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  1. Hello i have some sprites i'd like to easily convert to a sheet for easy editing and i have some other sprites in a sheet i want to decompile i use slade although if there is another program to do this that works too Thank you for the help!
  2. DrBDude

    Add STF bar faces

    Hello in a wad i am working on i want to add custom stf faces such as if you get a soulsphere and your health is over 200 (i want the eyes to turn blue i have the sprite done) is this even possible? if so how would i do this
  3. DrBDude

    How do i give classes specific weapons

    i'm new to this and i'm not sure how to do the "case CLASS_0" my class name is PersonA should i put it like case CLASS_PERSONA ?
  4. DrBDude

    How do i give classes specific weapons

    Thanks this is almost what i'm looking for but what if i want it to drop a weapon but you get that specific weapon based on picking it up for so like in multiplayer and stuff it would work
  5. DrBDude

    How do i give classes specific weapons

    thanks for the answer but i was wondering for example the shotgun zombieman drops the slot 4 weapon (shotgun) and depending on what class picks it will be the slot 4 weapon for that specific class (i'm trying to have 2 versions of the same weapon but with different sprites for each class)
  6. Hello, I am new to this site and somewhat new to doom wad editing I am creating a wad with 2 specific player classes and i want each of them to have specific weapons (one uses reskined default weapons and the other one uses new ones) i want it to be so if you play as a specific character you only get that characters weapons for that slot (example: shotgun zombieman drops shotgun class 1 gets one item if picked up class 2 gets its own item if picked up) any help would appreciated! Thanks