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  1. slayermbm

    I'm worried about the future of Doom.

    (Off-topic) Cool. I was born in '89 so I kinda missed the golden era of vinyl. My father have a lot of Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd ones from back then. The Number of the Beast is my favorite Maiden album, and probably one of the best I've ever heard. Hallowed Be Thy Name sent chills down my spine the first time I listened, not so many years ago.
  2. slayermbm

    I'm worried about the future of Doom.

    When humanity leaves earth in the year 2xxx to terraform and colonize Mars, I bet some form of OG Doom will be running on the spaceship computer they'll use. No, but seriously, I don't think Doom will be abandoned anythime soon in the next 15-20 years. Our community is something else, always engaged in creating fresh content to good ol' Doom.
  3. slayermbm

    Eternity Engine 4.01.00 Tyrfing

    Solid release, congratulations! I'm having a blast playing Heretic in the new version, and its closer to vanilla than GZDoom.
  4. slayermbm

    Managed Doom - A Doom port written in C#

    @Sinshu Do you plan to implement better mouse controls? I would like to disable vertical movement if possible. I use keyboard exclusively for running and strifing.
  5. slayermbm

    Managed Doom - A Doom port written in C#

    I have an immense amount of respect for people with the technical knowledge and determination to do something like this. Congratulations! It is always satisfactory to see new ports being released, specially using different programming languages!
  6. slayermbm

    PrBoom+ 2.6.2 (Feb 11, 2022)

    Are you sure? I just tested it and deleted the prboom-plus.cfg and glboom-plus.cfg files to generate them again. The first time you execute the program and exit, the files have "automapmode" set to "0x0", so the default is off. When on, the value reads "0x8" on prboom and "0x9" on glboom. Sorry to derail the thread, this is the last time I'm posting about it. It's not a big deal.
  7. slayermbm

    PrBoom+ 2.6.2 (Feb 11, 2022)

    I was not aware of this. Hum. Maybe this option should be on by default? Thank you very much!
  8. Agree with E3M8. They should have made the SMM a more fearsome enemy, faster, with at least double its current HP, alternate fire, or some other gimmicks. The fight is way too easy.
  9. slayermbm

    PrBoom+ 2.6.2 (Feb 11, 2022)

    Hi. Not sure if this is the right thread, but does this port still accept requests? I find the latest PrBoom+ builds posted here ideal for vanilla and/or close to vanilla gameplay, and I use it on a daily basis, along with Crispy. Excellent job! That said, the one thing that I find a little bothersome is the map menu. Is this the only port where the player position does not remain centralized when walking with the map menu opened? If I walk too much, I have to close and open it again in order to centralize the player position. Sometimes the arrow (player) even disappears completely and the current area is not shown. English is not my first language, so I hope I could make myself clear. This is in no way a major problem, but PrBoom+ is the only port I know with this particular characteristic. I believe fixing this bug (or implementing this feature) would be a nice addition. Thanks!
  10. slayermbm

    LZDoom 3.88b released

    You are correct, it was my mistake. Because of bullshit windows 10 account settings, my username was using part of my phone number, and as a result, adding "-55479" to the end of the .ini file. I changed my username back to normal and now the .ini file works correctly.
  11. slayermbm

    LZDoom 3.88b released

    Hello @drfrag, I would like to report a possible bug. I believe the compatibility settings are not being saved in LZDoom 3.86a. One thing I always do when using GZDoom is enabling the option "spawn item drops on the floor" in Actor Behavior. On GZDoom 4.4.2, the setting is saved when exiting and playing again. But on LZDoom 3.86a it reverts back to default. Also, thanks for your work in this port, it's great!
  12. slayermbm

    Problem with fullscreen 16:9 resolution

    That actually works. What does "FD" mean? Thanks!
  13. Hi. I'm experiencing a problem that only seems to happen in the lowest 16:9 fullscreen resolution. When I try to set the screen to 854x480F in EE 4.0.0, black bars appear at both sides of the screen and everything becomes stretched - the map, doomguy, the enemies, everything looks thin and wrong. Setting to 1280x720F fixes this, the entire screen is used and the right aspect ratio is maintained. I'm using a laptop with an AMD 7600M gpu. When I do the same thing in my desktop with a NVIDIA 1050 gpu, everything works correctly. Do you know if any settings needs to be adjusted? Thanks.
  14. slayermbm

    FPCDoom 1.14 (Apr 10, 2022)

    Hello @jval, how are you doing? I'm wondering, do you plan to integrate the updates of DelphiDoom in a new release of FPCDoom? I believe it has the same problem as the previous release of DD, where the player position and angle is not being interpolated, as you explained in the DD thread. Have you checked it? You're probably very busy with your side projects, right? Thanks!
  15. slayermbm

    What are some good MegaWADS

    I recommend Nihility: Infinite Teeth. You can find it in this thread: It replaces episode 2 of the original doom. The mood of this wad is simply phenomenal, it's more creepy and disturbing than the vanilla game, adds more challenging enemies, removes the music altogether and replace it with ambient sounds that add to the atmosphere and includes weapons and textures from the alpha build of doom for another change. If you play UV, the difficulty curve gradually accentuates with each level and some maps are really hard. Not slaughtermap hard, but significantly harder than the vanilla game. Its not a megawad, but IMO worth checking out.