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  1. MetalDoomGuy

    animated water skybox

    so Im going along with the idea of making "Myst" in Doom and I've tried to pull off the endless ocean look at The Dock, but kinda cringe, anyone know of a skybox thats got an ocean look to it??? (picture for reference of what I have)
  2. MetalDoomGuy

    Bored, and what something new

    So lately I'm at a low for boredom, can you guys give me some new/exciting/different wads to play through, doesn't matter on the style
  3. MetalDoomGuy

    Doom Builder not allowing to test

    im testing it on the latest GZdoom port, something happened between now, and last week cause Iwas working on a wad and it was jsut fine
  4. MetalDoomGuy

    Doom Builder not allowing to test

    I had gone to start making a wad, I went to test it and it come up as " unable to start the test program, win32 exception: the operation was canceled by the user ". Any Idea how to fix this????
  5. MetalDoomGuy

    Ice/Snowy variants of demons

    I'm making a wad and I want to make it like an Ice Hell, and I feel like Snowy/Icey variants of the demons would fit very well. Any idea where I could find something like those???
  6. MetalDoomGuy

    Wad Insperation

    I'm looking for some wads that bend some of the rules GZDoomBuilder, some effects that are cool that aren't standard doom mapping techniques. Can anyone recommend some that aren't from Doomworlds "most infamous" or "caco-awards"
  7. MetalDoomGuy

    Probelems with NonEuclidian Teleports

    Would this still do this if I had it as JUST a Line def?
  8. I'm making this map and the teleport works, but its acting like the receiving teleporter is too small, and you have to fidget around to get in and out of it. there's a video of what is happening, and I will also attach the wad file as well. Hellish Escape.zip
  9. MetalDoomGuy

    Non Euclidian Hallways

    So I've tried looking this up, but after watching Vinesauce Joel's doom mapping contests, I want to know how to pull off the Non Euclidian Hallways effect multiple wads have had in this contest, how is this possible, and or how do I do it???
  10. MetalDoomGuy

    Exit level text

    okay, so with my wad, How would I move the end text, to be tex before the first map can be played? like (ex. **insert pre text here, blah blah blah) then Map01 can be played
  11. MetalDoomGuy

    Paradise (looking for testers for v2!)

    hey, I would definitely be interested in this! look pretty rad!
  12. MetalDoomGuy

    Project Incident: Update

    After the last post about my project, ive seen that people have played my wad, and liked it (I think?), as well as had some problems, and noticed minor things wrong with the two maps. With that being said, I've read the comments and have updated the 2 maps thus far with the right textures, fixed certain non-used scripts (Ex. Map Map01), and certain non-textured places. Also hey, Map 03 is nearly complete, about roughly 75% done, and I will upload the update once Map 04 is done. I'm thinking I'll upload the updates every 2 maps! (If you dont know what this post is about, feel free to check out my profile and my last post about "Project Incident")
  13. MetalDoomGuy


    Alright, So apparently there were some minor bugs in my discord, but I'm fairly sure that they are squashed now! "Ya Like Doom?" is now fully up and running! Ya like Doom? want to learn how to make maps? or just a place to chat with others about lore, or upcoming games? join here if Ya Like Doom https://discord.gg/zw74CSS Feel free to link some other discord that are similar to this as well!
  14. MetalDoomGuy

    Doom Discords

    https://discord.gg/zw74CSS This is a link to my new doom discord server. If you want to post links to any other doom/Duke/quake servers you can as well
  15. MetalDoomGuy

    Project Inccident Map 02 finished

    I posted this late at night, didn't even realize I didn't post the wad