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  1. AJOgames

    What Makes a good Boss Rooom?

    Agreed! there is this video series on YouTube called ""350 FPS Final Boss Fights There is a boss that perfectly fits the "high damage sponge" you described in your reply, To see the boss in question, skip to 50:40 in this video,
  2. AJOgames

    What Makes a good Boss Rooom?

    I've been wondering for awhile now, what makes a good boss room? More specifically, what should be done when making a map to make the fight more engaging? It depends on whether or not the boss has hitscan or projectile-based attacks, I do know of some bad examples of Boss Rooms. !. Battlelord (From DN3D) since his main attack is hitscan-based, you'd expect to at least hide behind, but all you get is a big empty room with no wall to sheild yourself from his attacks, leaving you out in the open, unable to avoid taking sure there;s a health pickup there, but that won't help out that much on higher difficulties, and the only thing you can dodge is his pipebomb attack, the Battlelord itself isn't the problem, the problem is the room you fight him in at the end of episode 1. Don't know if any of the Quake games have terrible boss rooms, though, Now what do I mean by "Good" and "Bad" Boss Rooms? Well the Bad Boss Room would have a good boss monster concept, but the way the room is layed out results in a rather lackluster or at times unfair fight. Like in Ultimate Doom, E4M8, the rematch with the Spider Mastermind...kinda sucks, The Mastermind doesn't have a lot of mobility because the cylinder wall covering the exit is in its way, allowing you to easily cheese the AI and constantly fire your weapons at him until he dies. A good boss room would be designed in a way that makes good use of whatever boss monster is placed in there, therefore making the overall fight more fun and engaging. The first boss of Powerslave/Exhumed, for example, jumps around a lot and also attacks you head on, and there's enough room for both you and the boss! You can discuss both good and bad boss rooms if you want
  3. AJOgames

    GZDoom Builder Colored Lighting?

    Thanks Nevander, that helped fixed the problem. :)
  4. AJOgames

    GZDoom Builder Colored Lighting?

    As you can see with these screenshot, unzipping the Bugfix.7z file shows this, but when I run Builder.exe, I just get regular GZDBuilder, not the BugFix version, and yes, I extracted these same files into my GZDBuilder folder. and yes, I did download the bugfix version from DRDTeam
  5. AJOgames

    GZDoom Builder Colored Lighting?

    I am pleasantly surprised by UDMF, like Empyre said it far surpasses the Hexen format, this is great! However, "Doom 64-like sector colors" is missing, in fact the Colors tab is gone entirely. And yes, I am using the Bugfix version. so either it was removed, or the contents inside the Colors tab were moved around to other parts of GZDB. Not exactly sure what happened either way, here's a screenshot Not sure what version of GZDBBF Gez was using, the version I got was the most recent DRD Team version, I still enjoy this UDMF format, it's my new favorite.
  6. AJOgames

    GZDoom Builder Colored Lighting?

    Okay, Thank you so much! It is unfortunate that it only works with UDMF, since Hexen format allows for features like slopes and 3d floors, which I hope UDMF has at least some of those advanced features, but I doubt it. anyway, thank you for helping me out with this one, it was so difficult to look for info on this subject, and at first I actually doubted it would even be possible, that is until I saw PSXDoom.wad in action, So I grew determined to find out how to do this sort of thing. As for the question you asked at the beginning of your reply...I honestly didn't even know that GZDBBF was a thing, I'll check them both out, I did run into another problem, that being the decorate tab in the "Things" menu, as in it disappeared for some reason, Now this happened after I inserted some custom weapons and enemies (that I got from Realm667) into my map wad, the method in this video is what I used to insert them, the only difference being that once I did this, the Decorate tab, (not to be confused with the Decorations tab) in the things menu, which is accessed through Things mode. this is the video I watched, I don't know if this is the proper way to insert custom content into your wad, GZDBBF also fixes this issue, but I will say that some of the custom content I put into the wad via Slade 3 are also in the Resources, which you can access through Edit-Map Options, so I don't know if it's causing a bug or something, but anyway, heres the video link. and here's a screenshot of the Things Menu, keep in mind that "Decorate" would usually appear below "Dynamic Lights"
  7. Hello, I am making a map using GZDoom Builder, And I was thinking of putting colored lighting similar to what you'd see in Doom 64 and the Playstation version of Doom. but I can't find any tutorial online that is up to date, I do know how to to put in standard lighting, I'm just wondering if there's a way to put in colored lighting in GZdoom Builder, I did did see this video that showed how to write a script that would allow colored lighting, but the video is nearly a decade old, and since I use GZD Builder, I don't know if this is possible, since this tutorial was done on a old version of DoomBuilder, ()I do know GZDoomBuilder is based off of Doombuilder) I'm still a bit new with GZDbuilder, so if there's anyway you can help, I would highly appreciate it. here's the video in question. like I said, this is an old video, and I don't know if this is possible in GZDBuilder, since he uses an older version of DoomBuilder, The lighting effects seen here though are kinda what I'm aiming for. (before watching, you might wanna turn down your volume a bit, because for some reason he plays loud rock music while explaining what to do.)
  8. AJOgames

    Doom Clone "Gloom" Source Code Available!

    Gloom Deluxe was more of a re-release of the original Gloom, though it has some extra content and generally ran better than the original. However, there was another Commodore Amiga Doom clone I thought was a bit more interesting, that being Alien Breed 3D and its sequel, Alien Breed 3D 2. unfortunately, as far as I'm aware, the source code for both games is extremely rare to come across, as they were released on a CD by Team17, the company that made the games, AB3D does look a lot more like Doom than any of the Gloom games, (there were 3 games) And since I see other people on the Doomworld forums wanting to use the code and graphics of AB3D, I did some searching, and it turns out the source code for both of these games were released!...on a cover CD for Amiga Format Magazine Issue#95, I tried looking some more to see if there was a download for the CD's content, but it appears that it was only released on this cover CD. Team17 is still around today, so feel free to contact them if you wish. Anyway, if you want to look for more Doom clones on the Amiga, then go here: http://www.amigahistory.plus.com/doomclone.html
  9. Thought some of you might be interested in this, The Commodore Amiga Doom clone Gloom just had it's source code released recently, so now it may be possible for people to port the game over to modern PCs, (NOTE: there is no guarantee that it is the final version of Gloom, ) Here is the zip file from Github, https://github.com/earok/GloomAmiga