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  1. I am losing interest or I'm taking a break from it because I realized I'm not really a guy who would play games I'm more interested in anime and electronic music like Nightcore and vocaloid n such I also really like gacha life now too I hate to make someone cringe but it's just who I am now I'm not sure if I will return making mods for doom or Playing them if I do play them it will be once In awhile and it will not go on my first channel it will be on my channel called zandroguy2002 so just like other people who left I actually have a reason not because someone made me out as a fool or a bad person it's because I have new hobbies back then I only played doom and serious Sam nothing else btw if you want to get in touch with me here's my discord contact and Facebook profile I will not be logging out of the site just in case if I return 


    Discord contact



    Facebook profile



    See you guys around!

  2. On 4/21/2022 at 7:28 AM, UmbrellAssassin said:

    Anyone know where to find Lud's mods. 

    Hellfire Division v1.1: 


    Dishonored v1.0.1: 


    Customdoom v1.8.2: 




    Rename the file to [L] since bitbucket is a bitch when it comes to stuff like [ but glad I could help!


    Hellfire devision v1.1


    I think I downloaded it when it first came out!

  3. So does anyone have any VHS tapes worth of either PS1 PS2 or original Xbox games since what I'm mostly interested in is just PS2 and original Xbox.


    Recently I went through my older Brothers tapes and I found this one called games on the label so I thought since I have at least 8 blank tapes I thought I could record Xbox or PS2 games such as serious Sam and serious Sam the next encounter recorded off the console Into the tape it was fun but the best part is you can keep it and watch it years later and remember of how good or you suck at a game.


    You don't have to show whats on the tapes unless if you want to just show what the name is or the list of games on it btw it can be any game system not just the ones I mentioned.

  4. not to be rude but am i not allowed to make separate topics anymore just curious because i wanted my RC Yetter one to be in its own topic because now when i make a update about me trying to hunt more info on them i mean the band wise no one has followed this topic yet.


    edit: nevermind 8 people have followed it.

  5. I'm currently recording RC Yetter and Riviera paradise cda format right now I will post it in 1 hour since I think it's 59 mins and oh I forgot to mention 


    I got it as a gift at Easter day it has a see through case and it has pictures of Yetter inside the case I will show you the disc and case 


    1st pic


    2nd pic


    3rd pic 



    Btw that disc is what I am currently recording.


  6. Hello guys back again today with some News about me trying to find CDs of R.C. Yetter Band, on April the 11th this year I was over at grandma's house while I was browsing eBay I searched up rc Yetter and Riviera paradise CD on the site and sort it to time nearly listed first and there is was on the day I looked it was going for 56.57$ in dollars and cents in total it was 70 dollars in taxes it was in good shape and such I hope and I hope it was no scam I hope it has the real disc if it does I will let all you guys know once it comes in it might arrive after Easter or sooner who knows it only had the stock photo of the CD cover art and accordingly to the positive feedback was 98.4 I hope it's a good sign not sure if it was 98.4 or not but if it does work CD I mean I will record it in high quality if I can I would do anything to honor Yetter's work I will even record the tracks separately on my music collection YouTube channel too let's hope it will arrive safely I also wouldn't mind having the R.C. Yetter Band live at the peppermint lounge too but I'm still searching for it, just thought I'd share this with everyone.

  7. Hey irod54 I been a huge fan of this megawad since I found the jth.wad in the scoredoom wad collection but say is this a sequel to the wad or it's the same maps but improved?


    I also have jthfix and jthv3 if I remember correctly tho


    And I have Timothy browns edit v2


    Edit: me and a friend played this wad the original version jth.wad with AEons of death version 4 this was a long time ago but it was fun!



  8. 2 minutes ago, Redneckerz said:

    Why do you insist on posting these things outside this specialized Megathread that is just for you?


    You have been here long enough to understand how a rodeo works. So why do you still play a waltz?


    This part is mostly compromised of i want. I want a lot of things as well but that doesn't mean i am going to get them.


    If i want something, i should either offer something first or learn enough to achieve that which i want. In this part you offer neither.

    This part just doubles up on your previous. Not only do you want things to happen automagically, you also add in a additional clause that if you want more than the 6 midi's you demand without procurement, can they also contribute music for your mapset?


    Take a moment to understand what you are requesting here.

    People aren't ignoring your request, people are ignoring it because you aren't coherent in what you want. For the longest time you wanted people to go back to Skulltag because you couldn't get to grips with Zandro, despite that everybody uses Zandro. For the longest time you request Skulltag stuff from the old days because you play Skulltag and feel left out when nobody else wants to play Skulltag and then make demands on that.


    You gotta accept that in order to achieve something, you have to learn the ropes by yourself.


    The reason i go a tad rash on you in this comment is exactly because you keep on making the same mistake despite being told numerous times what the deal is.

    i forgot my megathread was a thing i'm so sorry i will not do this again i hope.

  9. 8 minutes ago, azerty said:

    I don't think you get ignored because people don't like these songs. I think they most likely just want some freedom. It's like I would say that you need to make a map hell inspired with a lot of traps and it needs to be short. It kinda spoils the fun of having liberty over what you are doing. I am sure that this post would get more replies if you just say that you want someone to make a midi for your map pack and  talk about your map pack. You could for example say that it is mostly situated in caves so composers will base their midi on that idea but still have a lot of freedom. If you really want these specific kind om midis I just suggest you make them yourself or maybe with some luck you find a composer with the same interests as you. But that's most likely not going to happen.

    I am planning maybe doing something like that underrated mappack the journey to hell map pack but they can be a mix of uac bases or some or alot of hell maps or a few tech bases but I don't know if midis is a theme I don't really like death metal I only like alt rock and a few classic rock like van Halen and matalica and rush and a honorable mention the r.c. Yetter band.


    But thanks for the criticism through.



  10. 4 minutes ago, Mr Masker said:

    you're asking doomworld to make midis for you?


    I feel like this has similar energy to those people who "suggest mapset ideas" and see if someone will make it for them


    You could possibly learn midi software and make these songs, or if that's not an option you could just find some midis to use (with credit obviously) for example:https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Adding_custom_music theres some midi stuff here you can use.

    thanks man but i don't know if i am able to learn anything complicated at this point but some of these days i can experiment with making midis but i mean there is some composers but most in likely they don't want to make a midi of a song they don't like i am just assuming because there is a reason why people ignored my request.

  11. i mostly want to have bands like Vertical Horzion and train and Daughtry and this one is optional Nickelback


    mostly what i want is to have their underrated songs like "when you cry" by VH or train's underrated  songs besides drops of Jupiter i mostly just want, "i wish you would"


    Daughtry's "home" and "its not over" and "every time you turn around" and "you don't belong"


    btw before you guys complain i don't like all classic rock yet


    but i mostly just want the 6 midis made and if i want more will you guys contribute for music in my mapset?


    i'm currently trying to learn to make maps more but slowly madcat in discord is helping me alot i tried to request it in the entryway discord but people are ignoring my request like i'm not even there btw i plan to make gzdoom and zandronum friendly wad with no custom monsters or weapons its called 3 Years Jourey to hell.


    any help would be nice! :)

  12. 8 hours ago, vyruss said:

    I gave it an hour earlier today just for curiosity's sake.  Beyond the youtube links shared previously as well as the one delisted Amazon item I couldn't find much anything else.  I haven't checked any of the local thrift and second hand stores, but that gives me an excuse to have a chance to go look into one of those places...

    Other than this, I don't know if there's a chance of finding much else.

    Going to the theft stores is a must but that's up to you really try Edward makay or something I don't know if thats the name but I heard it was only in Weston Salem or Greensboro NC states or if there is a Goodwill in your area you might get lucky but I'm warning you expect it having no disc I do have the live at the peppermint lounge case and the guitar trouble case too except live at peppermint lounge disc or the guitar trouble disc I only have a burnt disc of guitar trouble that someone gave me, I'm going to say this I won't die without having the 2 actual CDs of those albums but again It's up to you if you want to go there every week in Goodwill I mean but my Goodwill is where I got them in the first place if it's good no disc thats my luck pretty much good luck with hunting them down.

  13. 4 hours ago, TheMagicMushroomMan said:

    I don't think that asking where to buy albums by a mega-obscure band is going to yield good results on a DOOM forum. Beyond ebay and Google, I'm not sure what to tell you. Some bands simply have material that is very hard/next to impossible to find.

    What I meant was some people do better research than some people can do

  14. Does anyone have these?





    U.S.S SOLARIA V.3.0.wad




    And does anyone have the version of aeons of death that had that white rail gun from weapon resource wad it's not version 2 or aapp3 or just original version 3 but it's one of the releases of either 2 or 3 I think it's version 3 since it doesn't include missing shit plus a quake 2 shotgun not referring to the quake 2 ssg.


    The file name of it I'm referring to was aeod3x.pk0

    Which has the white railgun in it but it's missing various things like the blood one unit whole sounds mostly just the cultist it uses the normal doom zombie former human sounds.


    Any help would be nice thanks in advance.