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  1. chowbar

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    Playing another old-school FPS that's a four letter word starting with the letter D...
  2. Tried out the demo last night and there’s some good stuff. Game looks gorgeous and it’s got a satisfying metroidvania-ish style of level progression. It’s also got some neat stealth/quiet moments too in between all the blood and guts. I would’ve liked an auto map because I got a little lost but I’ll chalk that up to my poor memory. Movement is fast and fluid too. Def recommend giving the demo a shot if you’re even a little interested.
  3. chowbar

    reception of doom when it came out

    Sounds legit cause it sounds like Doom95 which was an official Windows Doom port ported by Gabe Newell and Alex St. John. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Doom95
  4. chowbar

    reception of doom when it came out

    From Doom's wikipedia article... "At midnight on December 10, 1993, after working for 30 straight hours, the development team at id uploaded the first episode of the game to the internet, letting interested players distribute it for them. So many users were connected to the first network that they planned to upload the game to—the University of Wisconsin–Parkside FTP network—that even after the network administrator increased the number of connections while on the phone with Wilbur, id was unable to connect, forcing them to kick all other users off to allow id to upload the game. When the upload finished thirty minutes later, 10,000 people attempted to download the game at once, crashing the university's network" Also relevant...
  5. chowbar

    Whats your favourite music genre?

    Either instrumental metal or bubblegum indie pop, nothing in between hehe
  6. Yo @Noiser, quick question, this texture change is intentional right?
  7. chowbar

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Really dig the colored lighting and HUD, gives NRFTL a neat Doom 64 twist!
  8. chowbar

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    A double dose of @Tango with Supercharge and Mayan Mishap!
  9. The absolute madman, glad to hear it's not too painful hehe. I thought the paradise text file said that coop was untested? Have you been thinking of like paradise dm?
  10. chowbar

    DBP 16 : Cyb's Freaky Colonoscopy

    Lmao check out that god tier status bar! Well done @Big Ol Billy and the Doomer Board team!
  11. Oh I think that's cause a linedef is tagged as 0 so the whole map lowers. I think this bug was in Nihility too. Great work DASI-I! Only briefly touched the first levels but I really like how your levels have a beautiful simplicity to them and are more playful in gameplay than the usual KDITD techbase layouts. Also really dig the Q3 plasma gun sound!
  12. chowbar

    Good new laptop for running gzdoom and such

    I was bound to a cheap Acer laptop with an 8th gen i3, 6GB RAM, and an Intel UHD 620 for the better part of this year. While integrated graphics are never ideal, it ran GZDoom (Hardware and Software renderer) and PrBoom+ fine. That said, I did get screen tearing with PrBoom+ and 3D floors flicker annoyingly with GZDoom. But for a laptop that's like 300 bucks with a 1080p screen I can't complain. https://www.amazon.com/Acer-Aspire-i3-8130U-Memory-E5-576-392H/dp/B079TGL2BZ And by ran it fine, I mean I got like 60fps for most of the wads I played. Expect some slowdown when a lot of level geometry is on screen or there's a lot of dynamic lights. For the most part I got a pretty consistent 60 fps though.
  13. Yo @Tango congrats on the release of Paradise! I was hoping you'd release a gameplay mod based on it and I'm really happy you did! I did some real quick testing with No End in Sight and I noticed that taking out the RNG really speeds up the gameplay. Since you know imps and former humans basically only take one shotgun blast, everything else dies a lot faster and that means more room to maneuver which probably adds to the feeling of being faster. This is really apparent if you play a level that flows really wells together like E2M3 of NEIS. I thought that taking out the RNG would make things easier, but with all the enhanced enemies, that really wasn't the case. Really had a blast with supercharge! Weapons are real satisfying esp. the pump shotty and while the gameplay is still doom it's enhanced enough to keep things fresh and fast. Can't wait to see more! Screenies after the spoiler...
  14. chowbar

    Doom now officially set in Stone

    Holy shit it's not even rock, it's some fucking sand glued together lmao A+ Bethesda, great work