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  1. ALSO also, does the installer install an .EXE file? if not, i'm screwed.
  2. also, whenever i used doxbox, it said i didnt have the registered version, even though i did.
  3. whenever i click "play" in the setup, it just takes me to a command prompt and an error you would get when running dos games in command prompt. i don't want to use dosbox because it's slow. how can i trigger the expansion pack? is there suppossed to be a separate .exe file? whenever i click on winquake, i don't get the expansion pack. i just get the vanilla game. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!?!
  4. i'm asking because my intel atom cpu from 1812 pretty much sucks and i'm wondering if software rendering will make i easier to run without too much lag. is there at least a mod that enables quake 4 to run less terribly on my worthless processor?
  5. memes4lyfe

    does anyone play quake 1 multiplayer anymore?

    yeah i could use use EZquake, and i did, but i want to experience multiplayer the way it was back then.
  6. memes4lyfe

    does anyone play quake 1 multiplayer anymore?

    guys. someone just joined me. yay!
  7. memes4lyfe

    does anyone play quake 1 multiplayer anymore?

    but quakeworld requires me to download files. and its also barren. im in a quake 1 server in the qtracker app right now. just look for the one server that has a person in it. want to join?
  8. im looking to play some quake 1 multiplayer in winquake with the QTracker app. but no one is populating the servers. is there a reason nobody plays vanilla quake multiplayer anymore?
  9. memes4lyfe

    is anyone looking to play some winquake deathmatch?

    or can anyone tell me what server they're in and tell me the address and i can join them?
  10. please. im lonely. i need to deathmatch someone. if anyone can start a deathmatch server and just stay there so i can find it, that would be great.
  11. actually, i'm using Qtracker for winquake. speaking of which, are there any servers for vanilla quake online?
  12. sooo... not exactly i'm assuming. i read that you could customize the graphics. is this true? also, can you post a link?
  13. does nQuake look EXACTLY like the original?
  14. in dosbox, quake has the TCP/IP option in multiplayer grayed out. how do i fix this?
  15. memes4lyfe

    fallout 76 sucks significantly less after a patch.

    i also think the game is a cash grab. but a GOOD one.