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  1. MetalDoomGuy

    Map Building Techniques

    So in your opinion I should just make normal wad and build up my knowledge of doom builder first?
  2. MetalDoomGuy

    Map Building Techniques

    ive made little dinky wads like but they're all like base themed
  3. MetalDoomGuy

    Map Building Techniques

    Im trying to make a doom wad, 4 episodes, 27 missions in all, while trying to go backwards like Romero did with doom 1, any tips and tricks I could get for this? (P.S. I having my missions to go 1. Military base -5 missions 2. Space Base - 10 missions 3. Space Planet - 7 Missions 4. Hell - 10 Missions
  4. MetalDoomGuy

    Share Your Sprites!

    that was the wall mounted thing that would spit out lost soul right?
  5. MetalDoomGuy

    Spider Mastermind Model Released for Doomsday

    I love the model, but i'm having a moment like Arnold in Predator, when he sees the predators face and just says "your one ugly mother fucker". I'm having that moment with the model, but in good terms.
  6. MetalDoomGuy

    Wad Music

    So i finished my first map, and I know what music I want for it, but i cant find any good quality Midi's, I would like to have Megadeth's Public Enemy No. 1, but I cant find it anywhere. would someone mind hooking me with with a midi file of it, or re making it??
  7. MetalDoomGuy

    Wads and projects

    Alright guys, im curious, since im new around here, what are some of your projects, maps, was, show me what you guys got so I know what im up against 😎😉
  8. MetalDoomGuy

    Map making block

    UPDATE: Ive gone for an abandon storage facility with acid as its power ( i dunno how I'll incorporate that put its working so far... I think)
  9. MetalDoomGuy

    The Romero Tricks

    heres the video I don't remember exactly where he said it though
  10. MetalDoomGuy

    The Romero Tricks

    Well from what I had heard He started with the spider Mastermind fight first, and went on to create each map before that kinda like 10-9-8-7-6-etc
  11. MetalDoomGuy

    The Romero Tricks

    I watched a video recently saying that Romero had created Doom's levels from E4-E1, all backwards. Does anyone else use this trick? And if so, Is it ideal?
  12. MetalDoomGuy

    Map making block

    hey guys, im new to doomworld, and semi new to Doom builder, I have a map I'm making but i currently have BuildersBlock, how do you guys get ideas and concepts for your maps? cause I got nothin'.