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  1. chowbar

    GLBoom+ behaves weirdly

    Hey guys, picked up a new laptop with a 1080 display and an Intel UHD 620 so I've been transferring a bunch of doom wads. I was redownloading some source ports when I noticed that GLBoom+ seems to behave weirdly. After a fresh install and I went to change the screen resolution in windowed mode, but the screen resolution never changed even as I changed them. When I set GLBoom+ to fullscreen and with a 1920x1080 resolution, it went into fullscreen mode but not totally fullscreen because the black borders never went away. After I closed the exe and loaded it up again, another odd thing happened where now it appears to be fullscreen mode but it's slightly zoomed in on the top left of the screen. And that's how it's been since. I did update my intel graphics drivers and I tried fiddling around with the scaling settings on the Intel UHD control panel but I'm at a loss here. I suspect its my display but I got no idea how to get to play nicely with GLBoom. I used GZDoom at 1920x1080 last night with no problems too.
  2. chowbar

    Recommendations for E1 WADs to play

    I'll third NEIS as well, although I'll also add that it starts to get weirder and more elaborate (in a good way) as the episodes progress. Episode 1 is definitely inspired by and feels like Knee Deep in the Dead, but its details and complexity are more in line with a modern map. And while not all of its stranger ideas stick, it's a worthwhile download especially for weirdos, like me, who prefer Ult Doom to Doom II.
  3. chowbar

    Crispy Doom 5.4 (Update: December 17, 2018)

    Wow I'm a dummy and I just figured out that Avast was blocking access to the daily build. @Dwaze you are totally right, the latest crispy build no longer has that music volume slider bug. Still had to set libsamplerate to 1, but that's a personal preference really. Thank you @fabian!
  4. chowbar

    Crispy Doom 5.4 (Update: December 17, 2018)

    Ok excuse the super dumb question, but when I extract the zip, I keep getting a Windows error "Cannot access the specified device, path, or file". I have full permissions on my PC so I'm baffled.
  5. chowbar

    Crispy Doom 5.4 (Update: December 17, 2018)

    Damn sorry to bring up this issue again, but a day after a make a post thinking it's fixed, I'm getting that weird music volume slider bug on Windows 10 again. Tried copying and pasting the SDL2, SDL2 mixer, and SDL2 net dlls from chocolate doom 3.0.0 but that did no good. Neither did setting use_libsamplerate to 0 or libsampleratescale to 1. I fixed the issue with Crispy 5.3, but I can't seem to with 5.4
  6. chowbar

    Crispy Doom 5.4 (Update: December 17, 2018)

    You're not the only one experiencing this bug with Windows 10. I had the same music volume slider thing in 5.3 but that was a pretty easy fix. I retraced your steps and copied the chocolate doom SDL2_mixer.dll and it fixed the bug. Thanks @MAJ! I remember reading either in this thread or the PrBoom+ thread that Windows somehow screwed up its own midi playback (I don't recall the exact details) which is why I also had to set PrBoom+ to portmidi. On a side note, I found crispy doom's music to be way too loud when I set the sounds volume to 14 and music volume to 10. So I had to go to the config file and set libsamplerate_scale to 1.0 I tried setting it to 0 and while that did make the music balance better (i.e. music doesn't overwhelm the sounds), I ended up with like low quality sound effects so I then set it to 1. I dunno if this is a crispy or Windows 10 issue, but I just wanted to inform you guys about this weird albeit minor sound issue.
  7. chowbar

    Base Ganymede: Complete

    If you like your Doom levels to play out like a series of intense combat puzzles, then this is certainly up your alley. BG throws a lot of enemies but not a lot of resources so if you do want to play on UV, I'd recommend playing continuously. Pistol starting every level may turn BG from a challenging megawad into a punishing one. To keep the player on their toes, BG likes to ambush the player with monster closets and teleport spawns. Unfortunately, BG likes its teleport spawns too much as there instances when the player is ambushed by sudden imps while a pinkie teleports behind them. Even for a Doom megawad, BG plays this card too often. While the levels never really wowed me, they deftly elicit that vanilla Doom vibe without becoming a DTWiD clone or repeating structures from the IWADS. They're also on the smaller side, which means that they don't meander and getting lost is never a problem. Although BG likes it crowds, I never saw the monster count ever exceed the high 200s. Tough fights in smaller levels is BG's bread and butter. If you can overlook its overreliance on teleport ambushes, BG is a worthwhile megawad especially for vanilla Doom fans. It's vanilla compatible, feels like Ultimate Doom without being a lookalike, and plays much tougher. While it may not suit everyone's taste, BG is sure to have its fans.
  8. chowbar

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    Oh wow sorry @Dragonfly but I gotta ask another question, what GZDoom/PrBoom+ comp level? MBF? Or just regular Doom 2?
  9. chowbar

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    Cool thanks! One of the first things I do when I download a new copy of GZDoom is set lightmode to software. Can't wait for the final release as well!
  10. chowbar

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    Yo @Dragonfly, quick question. Do you recommend using software renderer or OpenGL? Any other visual/display tweaks? Can't wait for RC2!
  11. chowbar

    No End in Sight

    Possibly my favorite Ultimate Doom megawad. Although its first half feels like DTWID, it quickly becomes a much more twisted and demented take on the familiar techbase/hell aesthetic. Expect well hidden secrets, tight corridors, and some tough encounters in large, complex levels. In keeping with Ult Doom's tone, NaturalTvventy layers the atomphere on thick to create levels that feel genuinely hostile and evil, even more so than in the original. If you have a soft spot in your heart for the original Ultimate Doom, this megawad is a must play. NEIS makes you realize how rock solid the original Doom formula is, even without the SSG and revenants.
  12. chowbar

    How do you have your controls set up?

    I doom on a laptop, but i got a mouse so my normal setup is: WASD - Move Mouse 1/2 - Fire/Alt Fire E - Use Mouse Scroll & Num Keys - Change weapons If I don't have a mouse with me and I still need my doom fix, my setup is: WASD - Move Left/Right Arrows - Turn Down Arrow - Quick Turn Up Arrow - Fire Enter - Alt Fire E - Use Pg Up/Pg Down & Num Keys - Change weapons
  13. chowbar

    Uncapped framerate doesn't seem to work

    Yeah I know right? Never had this problem with PrBoom+, ZDoom (and its derivatives), and Crispy. When I set the res to 1360x768, I got an FPS in the mid to high 40s playing the first UD demo. Tbh, I don't mind playing Eternity at 640x480 if it means I get the extra FPS. If anything it reminds me I'm playing Doom with a period correct aspect ratio.
  14. chowbar

    Uncapped framerate doesn't seem to work

    Ok so I set my laptop to power mode and plugged it in and it turns out Eternity was already set to SDL GL2D. When I started it at 640x480, I rarely got less than 100FPS playing the Ultimate Doom demos, but once I changed the resolution to 1366x768, I got an FPS that reached no higher than 40FPS.
  15. chowbar

    Uncapped framerate doesn't seem to work

    Yeah I guess you're right. I just ran Eternity in 640x480 (the same resolution I use for Crispy Doom) and I never got an FPS less than 100. Now Eternity runs smooth as silk.