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  1. Hello again, I've been trying to create a color palette based off of the original Doom palette, (but give it a more grittier look to it.) but I think I messed it up a bit. Here's the thing, I tried taking aspects of other game palettes that I liked and tried to insert them into the standard Doom palette. But, being the first time I ever tried manually changing the palette (or indeed any palette for anything.) I of course messed up some things, Some of the color palettes that I (tried) taking the colors from were from the following games. Lameduke (1994 Duke3D beta) (this is the main color palette that I took some of the colors from. mainly the Dark and light blues, yellows, the greys the tan/flesh tones, and the reds) Fate (1997, cancelled build engine game by Capstone,) (tried taking the flesh tones, Dark-Greens, Oranges, Browns, Aqua-type colors.) There are some good things about the palette I created, the reds from the Lameduke palette were successfully brought over to the custom palette, and when playing Doom with GrittyPalette.wad put in, it really does names it look a bit more darker and gritter, but the problems with the graphics looking lightly messed up in places kind of ruins it a bit, giving it an unintentionally grainy look to it as well, which is what I want to fix. but, just so you can follow along a bit easier, I'll post some pictures here to allow you to see what I'm talking about. First here's my palette: Okay, now here's the Lameduke palette. (just to get things straight, in the Lamedukepalette picture above, "ReiPalette" was an earlier name for GrittyPalette, just throwing that out there.) Now the red from Lameduke that I took is between the light green and the yellow, and the grey that I took is at the very top of the palette, the flesh tones I tried taking from is between the dark red and orange. and speaking of dark red, that was also carried over to Grittypalette The hard part for me was that fact that I had to manually change the RGB values of the reds in the Doom Palette to match the ones in the Lameduke palette. it worked for the red, not so much for the grey which I did rather sloppily, Now I wanted to change the greys in the Doom palette to the one seen in the Lameduke palette mainly because the greys in Doom, for me anyways, looked a bit to bright, Lameduke's greys look more dark and dirter, which is what I wanted to add to the Doom palette I was editing. Now the palette I am editing, given the name "GrittyPalette" is obviously not finished, the yellows seen in the Lameduke palette have yet to be inserted into GrittyPalette, and the same can be said for most of the blues, greens, and some of the browns. Now here;s the Fate palette. Now the colors I too from this palette and (tried) to put into Grittypalette are the light Grey and AquaBlue (seen here on the 2nd and 3rd row respectively, below the dark blue on the 1st row.) the ones I have yet to do are the Dark-green (14th row) Dark-Brown (13th row,) Now as for flesh tones, I didn't really know which one to pick, because there are technically three, (first one is 10th row, second one is 7th row, columns 1-8 and the third is 16th row, columns 1-8) so I'm kind of at a standstill with that one. Now another thing you might've noticed about the Lameduke and Fate textures is the direction of the color depth, Both Lameduke and Fate are Build engine games, o the palettes for these games are handled differently, and if you look at both of the palettes from left to right, the colors go from dark to light, but on Doom engine games, the colors on the palette (looking from left to right) go from light to dark, which was yet another difficult thing I had to deal with when trying to take the colors from these palettes and put them in GrittyPalette. I did see a post on ZDoom forums that interested me a bit, someone was editing the Doom palette in a certain way,and was getting some pretty good-looking results, but I have no idea what tactic/tool they're using here. Heres a link to what I'm talking about: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=49301 Now I will include a zip file containing the wads for GrittyPalette, LamedukePalette, and FatePalette, but here's something I need to say, once you open either FatePalette.wad or LamedukePalette.wad, you might notice that "PLAYPAL" is considered to be an unknown type, this is a simple fix, if Slade calls it an Unknown Type, just select PLAYPAL, press CTRL+2 to bring up the Command prompt, click the box you type in, and type "Type palette force" and you should be fine, close the command prompt, and the palette should look like the ones seen in the pictures posted here. So what do I want help with? I want help with making GrittyPalette look better, no grainy sprites and textures, just a dark, gritty, grimy, and industrial look that can really give the game a different feel and atmosphere. However, being new to this sort of thing means that I don't think I have the skills and knowledge necessary to do such a thing. if any of you know of someone who is way better at palette editing, please let them know, they might be able to help. PaletteCollection_LAME.FATE_FRITY.zip
  2. Thank you @Gez this is much simpler to implement compared to the the dummy inventory tactic I used earlier, Also, there's another thing I was wondering... I wanted a specific action to happen when trying to use "Altfire", When you see Atfire in the decorate code I posted eariler, you will see these two actions I put befre the actual A_FireCustomMissile function occurs, it looks like this: DEVG A 0 A_JumpIfInventory("WildRocketOnecheck",2,"MustReload") DEVG A 0 A_JumpIfInventory("WildRocketOnecheck",1,"MustReload2") (now obviously, this isn't the ideal way to do this sort of thing, but i didn't know any better at the time) since that post, I have modified the code to actually include the custom actions "MustReload" and "MustReload2", they look like this: MustReload: DEVG AB 1 DEVG A 0 A_Playsound ("TRR/MustReload") DEVG A 1 ????? "You do not have enough ammo to use the alternative fire mode." goto Ready MustReload2: DEVG AB 1 DEVG A 0 A_Playsound ("TRR/MustReload") DEVG A 1 ????? "You only have enough ammo to use the normal fire mode." goto fire Now the idea of the Altfire was when you press the alternate Fire button, the weapon will quickly check to see if there is enough ammo to use the Altfire, (the Altfire requires at least 3 rockets in your ammocount to fire.) if there are only two rockets in your ammocount, it would go to "MustReload" and say that you don't have enough ammo to use this mode, before going to "Ready", If the player only has one rocket left in their ammocount when they try to use the alternative fire, it would go to "MustReload2" which is almost the same as MustReoad, but tells you that you only have enough ammo for the normal fire mode, after that, it will automatically go to the "Fire" action, instead of "Ready". Problem is, I don't know what action can send a message to the player, (sort of like the "Obituary" used by Monster actors or the PickUpMessage used by a weapon/powerup/other pickups.) The "?????" you see is just a placeholder.
  3. AJOgames

    Doom Console Palettes

    Well that definitely explains a lot of things, Same palette, just the video output changes the colors to a greenish hue, thank you for the info! Is it the same way for Saturn Doom and PSXDoom? I compared the two palettes between the PC and Playstation using Slade 3 and I barely see any differences, if there are any. PS. I did notice, when looking through the Doom Alpha files speciafically 0.2 and 0.4 (again using Slade3) and the color palettes for those are a little different as well, Just throwing that out there.
  4. Well, the game doesn't crash anymore, and everything seems to be working fine, except the reload function, the weapon doesn't go to the reload action after 50 shots Like I want it to, but like I said before, being the first weapon I created (code-wise) to have reloading, I probably made some mistakes trying to code it in, most likely with the "A_JumpifInventory", "A_TakeInventory", and "A_GiveInventory" actions. I'm happy that there isn't any freezing or crashing now. :)
  5. Yeah, I started to think it was something like that was what was causing the problem, Thank you for your help!
  6. And it still crashes, I did however, do a little test, and when the game started, I pulled up the console command and typed in "summon WildRocketOne" and as soon as I hit the "`" button (which activates the console) and GZDoom again crashed, so I think it has to do with Actor WildRocketOne, (the projectile the weapons shoots out,)rather than the weapon itself.
  7. it doesn't tell me, unfortunately, GZDoom freezes when I try to fire the weapon.
  8. It still crashes, but at least the two prior mistakes were fixed.
  9. Ohhh, didn't notice that, don't know why I used "goto see", I'll fix this, Thank you for helping, @Gaia74!
  10. I have run into what is probably the most annoying issue when it comes to making weapons that shoot projectiles, (not hitscan.) You see I created a new weapon called the RapidRocket, it's a rocket launcher that shoots at a very fast rate, but at the expense of needing to be reloaded,. the total ammo count for the weapon is 100, but the amount of rockets that can be fired before reloading is 50. Now this is the first weapon I ever tried to implement reloading to, so of course I probably made some mistakes along the way... So what's the issue I have? Well When I open GZDoom to test the weapon, it loads just fine, but when I select the weapon and then press the fire button, GZDoom completely freezes, then crashes. And I seriously wish I knew the reason why, but I don't, neither GZDoom builder nor Slade will tell me if there's any issues with the coding of my weapon, If you want to take a look at the DECORATE code, here you go. _________RapidRocket(Decorate)____________________ ACTOR RapidRocket : Weapon 6656 { inventory.pickupsound "weaponpickup" Inventory.PickupMessage "You got the Sawedoff!" Weapon.AmmoType "MRLRocket" Weapon.AmmoGive 25 Weapon.AmmoUse 1 States { Spawn: W1PU A -1 Loop Ready: DEVG A 1 A_WeaponReady Loop Deselect: DEVG A 1 A_Lower DEVG AA 0 A_LOWER Loop Select: DEVG A 1 A_Raise DEVG AA 0 A_RAISE Loop fire: DEVG B 1 A_Playsound ("TRR/Fire") DEVG B 1 A_FireCustomMissile("WildRocketOne", random(-1, 1), TRUE, 5, 3 + random(-1, 1)) DEVG C 1 Bright DEVG C 1 A_TakeInventory("WildRocketOnecheck",1) DEVG D 1 A_JumpIfInventory("WildRocketOnecheck",0,"Reload") DEVG A 1 DEVG F 1 A_Playsound ("TRR/Fire") DEVG F 1 A_FireCustomMissile("WildRocketOne", random(-1, 1), TRUE, 5, 3 + random(-1, 1)) DEVG G 1 Bright DEVG G 1 A_TakeInventory("WildRocketOnecheck",1) DEVG H 1 A_JumpIfInventory("WildRocketOnecheck",0,"Reload") DEVG A 1 DEVG J 1 A_Playsound ("TRR/Fire") DEVG J 1 A_FireCustomMissile("WildRocketOne", random(-1, 1), TRUE, 5, 3 + random(-1, 1)) DEVG K 1 Bright DEVG K 1 A_TakeInventory("WildRocketOnecheck",1) DEVG L 1 A_JumpIfInventory("WildRocketOnecheck",0,"Reload") DEVG A 0 A_Refire goto see AltFire: DEVG A 0 A_JumpIfInventory("WildRocketOnecheck",2,"MustReload") DEVG A 0 A_JumpIfInventory("WildRocketOnecheck",1,"MustReload2") DEVG B 1 A_Playsound ("TRR/Fire") DEVG B 0 A_TakeInventory("WildRocketOnecheck",1) DEVG B 0 A_FireCustomMissile("WildRocketOne", random(-1, 1), TRUE, 5, 3 + random(-1, 1)) DEVG C 0 DEVG F 0 A_FireCustomMissile("WildRocketOne", random(-1, 1), TRUE, 5, 3 + random(-1, 1)) DEVG G 0 DEVG J 0 A_FireCustomMissile("WildRocketOne", random(-1, 1), TRUE, 5, 3 + random(-1, 1)) DEVG K 0 DEVG DHL 1 DEVR ABCD 2 DEVR CBA 1 DEVG L 1 A_JumpIfInventory("WildRocketOnecheck",0,"Reload") DEVG A 0 A_Refire goto see Reload: DEVG A 1 DEVG A 0 A_Playsound ("TRR/Reload1") DEVR ABCDEF 4 DEVR F 0 A_GiveInventory("WildRocketOnecheck",50) DEVR EDE 3 DEVR E 0 A_Playsound ("TRR/Reload2") DEVR F 2 DEVR EDCBA 3 DEVG A 1 Stop } } actor WildRocketOnecheck : puzzleitem { inventory.maxamount 50 } actor WildRocketOne { Radius 10 Height 10 Speed 40 Damage 30 RenderStyle Add Alpha 0.75 Scale 0.50 SeeSound "TRR" DeathSound "TRR/rkt/explode" PROJECTILE ExplosionDamage 32 ExplosionRadius 32 +SEEKERMISSILE +RANDOMIZE States { Spawn: HMMS AA 0 Bright A_BishopMissileWeave HMMS BB 0 Bright A_BishopMissileWeave Loop Death: WRX2 A 0 A_Explode WRX2 ABCDEFGHIJKLMN 2 Bright Stop } }
  11. AJOgames

    Doom Console Palettes

    Yep, I've seen that video, in fact that's what inspired me to create this topic in the first place,
  12. AJOgames

    Doom Console Palettes

    Prepare for a long read, everyone. I was wondering if any of the Doom console ports had different palettes, now the only console versions I know have palettes that differ from the original PC palette are the PS1 and Saturn versions, Doom 64 doesn't really count as it is it's own game, rather than a port. I believe the three that come the closest to having the original PC palette is the SNES, 3DO and GBA versions, out of the three mentioned, the 3DO is the most accurate, while the GBA version is the least accurate,(due to the graphics being slightly brightened to accommodate for the non backlit screen of the original GBA, the GBA SP, which had a backlit screen, would be released a few years later after Doom GBA was released) SNES is between the two. the only color differences I see when comparing the SNES graphics and the original PC palettes is that blacks look a lot more like dark grey, and reds look a bit different as well, otherwise, I think it is very close, if not completely accurate to the 3DO palette, which that version is already very close to the original PC version's palette, When it comes to the Jaguar and 32X versions, I rather like the grittier look of these ports, though must of that could be attributed to the reduced amount of textures, resulting in a game with a lot of brown, JagDoom is difficult to discuss when it comes to the palette and whether or not it was changed from the PC version, because the Atari Jaguar console uses its own video format, known as CRY, the main thing with this format, is that there is no perfect white, nor is there perfect black, of course there are many more differences between CRY and RGB, however CRY had better 3D shading effects, resulting in the Jaguar version, when compared to all other official versions of Doom out there, (besides Doom64) it is the one that looks the darkest and grittiest out of all of them, almost to the point that it starts to look like Quake, rather than Doom, Now, to me anyway, the colors for JagDoom have a very slight grey/brown hue to them, a good example is the skin tones, if you look at Doomguy's face on the HUD, you might notice the skintones do look a bit more brown, when compared to the PC version, also, textures with brown/darkbrown coors have a slight grey tint. and the grey color in general looks more darker. But like I said, this could be because of how CRY did things, if you want to read up on the CRY format, your best bet it to go here. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/188164-why-cry/ Now, the 32X version does have less colors than the rest, at least I think it does, based on how it looks, now the genesis originally had only 128 colors in its main palette, when the 32X was plugged in on top of the console, it enhanced the Genesis in many ways, one of which was increasing the color palette from 128 to 256, and while that is a very big increase for the system, that doesn't really mean the color palette for Doom is going to be the same, Going back to skintones, the skin on Doomguy's face in the hud this time around has more of a slight pink or red hue to it, (strangely enough though, his hand lots a bit more normal compared to the hud face,) rather than the slight brown or tan hue like in the Jaguar version, if you want to compare, here are screenshots of the SNES, 32X, Jaguar and 3DO versions here. Now I created this topic mainly to see if the palettes of these ports were actually changed, or if it is the result of how the consoles themselves displayed the graphics, I know @TheLoneSurvivor had did some ROM hacking for Doom SNES, and he was able to find the graphics and the skybox, using a hex editor called HxD, however he was only able to view the skyboxes clearly, as the rest of the textures apparently had dot over them due to something called RLE, or "Run-Length-Encoding", You can read their topic discussion here. But that is mainly what I am referring to, I've always had an interet in ports of popular games and what had to be changed to better suit whatever computer/handheld/console it was being ported to, and looking at the graphics and seeing how they were changed (for better or worse) is one of the more fascinating aspects of looking at game ports, Looking at palettes is one of the easier ways of looking at graphical differences between various versions of games, especially for someone like me, who has no ROM hacking/hex editing experience whatsoever, I would have also brought up some of the computer versions of Doom, but this is in the Console Doom Topic forum, so this will focus on the console versions, I might talk about these computer version some other time, but you can discuss the computer versions if you want to, In fact, I'll just list some of the strange unofficial computer ports below, there might be some versions below, starting with... ADoom and DoomAttack, (both are ports of Doom for the Commodore Amiga, ADoom being more faithful to the original PC game, and DoomAttack being a bit more advanced, adds some extra stuff like jumping) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbBSahI6W9c BadMood (Doom for the Atari ST, https://gamedev.nokturnal.pl/2016/02/badmood-doom-atari-falcon030-port/ Doom for the PC-98, (the PC-98 being a japanese computer made by NEC from the late 80s/early 90s that was sort of like an IBM PC, but wasn't completely compatible with all of that computer's software, this version was actually developed by id Software, with help from NEC themselves.) Here is a video that someone made showing Doom on the PC-98 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fj0-KvV0SC0 Doom for the Acorn Archimedes, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXo6BtmuZkc and finally Doom for the CE2.11/HPC2000 Handheld PC. (nicknamed HPC-Doom) never heard of the HPC version? then go here. https://archive.org/details/tucows_273277_HPC_Doom
  13. AJOgames

    Does anyone know of any Palette Changer/Editors?

    The problem is fixed, thank you so much for your help!
  14. AJOgames

    Does anyone know of any Palette Changer/Editors?

    So I did as you said, selected Palette.dat and opened up the console, and did "type palette force" and it worked, Slade was able to recognize it as a palette, but for some reason, when I typed in "palconv" into the console to make the palette brighter, it just changes it back to "unknown", you sure that's the correct command? or it just an issue with Slade?