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  1. WeDemBois

    A fear of mine for Eternal

    thanks, sorry for the late reply.
  2. WeDemBois

    A fear of mine for Eternal

    From all the gameplay I've seen for Eternal, I think it could possibly be game of the year. I pre-ordered the game a couple weeks ago and have really high hopes for it. But there's something that they're focusing too much on in my opinion: The Story. Doom 2016 was an amazing game for me. The Doom slayer literally threw the story across the room in the opening 5 minutes. It focused purely on gameplay and basically nothing else. The story was simple, but if you really wanted more you could read all the Codex, Descriptions and Slayer Testaments. In Eternal, i'm excited to see things like if the Doom slayer is 1993 & 94 Doomguy, but other than that nothing else in the story really interests me aside from that and maybe more about the Knight Sentinels. I'm worried that they might make it so "If you don't read Codex 6 and Testament 4, You won't understand why Doom slayer is doing this." but i'm sure they won't. I fully believe that this could be the greatest Doom game to come out, and there's really no other way to screw this game up from all the footage we've seen. TL;DR: I'm slightly worried about id focusing too much on the story.
  3. WeDemBois

    Story-based WAD?

    I've got a lot of free time right now and I want to get back into making wads. I wanna try my hand at making a wad with a story, instead of "You're in a UAC facility. Shoot demons and get to the exit." I want to make a full story-line, with different locations and settings. I don't know much about creating a story in a doom wad (Other than text walls in Slade) and i'm not sure if people would play a wad with a story. Any ideas of Settings, locations, and motives, or some map making advice?
  4. WeDemBois

    Eternal possibly removes the pistol?

    That would be pretty interesting. Could be possible seeing as there's a lot more weapon pickups rather than ammo boxes this time.
  5. The micro-transactions in Eternal will most likely be there but i'm guessing it's just gonna be cosmetic and story DLC like they've already said. Besides, they'll probably do what they did with 2016 after a few years and just release it all free.
  6. WeDemBois

    Eternal possibly removes the pistol?

    Was Earth not invaded at the end of 2016? I thought I heard someone say that.
  7. WeDemBois

    Eternal possibly removes the pistol?

    I kinda hope so. A pistol similar to a remake of the original would be nice.
  8. Ever since that first reveal at E3 2018, there's been one question on my mind: Will the pistol be better than 2016? Let's be honest, only about 1% of people used the pistol after the first mission apart from people who do pistol challenges and those sort of things. So I really wouldn't be surprised if the devs just thought "If no one used it, then why should it be in the next game?". Another reason for me thinking this is that there's literally no pistol in the weapon wheel in ALL gameplay reveals. Maybe they could be hiding it for Quakecon 2019? TL;DR: I think Doom Eternal is gonna pull a Quake I and start us off with a shotty.
  9. WeDemBois

    Sharing visual design / architecture tips

    make sure that lights are kinda pushed into the walls a bit. makes it a tad more atmospheric. Also, make sure that if you can see somewhere outside the map, you should be able to go there.(Look at the E1M1 outside area for inspiration, and how it indicates you can go there by the armour in the water.)
  10. WeDemBois

    Best way to make new sprites?

    thanks, that's really helpful dude
  11. WeDemBois

    Best way to make new sprites?

    I'm making a new wad and I'd like to see if I could make some custom sprites for it. I don't want to spend any money on photoshop or something like that, so what free stuff do you guys use to make sprites? Also, how do I put them into a wad?
  12. Sorry, I wasn't sure which one I should've posted it in. Thanks for the suggestion!
  13. I'm making a wad and the last level is a cyber boss fight, and I need it to end when the cyber is killed. Any help???