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  1. It's not offensive, though I don't think I ever thought anyone's wads were malware... the only "malware" I've seen for sure on here is those weird Chinese spam posts that get removed after 10-15 minutes.
  2. maxmanium

    DOOM 4 VANILLA - v1.2

    They can, you just have to use the setup utility included with vanilla Doom. Not sure if it is included with the Steam or GOG releases though...
  3. maxmanium

    DOOM 4 VANILLA - v1.2

    You can rebind the use function in Chocolate Doom.
  4. maxmanium

    Doom now officially set in Stone

    I mean, yeah, that's how you turn a profit.
  5. maxmanium

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    I'm pretty sure you can via config file -- just erase whatever is next to the action. It will read "junk" in the menus. I think I did this to unbind the weapon scrolling via mouse wheel. @lazy91geek is likely referring to the "test" version. A download link is at the top of this page: http://prboom-plus.sourceforge.net/history.html
  6. maxmanium

    Shotgun being muted on D4V (vanilla\choco)

    Chocolate Doom has 8 sound channels, meaning only 8 sounds can be played at once. Since there are enough sounds playing at once in that video, the sound of your shotgun is cut off for other sounds. That's about as far as my knowledge goes though.
  7. maxmanium

    Doom Memes

  8. maxmanium

    Putting multiple doors on the same wall

    I'm not sure why, but for whatever reason, doors only work when the linedefs beside them are one-sided -- if you have sectors in between the doors like I think you described, it won't work; there must be empty space in between the doors.
  9. maxmanium


    If you're being serious here, the Spider Mastermind has a very large bounding box, and thus will not be able to move except in very large spaces. You can use IDCLIP if you keep getting stuck on something, but it's not a glitch -- just a consequence of how big the SMM is.
  10. maxmanium

    Abaddon's Nightmare (Finished!)

    This looks really good, especially for your first time mapping! A couple of things I noticed: - You have several monsters with the "countsecrets" boolean set to true. GZDoom shows that this map has 22 secrets, but when launched with the nomonsters parameter, it only has 2 (presumably the soul sphere and beserk secrets). - I would personally suggest adding slightly more ammo. I've played through the map a few times, and there seems to be enough to finish the level, but not with 100% kills. I didn't use the berserk secret much; in my opinion, though, secrets should not be "required" for 100% kills. This is up to you, though -- I also didn't really bother trying to get the monsters to infight. - I would also suggest moving the exit switch behind a door or wall, maybe locked with the blue skull key. Currently, the blue skull key itself doesn't really do anything -- also, if you know where the exit switch raises from the floor, you can press it whenever you want, which lets the player exit the level prematurely. I hope this helps!
  11. maxmanium

    Crispy Doom 5.6.2 (Update: Sep 13, 2019)

    Are you referring to this? If so, this isn't what I meant to say -- sorry for the confusion. I meant that when you reload a save game at any point, selecting the chainsaw plays its full rev-up sound every time -- not just when starting a level with it selected. I gave it a go in Chocolate Doom and this same behavior does not occur. I tested this by starting a new Doom II game and getting the chainsaw; in this instance, the sound is cut off normally. When I started a new Doom II game, saved, loaded that save, and then got the chainsaw, the sound is not cut off.
  12. maxmanium

    Crispy Doom 5.6.2 (Update: Sep 13, 2019)

    I think I found a minor sound bug, though I could be mistaken: I have "play sounds in full length" disabled, but when reloading a save game, the chainsaw's rev-up sound always plays in full length, rather than being cut off by the idle sound. "Misc. sound fixes" does not seem to affect this.
  13. maxmanium

    GZDoom Weapon Auto-Center

    okbuddy is right
  14. maxmanium

    Plasma rifle, or plasma gun?

    I call it a plasma rifle, but when you pick it up it says plasma gun, so...
  15. I don't know if you're aware, but the switch at the end of MAP02 has no action assigned to it.