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  1. Hey there, so I have a question. Yes I know that the main souce port for MP is Zandronum, but zandronum just feels weird (since ive played so much GZDoom) so is there either (A.: a way to make Zandronum feel/look lik GZDoom? or (B.: a separate source port that runs on GZDoom but for MP????
  2. 2009XboxLiveKid

    Help Required

    Okay, NOW im interested, that info is really interesting, like that blew my mind. especially the fallout image you said about, cause im not that sophisticated with mapping, so how that appeared there, i have no clue, but uh, thanks anyway! like, actual thanks for explaining each file
  3. 2009XboxLiveKid

    Help Required

    so in other words, yeah, these are comepletly fucked?
  4. 2009XboxLiveKid

    Help Required

    So i had a bunch of doom wads that I had to restore from a previous pc reset. I got the files, it says there's still memory in them, but when I boot them up in GZ, AND in Doombuilder it says there's no maps in the WAD, can anyone help with this? I added the file to show what I mean Possible corrupted files.zip
  5. 2009XboxLiveKid

    Wads and UDB Help

    The files im talking about are linked. they have data stores, can I get some help??? Possible corrupted files.zip
  6. 2009XboxLiveKid

    Basic helpfull scripts

    Hi, so I know next to nothing on Scripting, but I know that in order to do cooler things for my maps, scripting can help. What are some basic and helpfull scripts that you guys use, and what do they do? (If possible point me in the right direction to learn how to script)
  7. 2009XboxLiveKid

    Monster Scripts

    Now which part of the script would I change so that there could be more enemys than you spawned? also, how would I make a script that opens a door, after that last demon is killed, and does the same thing again? sorry if these are considered easy questions, im still semi new at mapping, and I know close to nothing with scripting
  8. 2009XboxLiveKid

    Monster Scripts

    So i want to make a room that makes the player clear the room, before making a keycard appear, but I duck ass at scripting, how would this be done? Ex. ( player fights like 15 monsters, and the last one dies, and makes the key card appaear)
  9. 2009XboxLiveKid

    MELTADOOM (a MetaDoom and Doom Delta Inspired Mod)

    ^^^ when can we get a beta build! this looks sick!
  10. 2009XboxLiveKid

    Hosting Multiplayer

    SO I know that Zandronum has a multiplayer server selector, but is there another version of that for GZDoom? for some reason Zandronum just feels weird
  11. 2009XboxLiveKid

    OG Doom Marauder Enemy

    so upon looking around, I cant seem to find anyhting on a '93 variant of the marauder, besides that Fan-Made sprite of the marauder. so if anyone know something, do any of you know of a marauder mod for the OG doom? if i knew how to sprite, and mod i would do it myself but... that's a hard nope. Any of you know anything, or any enemy like the marauder for OG doom???
  12. 2009XboxLiveKid

    story mode doom

    No, not call of duty style, if you were going to make doom (1993) have a in depth story, how would you connect it? Doom, Doom II, TNT, Plutonia? or would you arrange if far differently, asking for maybe a future project. plus lets see how people differ themselves
  13. 2009XboxLiveKid

    floating items

    so I'm working on a wad, and I have some items in a lava pool, although I'm not to sure if this is possible, but I want them to bob up and down, and I'm not sure if there's a setting i can turn on, or if its a line of code. ( but its doom, so anythings possible). any ideas on how this would be possible?
  14. 2009XboxLiveKid

    animated water skybox

    so Im going along with the idea of making "Myst" in Doom and I've tried to pull off the endless ocean look at The Dock, but kinda cringe, anyone know of a skybox thats got an ocean look to it??? (picture for reference of what I have)
  15. 2009XboxLiveKid

    Bored, and what something new

    So lately I'm at a low for boredom, can you guys give me some new/exciting/different wads to play through, doesn't matter on the style