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  1. Axelord1942

    Project 626

    I've been slowly going over the levels and adding more depth to them but your point still stands. I'm trying to keep this relatively simple as I become more familiar with the ins and outs of GZDoom and ACS and whatnot, things are a lot different than when I was messing around with D!. I'm having fun though, and I'm open to feedback and criticism! That being said, one of my linedefs/sectors is acting *crazy* in map2 and Despite how many times I've redrawn the damn thing it still acts crazy, but only when using the software renderer (i like my pixels chunky). And like two other minor texture bugs that I need to iron out. http://www.mediafire.com/folder/utvsg6a9e9q1q/Project626 I think it needs more monsters, but I might just be getting good at beating my own levels.
  2. Axelord1942

    Project 626

    Project 626 is my first attempt at making some levels since I was a kid tooling around with an old CD-ROM of D!. I'm 32 now and still want to make Doom levels. Made the map in Doom in format, next bunch will be in proper UDMF or Hexen. Currently using SmoothDoom and UDV. Four levels complete, fifth in progress. About an hours worth of gameplay so far, wouldn't mind some playtesters :D Also currently replacing placeholder tracks with my own ambient soundtrack, Maps 3 and 4 currently feature original music. The rest is from Mechwarrior 2 on PSX and Doom PSX, respectively. Also a few random visual glitches I'd like some input on, but nothing too serious. Folder is all packaged and ready to go, just make sure to use GZDoom (haven't tried it with anything else) and run it with Doom II. I'll add a link if anyone is interested. :) http://www.mediafire.com/folder/utvsg6a9e9q1q/Project626 How are you all doing?