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  1. i miss this guy he was one of my best friends :(

    1. lalelilolu


      what happened to him tho?

  2. does anyone know where the 2nd key is in the redneck rampage level called nut house i can't find it at all if anyone knows thanks.

    1. haruko haruhara

      haruko haruhara

      will anyone help me i don't want to make a pointless thread about it here tho

  3. Hey guys what happened to yandere doomer aka Deathclaw he hasn't been active here since November the 3rd is he okay?

    1. Norb


      I hope so, my man too cool to leave

    2. Yandere_Doomer


      Don't worry, its the Verdammt Internet again


  4.  Im wondering is this allowed to be talked about here? Well I want to know if torrents are allowed to be distributed or uploaded here in general because I was going to give everyone my whole skulltag collection in torrent file but but I don't want to make a pointless thread that nobody will care about so where should I distribute the torrent zandronum forums won't care way to much or not enough activity zdoom forums might just be my best option but I don't think no one will care there either the skulltag forums don't exist anymore so where should I post it? Btw I tried torrent websites and they didn't work out way too well for me.

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    2. TheMagicMushroomMan


      Any client can download a torrent, all you need to provide is a magnet link, but you'll have to seed it constantly (or have other people to seed it, which I don't foresee happening for long). Do you understand how that works? I can help you if need be.

    3. haruko haruhara

      haruko haruhara

      No wonder I couldn't download any torrents because most of the time I got my friends to download Torrent file for me because I have zero knowledge on torrent software I just made it and so on I can pm you the skulltag collection torrent if you want to see if it works because if it doesn't idk what to do.

    4. TheMagicMushroomMan


      Sure, I'll have a look at it for you next time I'm on my PC.


      Basically, torrenting is a P2P (peer to peer/from one person to another) file-sharing method that requires seeds (should be marked with an "S" in your client and on torrent sites, or it could just say "seeds") to download pieces of the files from. Leeches (L) download the files from the available seeders. The more seeders uploading the files back, the more leeches they can provide to. 


      In other words, the files require that they be kept in circulation, otherwise the torrent is dead. It is considered polite to seed at at least a 1:1, or preferably 2:1 ratio. In other words, if I download a 50mb file, I should seed at least 50-100mb. Most people will simply stop the torrent when they are done downloading, which is inconsiderate to everyone else and causes a lot of torrents to cease to exist.


      If you are sharing a torrent, you will need to keep your client open and constantly seeding, otherwise the torrent will die and nobody will be able to download anything. Unless of course other people are seeding for you, which is unlikely since you'll be sharing it with a smaller group than what is required to keep it alive.

  5. my new server about archiving doom files i would make a thread but i don't think people would care to much but here is the server anyway





    also check out what this server is based off


  6. you might remember this but here is the download link i finished beta 1.3 more updates in the future


  7. Do you have discord by any chance I wouldn't mind talking to you more?

    1. URROVA


      yeah, mine is URROVA#7472

  8. I uploaded some wads to your site are you going to approve them? Also I asked a question about the site in the thread archive your wads

  9. for anyone who wants to play my house of flesh and lolwad and demon house and monster horde randomizer here you go


    resently added house of flesh please give feedback


  10. this is a screenshot of my mod monster horde randomizer v1.1.7 if you want come by the discord




    also you can find the mod on zdoom fourms i hope you will like it


    in gameplay mods section


    1. mArt1And00m3r11339
    2. haruko haruhara

      haruko haruhara

      thanks if you want you can wtach some videos of it like this one it was a test video


      this is  the old version but i may need to fix stuff before people play it



  11. Has anybody played my monster horde wad at the moment I don't have the courage to do anything with it now 

  12. i change my profile pic because if people are going to make fun of it an post something like that


    it is now serious sam next encounter now

    1. mArt1And00m3r11339


      You can always report users if they are harassing you.

  13. my new project has a discord i gave up on trying to make a invasion mod becuase it is so hard but here is the invite


    this is a coop wad it will have 40 maps hope you can help out

  14. Please reply to this this is important I want to say something about sourceports

    What is the difference between skulltag and zandronum there both the same thing I'm trying to say that skulltag is better I'm saying is that people complain to me about skulltag is bad the only thing I wanted is to experience those days of doom that's why I suggested that to people who are new to the doom sourceports

    I want  them to be amazing what these invasion wads are an the rest of the wads for skulltag the coop wads like swan fox witch is not the best mod but 2 is better than the first one an there is Armageddon invasion 1 an 2 an invasion unleashed futur war an shit tons of good wads I know that skulltag is not in the making any more witch I'm aware of that an people who are new to wads like skulltag wads can enjoy those an the new an I know there is a file called skulltag content but I think it is better to play them in skulltag because the mod what is met for right plus I hate when people complain at me for saying skulltag is bad no it is not it was like 10 years Ago or more skulltag is more like zandronum but not as good that's why they made zandronum because they missed the days of skulltag an that is all I have to say





  15. https://discord.gg/tR9HSd5


    This is for my invasion wad another ride to hell invasion

  16. Everyone please don't get piss off if I use skulltag I use zandronum the most you an others should not get so angry it is just a sourceport an plus I don't code so I don't understand why I just feel like everyone hates me for using it


    Plus I like the invasion wads people just don't know how awesome those are chaos from hell invasion futur war Armageddon invasion 1 an 2 invasion unleashed please don't hate me or get angry I had just recamend a sourceport an everyone just gets mad when I mention skulltag please don't get angry over a source port











  17. Hey rodster I have a discord if you want to join or not