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  1. slayermbm

    Odamex 0.8.0

    Hey @Ch0wW that's great! My first post was not clear enough, I meant to ask how to turn on the '4:3' resolution. Is there a menu option to tick, or do I need to set it in the command line, or something else? Thanks again for your time. Edit: I found it opening odamex.cfg in the port folder and changing vid_pillarbox to 1. Now the resolution is correct.
  2. @Altazimuth thanks man, that actually works with the latest version! Shouldn't this file be included in the daily builds? Also, sorry, I was wrong, the sound actually works correctly using the official release.
  3. I have noticed this specific problem on past versions of Eternity Engine and the newest ones, including the 4.0 release (Völuspá) and the drd team site builds (I'm currently using the x64 07-21-2019 build). When I set the music volume bar on the lowest position, every sound in the game mutes, not only the music. Maxing the sfx volume bar does nothing. Then, when changing the music volume up even one position, sounds return. I don't know if I'm the only one, but I also find that the music volume is way too high and the sfx sounds are way too quiet when comparing them on similar settings. This problem persists even if I close and open the executable again. Currently testing with Doom 2. Edit: just to mention that I'm currently on Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC x64. I believe I already experienced this on Windows 7 SP1 x64 too.
  4. slayermbm

    Odamex 0.8.0

    Is it possible to run Odamex in the original Doom aspect ratio? Thanks!