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  1. ... and this one time, at Mount Erebus camp I decided to run through the whole map without saving just for the hell of it. Predictably I rocket jumped into the blue box containing the secret level entrance but forgot to pick up the invulnerability. They had to scrape my remains from the walls.
  2. Lord Snot

    Unpopular maps you enjoy

    Would you hate me if I said I really like Doom 2's M24: The Chasm? I can understand why others hate it, but I enjoy it, because there's a lot of interesting, out-of-the-way places to explore. I particularly like the blue tech base area with all it's traps and secrets. I also like M19 The Citadel for similar reasons based on it's explorability. 'Unholy Cathedral', 'The Pit' and TNT's 'Mount Pain' can all go die in a fire however.
  3. Lord Snot

    Secret levels

    The first time I ever played episode 2 of Doom, back in the early 90s I just went through the secret exit, not realising that it even was a secret exit. It was far too obvious to miss, and I just assumed it was a normal exit. Talk about getting the shock of my life! Those Barons absolutely ripped me a new one, and at that time I was such a newbie to the game that I had no idea how to deal with them. I had the chainsaw equipped at the time, because I'd just discovered it in the preceding level and eager to test it out. I was so panicked by the apparently unkillable Barons that it didn't even occur to me to swap weapons to something more suitable. After endless deaths and restarts I tried just running away from them... into the room stuffed with Cacodemons, which kicked my ass so hard it ended up in Outer Mongolia. After that I just gave up. I actually felt quite traumatised by the experience. The big nasty demons had psyched me out. It was only later, after talking to friends that I learned that I'd entered a secret level, and that there was another, safer, way of exiting the preceding level. For ages afterward I was irrationally afraid of Cacodemons. My mind had build them up into an enemy far stronger and more terrible than they were in reality. I always used to spam the strongest weapons against single Cacodemons - rockets, plasma, even the BFG. It was some time before I came to realise that they could be managed quite easily with just the shotgun, or even the chainsaw/beserk - and even later before I learned to strafe properly and could handle whole rooms of them with relative ease.
  4. Lord Snot

    Secrets That Are More Effort Than They're Worth

    The most obvious one is the 'NIN room' in Ultimate Doom's E4M1. Activate the secret and your 'reward' is four Barons of Hell in your face. The only possible reasons to activate this are a) You're a hardcore Nine Inch Nails fan, and absolutely MUST interact with the logo, b) you are a masochist. c) you are like me and OCD about getting 100% kills.
  5. Lord Snot

    What do you love most about Doom?

    Shooting an Imp in the face with the standard shotgun at short range has such a weighty, meaty feel to it. The implied sense of recoil, the dying grunt that the Imp makes. No other game I ever played was able to reproduce the original Doom shotgun feel. The closest was probably Duke 3D and Mass Effect 2's Scimitar. Fallout 4's Combat Shotgun also has it's merits - but none are able to capture the unique feel of the Doom original. I know most people prefer Doom 2's Super Shotgun, which is definitely a classic in it's own right, but for me at least, it never feels as satisfying to one-shot an enemy with; probably due to the fact that the increased loudness, coupled with the extended reloading animation detract from the kill.
  6. Lord Snot

    What if id Software never made Doom?

    An interesting question. I think that at some point in time something else would have been made in a similar vein, though not Doom, and it probably wouldn't have had the same long-term cultural significance. Doom was a paradigm, and subsequently created a movement around itself, which ultimately spread outward, encompassing the standard FPS genre. We'd likely have ended up with something like Rise of the Triads, basing most of it's gameplay upon the Wolf 3D model. The game that would have eventually been made in place of Doom would probably not have contained any multiplayer options. It would have been purely single-player. Without deathmatch and the parallel movement brought about by deathmatch, with it's clans and ranking systems another paradigm shift would have been averted. It would likely be some years in the future before a developer came up with sufficient vision to work upon this aspect of gaming. As for me, I'd simply never have got into gaming at all, at least not then. Before Doom I really had no interest in video games, I imagined them all as cartoony side-scrolling little men jumping along platforms. Doom, when I saw it for the first time on a friend's PC was like a revelation and it's what kickstarted my love of gaming.
  7. Lord Snot

    Recommendations for a good, balanced megawad

    Thanks for the absolute tonne of recommendations guys. If I looked at everything mentioned in these threads I'd still be playing Doom by Christmas 2021 :p I'd have replied earlier (yesterday) but there seems to be a post limit, which I went over. I've taken a look at Doom The Way iD Did It, along with Memento Mori - and I'm going to concentrate on these two, plus Plutonia and Scythe for now. After that I'll check out the others in the list. Have to say that the level design on Memento Mori is superb in terms of pure aesthetics, incredible attention to detail, light sourcing and atmosphere. Those guys really knew what they were doing.
  8. Lord Snot

    Recommendations for a good, balanced megawad

    I specifically wanted a megawad because I wanted a long game - something that would keep me busy for a few weeks. I very rarely leave games unfinished. I'll usually push to the end, unless it's a game that I'm hating so much that I can't stand to play any more. Once again I'm going to assume that AV and PL2 mean 'Alien Vendetta' and 'Plutonia 2'. At the time of writing this post I've not even completed the original retail Plutonia, so it's probably no surprise I've not looked at Plutonia 2. Back in the 90s I played Doom almost exclusively, and there was no other game like it. As the years went by I played Doom less frequently, and turned to other, more modern games. Doom (along with Heretic, Hexen etc.) became something I played far less frequently, and only really replayed for the occasional nostalgia fix. Consequently I'm not very knowledgeable about the more current mapping and modding scene. My Doom skills are also a bit out of practice. But now I'm at a stage in my life where I'm starting to lose interest in a lot of recently-released games. They all seem to be becoming very 'consolized', and seem to cater for a different kind of audience than me. I've started to go back to my older games once again, and their simplicity and lack of handholding it's like a breath of fresh air. I guess that if I played and replayed Plutonia dozens of times (like I did the original episodes) I'd start to find it much easier, but my unfamiliarity with it, coupled with the very trap-focused nature of the maps makes it seem real hard right now. In particular I found both 'Caged' and 'Hunted' to be very, very, tough to complete. I'm not sure how I'll cope with 'Go 2 It'. I'm also going to give Scythe a try once Plutonia is complete.
  9. Lord Snot

    Recommendations for a good, balanced megawad

    Thanks a bunch. All of those sound perfect. Will take a look at Marswar too.
  10. Lord Snot

    Recommendations for a good, balanced megawad

    I've been playing Doom since around 1994, so yes I've completed standard Doom and Doom 2 probably hundreds of times. I think I'd have to be pretty crazy to be looking for megawads if I'd never played the original game! :p I'm not so familiar with Plutonia and TNT Evilution, because I got Final Doom pretty late. I've finished Evilution once, I'm currently working my way through Plutonia as I speak, and am around half way through it - though the skill level is quite a bit higher than I'm used to. By 'pl2' I presume you mean Plutonia 2, and no I've never played it. Not sure what 'av' is - Alien Vendetta? Isn't that one of those super-hard 'slaughtermap' kind of games? My skill level is like this: Can complete standard three Doom campaigns and Doom 2 on UV without difficulty. Can complete Thy Flesh Consumed on UV, but not perfectly, and I find the first two maps really tough. Can complete TNT Evilusion on UV not perfectly, and I find some of the later maps very tough, but I'm OK. Can get around half way through Plutonia but am struggling.
  11. Hi, this is my first post on Doomworld. I was wondering if anyone could recommend me a good quality 'Id-type' megawad to try, for someone who's kind of at an intermediate skill level. I don't want those kind of maps that just contain constant rooms stuffed with 12 Cyberdemons and 50 Revenants as I don't find that kind of gameplay fun. I've made a start on Scythe (although apparently the final map is almost impossible for anyone but an absolute uber-pro player) and was thinking of maybe giving Memento Mori a try based purely upon the description. Really I'm looking for something in a similar vein to the classic retail episodes, rather than these super-hard 'slaughtermaps'. So, does anyone have a good recommendation? Thanks in advance.