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  1. captain crunchy

    Doom Eternal is the Biblical Apocalypse

    It's worth remembering that our society's concept of heaven and hell at odds is rooted in Germanic paganist mythology, with Asgard and the underworld having their own agendas and champions. The Bible makes it quite clear that Satan is at God's beck and call and requires his permission to act, as seen in the temptations of both Job and Jesus. Both concepts could be in play. Perhaps the Makyrs are using the demons as tools to cull humanity and prevent them from developing and becoming a challenge to their power, and Doomguy intervening throws their plans into disarray. Likewise they could have used Doomguy / Argent D'Nur to keep Hell in check until they decided it was no longer convenient or the balance was tipped too much to humanity's favor. If the Quake connection is true, then the Makyrs/Vadrigar are masters over time and space and could have been the reason that Doomguy was transformed into the Slayer and re-emerged in a new universe with a new UAC/Earth/Mars/invasion/etc.
  2. captain crunchy

    Heaven in Doom Eternal

    I hope we get a level with Wolfenstein TNO nazis.
  3. captain crunchy

    Heaven in Doom Eternal

    I mean Doom 1 + 2 was never "Christian" hell, more like comic book / horror movie hell. The story never got complex enough for the greater context to matter. Since id wants to make a proper Doomiverse they will have to provide that context eventually, which I will assume will not be dependent on a specific religion.
  4. captain crunchy

    Heaven in Doom Eternal

    Like Diablo 2's angels, where Sanctuary was an accident and all but a few angels will just shrug any time demons start messing with it, so long as the demons don't gain a serious tactical advantage.
  5. captain crunchy

    Heaven in Doom Eternal

    Hayden's dialogue insinuated that he was working for the angels, and that he locked up Doomguy so he wouldn't interfere with Armageddon. If it does come to blows with Heaven I have a feeling it will be because Heaven's motives are not as honest as they appear- or it's a faction of angels who themselves have fallen and sided with the demons, and manipulated Hayden. EDIT: Hold on, looks like it's not Hayden narrating. Wonder if the voice is supposed to be the traitor that destroyed Argent D'Nur. I spotted a scraggly old guy wearing a crown in the trailer, wonder if that's him.
  6. captain crunchy

    Heaven in Doom Eternal

    Those bone-white tech palaces, which I'm assuming is Doom's heaven, looks like a Giger painting in space. Nice unique take instead of just shiny cathedrals and pretty angels.
  7. captain crunchy

    Faithless - a Heretic hub [FINAL]

    Let's go! I love me some Heretic and Deathless was amazing. Can't wait.
  8. captain crunchy

    What are you playing now?

    Close to finishing E3 of Lunar Catastrophe. Absolutely great WAD. While it has some rough edges (inescapable pits, clunky-looking aesthetics), the gameplay is rock solid and feels very true to classic Doom while kicking the difficulty up a few notches. So many Barons. Also finally getting around to No End In Sight. Only on E1 but the level design is just out of this world. It's hard to make vanilla textures look pretty but Xaser and NT acquit themselves well. The challenge is very welcome too- you're not sleeping through any of these maps.
  9. captain crunchy

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    I found this new article about the development and design of Sigil, as well as some background on how Romero got around to mapping again. Be advised, some spoilery content in a couple sections if you want to go into the wad totally blind. https://www.shacknews.com/article/110199/icon-of-sin-doom-and-the-making-of-john-romeros-sigil?page=2
  10. captain crunchy

    Plutonia 3 [boom-compatible megawad]

    Well this was unexpected.
  11. captain crunchy

    What are you playing now?

    Working through E1 of Lunar Catastrophe. Probably the best E1 replacement I've played since Double Impact. You can tell they're going by Romero's level design rules, and I think it serves the gameplay very well. Fun secrets and not too much health.
  12. captain crunchy

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    Deathless is absolutely stellar. A great example of how simple design can still be clever and even visually attractive. Even just changing the skies to contrast with the usual Doom smorgasbord of red and brown brings out a lot of color from everywhere. The maps were mostly easy to medium difficulty but the encounters still felt varied and creative despite the small monster roster. And yeah, Eviternity. I haven't finished it yet but it's just a given at this point.
  13. captain crunchy

    What are you playing now?

    Halfway through Doom 404 right now. Gotta say, out of all the minimalistic WADs I've played, this has to be the best. It stays very creative with gameplay and monster encounters even with its limitations. I especially liked its take on Dead Simple. And the soundtrack kicks ass too.
  14. captain crunchy

    [old wip thread] Alienated

    Throwing my hat into the naming game... Orion's Lament Neptune's Cry Gates to Antares
  15. captain crunchy

    UAC Complex v0.9b

    First impressions, I really like the level layouts. Nice and spacious but without feeling empty. However I think you might be a little too generous with items and secrets- I had found two soulspheres in map 1 and gotten everything but the BFG. Maybe that was the intention to arm the player up quickly, but it made a good portion of the early going feel like a breeze which made what could have been interesting traps and firefights feel a bit dull. If I were to make a suggestion, I would keep most of the secrets but limit how many goodies are in each one so a keen-eyed player doesn't find themselves completely outgunning the opposition too soon. I also think the levels would benefit from having beefier opponents early on if you're sticking with having lots of weapons at the start, so that it's not just bowling through zombiemen and imps before the barons start appearing. Music is ace though. Love me some Descent midis.