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  1. I think it would It would count as multiple, unless you decide to merge them together.
  2. Thanks, I'll look into it.
  3. Thank you Stabbey for telling me that, and I did get the problem fixed for the most part, but the thing is... that wasn't the problem, or at least, I got rid of some "invisible" sector... (at least I think it was,) for some reason, whenever I turned gravity off in 3D mode, I would walk around the big sector for a bit, but somewhere around the messed up sector I kept suddenly going up, going up a higher level, even though the floor height was the same in that area... So it was like I was standing up on a higher floor level, without there being a higher floor level, So I decided to try to do some experiementing, I deleted the rectangle sector, put a line directly through the big sector (down the middle, with thus caused the big sector to become two connected sectors,) and then deleted that line, and somehow... That fixed the issue, that's why I believe that there was some sort of invisible floor or sector that, when I apparently deleted the first rectangle sector, (which I did a bit before you joined the conversation,) the editor might've only partially deleted the sector, keeping the hit detection there, but the rest was otherwise deleted. I don't know if this glitch was a side-effect of the recent update I got for GZDoom Builder Bugfix, but either way, it was a rather odd glitch, I don't know, I was all a bit confusing, but hopefully i got the issue fixed, I thank every one of you who came to help me out! :)
  4. Still have the problem, changing the direction the sector linedefs faces does nothing, the "Make Sector" mode does nothing to it, and and Alowe, the whole "draw the sector clockwise/counter-clockwise" thing unfortunately doesn't work for me, every time I try to draw a square sector, regardless of which way I draw, the sector snaps to having the linedefs face towards the inside, Also that whole "reference" thing Aquila mentioned I don't understand, or rather I don't know how to do, (I do know how to change the flags, just not the "referring to sector" I don't know how that's done. I'm still fairly new with GZDB) The only good thing I can say so far is that at least it is only affecting the big sector that I'm attempting to put the square sector in. I did try partially rebuilding it, but it didn't fix the issue theres also another issue I had, when i simply draw a line in a sector that has no textures/floors/ceilings, and hit enter, the sector automatically generates floors and ceilings, and it does this at the most inconvenient moments.
  5. GZDB does have a make mode, I just never knew how to use it, I always used Linedef mode to draw my sectors.
  6. I have an issue with sectors in GZDoom Builder, you se when I try to make a sector inside a sector, it ends up treating the newly created sector as a seperate sector, in other words the sector lines are not light grey like they are supposed to, the lines are white, and when I go into 3D mode, the ceiling and floor for the sector are all messed up, (not the textures, it just that the floors and ceiling at at the same height as the sector I created the new sector in,) Here are some screenshots showing what I mean, the messed up sector is the rectangle the triangle is the way it is supposed to be, I think I accidentally activated a keyboard shortcut that changed a setting or mode while mapping the level out that caused this to happen, keep in mind I am using the latest version of GZDoom Builder (BugFix Version) so the settings will be a bit different if you're using a older version or a altogether different editor. Also note: the 3D view picture that appears to have to triangles on the floors may be a bit confusing to some, the triangle on the right is the actual triangle sector, the one on the left is actually the messed up rectangle sector.
  7. AJOgames

    Doom Clone "Gloom" Source Code Available!

    Glad to see that people have already started to take the assets of these games and try to recreate them in the ZDoom/GZDoom engine, it makes it a LOT easier for people to play these games without having to use WinUAE, which is quite buggy and difficult to use. Good luck to those who are working to bring these games to a modern audience. GZDoom port or otherwise. :)
  8. well I was thinking... you know when the player dies, and how the camera lowers to the floor? maybe I could try to edit the crouching to do something like that, since the camera height when you die seems to be lower than that of when you're crouching. I was also wondering if it was possible to do some more advanced stuff, like the multi-directional lift from Doom 3's Communications PRC Maintenance level, (ignore the red arrows on the picture,) Or better yet the trains from DN3D... Now I don't know what is and what isn't possible in GZDoom, so some of the stuff here might be a bit too ambitious for the engine to handle.
  9. I am using GZDoom Builder and I was wondering whether it was possible to edit the overall crouch height, the reason being that I wanted to create level that involved crawling through vents, similar to games like Half-Life and Duke Nukem 3D, Here are some screenshots from Star Wars: Dark Forces, which has a cheat called "LABUG" that when typed during gameplay, will allow the player to crouch much lower than usual, the crouch height seen here is what I want to do with GZDoom Builder or Slade3.
  10. I am using GZDoom Builder and I was wondering whether it was possible to edit the overall crouch height, the reason being that I wanted to create level that involved crawling through vents, similar to games like Half-Life and Duke Nukem 3D, Here are some screenshots from Star Wars: Dark Forces, which has a cheat called "LABUG" that when typed during gameplay, will allow the player to crouch much lower than .usual, the crouch height seen here is what want to do with GZDoom Builder or Slade3.
  11. AJOgames

    What Makes a good Boss Rooom?

    Agreed! there is this video series on YouTube called ""350 FPS Final Boss Fights There is a boss that perfectly fits the "high damage sponge" you described in your reply, To see the boss in question, skip to 50:40 in this video,
  12. AJOgames

    What Makes a good Boss Rooom?

    I've been wondering for awhile now, what makes a good boss room? More specifically, what should be done when making a map to make the fight more engaging? It depends on whether or not the boss has hitscan or projectile-based attacks, I do know of some bad examples of Boss Rooms. !. Battlelord (From DN3D) since his main attack is hitscan-based, you'd expect to at least hide behind, but all you get is a big empty room with no wall to sheild yourself from his attacks, leaving you out in the open, unable to avoid taking sure there;s a health pickup there, but that won't help out that much on higher difficulties, and the only thing you can dodge is his pipebomb attack, the Battlelord itself isn't the problem, the problem is the room you fight him in at the end of episode 1. Don't know if any of the Quake games have terrible boss rooms, though, Now what do I mean by "Good" and "Bad" Boss Rooms? Well the Bad Boss Room would have a good boss monster concept, but the way the room is layed out results in a rather lackluster or at times unfair fight. Like in Ultimate Doom, E4M8, the rematch with the Spider Mastermind...kinda sucks, The Mastermind doesn't have a lot of mobility because the cylinder wall covering the exit is in its way, allowing you to easily cheese the AI and constantly fire your weapons at him until he dies. A good boss room would be designed in a way that makes good use of whatever boss monster is placed in there, therefore making the overall fight more fun and engaging. The first boss of Powerslave/Exhumed, for example, jumps around a lot and also attacks you head on, and there's enough room for both you and the boss! You can discuss both good and bad boss rooms if you want
  13. AJOgames

    GZDoom Builder Colored Lighting?

    Thanks Nevander, that helped fixed the problem. :)
  14. AJOgames

    GZDoom Builder Colored Lighting?

    As you can see with these screenshot, unzipping the Bugfix.7z file shows this, but when I run Builder.exe, I just get regular GZDBuilder, not the BugFix version, and yes, I extracted these same files into my GZDBuilder folder. and yes, I did download the bugfix version from DRDTeam
  15. AJOgames

    GZDoom Builder Colored Lighting?

    I am pleasantly surprised by UDMF, like Empyre said it far surpasses the Hexen format, this is great! However, "Doom 64-like sector colors" is missing, in fact the Colors tab is gone entirely. And yes, I am using the Bugfix version. so either it was removed, or the contents inside the Colors tab were moved around to other parts of GZDB. Not exactly sure what happened either way, here's a screenshot Not sure what version of GZDBBF Gez was using, the version I got was the most recent DRD Team version, I still enjoy this UDMF format, it's my new favorite.