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  1. Are there any heretic & hexen jokewads? If not, will there be any?
  2. Cyberdemon

    New game-based movies.

    Cool movie Ideas 1. ZZT Movie 2. Wolfenstein Movie 3. Strife Movie 4. Heretic Movie 5. Hexen Movie
  3. Cyberdemon

    Stroked the pipe, until it was ripe

    Yah theres also some in Yoshi's Story 64 that dont live in pipes
  4. OMG OMG OMG I always wanted to be a character in a wad.. can I plz be a character in this wad?If so I would like to have the low guard skin from Rise of the Triads on my character. Thanks.
  5. Cyberdemon


    Well now that I'm back from being LOSER'D, i can finally tell you that SpiceZDoom didnt work for some reason.. I've got the latest version of zdoom
  6. Cyberdemon

    Mancubus Encounter

    So lemme guess.. is someone going to make a mancuse wad or pic now? Either that or Grapefruitse....
  7. Cyberdemon

    i love semen

    Nice sea dude
  8. Cyberdemon


    Is anyone going to make a mod that lets you play as the monsters, have thier characteristics, fight the doom marines and use their own weapons? Just an Idea......
  9. Cyberdemon

    Your pet peeves of Doom!

    heh LOL one of you should make a website with pictures of these "pet peeves" on them, there funny.. Anyway mine is when you put falling damage off and you still die when falling at places, yah that suks.
  10. Cyberdemon

    Genitals of doom monsters?

    I bet the mancubus is female
  11. Cyberdemon

    Was the Doom movie good?

    Yah its teh best thing eva, DOOM ROXORZ MY SOXORZ
  12. Cyberdemon

    Most Memorable Doom Experience

    Ive been playing doom since I was 4 and its still teh best game eva. My most memorable moment was when I watched the Doom Movie, it was awesome.
  13. Cyberdemon

    Level Remakes

    OMG Koolies, I was actually suggesting it and its already being worked on LOL, keep up teh good work.
  14. Cyberdemon

    Level Remakes

    Is anyone gonna make any Doom1 & Doom2 Level remakes for Doom3?
  15. Cyberdemon

    ICD-SE, DDF to Decorate?

    I've got 3-d glasses..