replace the other sounds in the same manner, just realize that the "timing" of the sounds might not make sense unless the sounds are very similar. Edit: you could also use SNDINFO to change around sounds or make them empty: //Example SNDINFO lump weapons/sshotf dsdshtgn // Firing sound weapons/sshoto dsdbopn // Opening chamber sound weapons/sshotc dsdbcls // Closing chamber sound weapons/sshotl dsdbload // Loading shells sound
  9. EarthQuake

    how do i change the exit message

    ZDoom-based ports provide the ability to change it through the LANGUAGE lump. The relevant strings you want to replace are toward the top of this list.
  10. EarthQuake

    Help with replacing normal Ss sound

    Typically a sound replacement is done by including a sound with your wad that has the same lump names as those found in doom2.wad. The SSG is a bit different than other weapons, however, as there are 4 distinct sounds that take place: firing, opening, loading, and closing. These correspond to lumps DSDSHTGN, DSDBOPN, DSDBLOAD, and DSDBCLS. All of these sounds occur on different frames, so how to go about modifying the SSG sounds depends on exactly what you're trying to achieve and what engine compatibility you are targeting. Edit: Forgot to mention, sounds in vanilla Doom must be 8-bit mono PCM wave files. These must be converted to Doom's sound format within Slade, in order for them to work with most engines. Some ports, notably ZDoom-based ones, are less picky about sound formats though.
  11. EarthQuake

    Going out to do some errands today

    Hahaha, the coldest I remember it being here in Ohio recently was -17°F. They closed the local university and the community center was turned into a temporary shelter where anyone could stay. Free hot chocolate, too. At -44°F, they would declare it a county-wide emergency and probably shut the entire city down. One thing I learned about cold weather is that wearing two or three pairs of socks can be quite comfortable if you loosen up your shoelaces. Also, you'd think that having a massive beard would keep you warm, but all it does is turn into an massive icicle just from merely breathing.
  12. You are legally allowed to modify original maps/assets and include them in your own wads as long as your wad is intended to be used in the same game. It gets a bit iffy if you, say, include Doom-specific stuff in a Doom II pwad, but in general, no one really cares either way and no one will judge you for it, nor will Bethesda come knocking on your door (heheh, maybe).
  13. EarthQuake

    Bouncing Projectiles?

    The behavior of the BOUNCES flag changes depending on other flags set. From the official MBF docs: It might not be possible to have it bounce off walls and ceilings/floors in the same manner unless you're using ZDoom features, in which case you should use the proper actor flags for the projectile.
  14. EarthQuake

    Player in unknown sector type

    This is odd, since P_PlayerInSpecialSector() doesn't do anything other than handle the various behaviors of sector specials. The linedef type 37 must be changing the tagged sector's type to some garbage value, so that's probably where the crash is coming from. I don't really have much experience with the change-type linedef types, but it really sounds to me like the algorithm is not finding a valid model sector. I'll keep poking through the source code and see if I can learn more. Hopefully someone comes along with more knowledge about this sort of thing. Edit: I would recommend trying a similar setup in a fresh map to see it working on your end. It could be caused by a mapping error (e.g. an unclosed sector or something). Uploading the map for us to look also wouldn't be a bad idea.
  15. EarthQuake

    Player in unknown sector type

    What engine/map configuration are you using? This is a stretch, but can you also post a screenshot of the sector properties window of the sector that causes this crash? Also, type 37 uses the numeric model for figuring out which sector to change the properties of (from the Doom Wiki):