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Everything posted by maxmanium

  1. maxmanium

    Decino getting scammed AGAIN!

    I know it's a TAS, but I still find it impressive how he managed to completely avoid getting hit. Must have taken ages...
  2. maxmanium

    Forum- ranks / titles...

    69 posts.
  3. maxmanium

    GZDoom Map Label Redundancy

    Is it worth the effort to fix this issue? It's pretty minor, but I figure a ZMAPINFO lump could make it look tidier -- I don't know of a simpler solution that works at this time.
  4. maxmanium

    What is your Doom canon?

    I've only really played Classic Doom, but my canonical interpretation is very simple... the classic games use the same engine with the same face to represent Doomguy. Therefore, it is the same person.
  5. I haven't played a lot, but my vote definitely goes to Mike Tyson's Punch-Out.
  6. maxmanium

    Do you do any drugs?

    Alcohol, weed, and nicotine. Trying to ween off nicotine tho.
  7. maxmanium

    Classic Doom addiction

    Yeah, I feel the same. It's my special interest. There's something about the engine and the game design which is so simplistic and yet so fun. It's that combination that keeps us coming back, I think.
  8. maxmanium

    Crispy Doom 5.6.3 (Update: Oct 04, 2019)

    Yeah, looks good to me.
  9. maxmanium

    what would a doom arg look like?

    Usually ARG's don't have any public information surrounding their existence before the fact.
  10. maxmanium

    Crispy Doom 5.6.3 (Update: Oct 04, 2019)

    Wow, I had no idea that the time to change weapons wasn't constant.
  11. maxmanium

    Crispy Doom 5.6.3 (Update: Oct 04, 2019)

    I don't know if this is actually a bug or not, but I noticed that with view-bobbing disabled, switching weapons still briefly updates the weapon sprite position to where it would be during the view-bob before snapping back to center. Try holding down fire while swapping weapons and then stopping once switched. Screenshots: EDIT: This also affects the rocket launcher and BFG with view-bobbing set to full, due to their safety locks. Bobbing does not resume until fire is released which does not happen in Chocolate.
  12. maxmanium

    Finishing Raymoohawk's Nukeptile

    That looks pretty badass, actually.
  13. Yeah, I think the SS lumps should have spots for rotational sprites. There just weren't any due to being imported from Wolf3d. I know it's possible thanks to Marphy Black's sprite fix project.
  14. maxmanium

    Crispy Doom 5.6.3 (Update: Oct 04, 2019)

    How about mouse-wheel scrolling capability in the automap?
  15. maxmanium

    Finishing Raymoohawk's Nukeptile

    I will say the front and back sprites look like he's doing jazz hands.
  16. maxmanium

    Map Stereotypes

    MAP01: (Semi) Fast-paced, gives a first impression for the wad MAP02: Pace settles down, more consistent gameplay with rest of wad MAP15: Usually somewhat grandiose or complex, sometimes with gimmicky secret exit
  17. Just out of curiosity, what does the Demon Witch say when launching the "spawn cubes?" Can't quite seem to make it out when reversed.
  18. maxmanium


    Welcome, enjoy your stay.
  19. maxmanium

    GZDoom Scythe HOM

    Hey folks, sorry if this has been posted before but I couldn't find anything about it. MAP22 of Scythe has this HOM, but it only happens on GZDoom (software renderer). I'm just curious if anyone knows why it happens.
  20. maxmanium

    Finishing Raymoohawk's Nukeptile

    Wait, what does this replace?
  21. I did a little investigating and it seems to only apply to MBF wads like Eviternity or Valiant. I think it has to do with linedef type 271, which transfers a wall texture to the sky. I'm just as confused, though, because the issue does not occur on -complevel 9 (Boom). On a side note, this is how I found out Crispy Doom supports MBF sky transfers, which is quite bizarre...
  22. maxmanium

    DOOM Retro v3.2.1 (updated November 27, 2019)

    D4V doesn't even work properly for me in Doom Retro because the -nodeh parameter returns an error saying that doomretro.wad is the wrong version (which it definitely isn't).
  23. That issue happens in Vanilla too, but only if you noclip on top of the affected sector, so in practice it's not visible. I'm not too familiar with making outer areas like this in Doom Builder, but I was able to fix the issue by changing the ceiling and floor height of Sector 107 to 32. The missing upper and lower textures meet at the same height as the outer "fencing," rather than just having the upper texture all the way to the bottom of the sector. No idea what caused the issue in the first place though. EDIT: The wall behind the berserk back in the secret area doesn't properly render its flat in PRBoom+ (and Doom Retro). Different rendering code, I suppose... regardless, it's fixable by the same means I mentioned above (although you'd have to make the sky section there into its own sector).
  24. There are two steps with different lower textures leading up to the area. The lower step lowers the sectors and the higher step raises them back up. You have to trigger the top one, then trigger the bottom one, then run past the top one before the sectors have completely lowered. MAP04 is similar, you have to trigger the secret and then run past the edge of the platform before it's raised so that it doesn't actually lower it.