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  1. Customgtp

    Open world WADs and rain WADs

    For an open world wad your best bet is Abysm Dawn of Innocence. It's very Diablo inspired with an open world and various dungeons
  2. Customgtp

    Hexen style teleport in UDMF

    Thanks you
  3. Customgtp

    Hexen style teleport in UDMF

    So I'm trying to make a map that uses hub world design. I'm trying the teleport to new map command but when I use it it uses the finish level screen. How do I get it to do a smooth transition?
  4. Customgtp

    Respawn Enemies in script

    Yeah I tried Thing _SpawnFacing but it seems to not work well with new decorate script monsters so I'll probably go with the mapspot method
  5. Customgtp

    Respawn Enemies in script

    Thanks. I think I'll go with the Thing_SpawnFacing Method. It may be more work but I want monsters spawning in the position they started in
  6. Customgtp

    Respawn Enemies in script

    So I'm making a map and I want to have every enemy respawn in the level upon triggering a script. I've looked around but all I can find for respawning enemies is difficulty and I want to trigger it at a very specific point
  7. Customgtp

    How to summon monsters in Zandronum?

    Yeah that's just me talking with my extremely limited experience with slade and doom mods. I just kidna asumed that since most mods I found used Decorate rather than Zscript
  8. Customgtp

    How to summon monsters in Zandronum?

    That's what he said he tried doing
  9. Customgtp

    How to summon monsters in Zandronum?

    In the wad should be a file titled "OLDCODE". Rename this to decorate and it should change to a decorate file. Zscript is outdated and difficult to work with so if you see a file called OLDCODE in a wad it's always a decorate
  10. Customgtp

    Inventory Item Name on hud

    So I'm making a wad with a custom hud that uses inventory items. I'm want to know if it is possible to display inventory item names below the icon.I want to show the name of an item when it is selected.
  11. Customgtp

    (solved) Air control in doom

    So I've been trying to find a way to add air control into my map to make platforming better. I found a page on Zdoom wiki for a mapinfo change but when I put in the command "aircontrol = 1" into the lump nothing changes. No one seems to have an answer online and the ones I have found are to vague to work with. This is the Zdoom wiki page I was looking at https://zdoom.org/wiki/MAPINFO/Map_definition. EDIT: So I found the fix 6 minutes after posting this. Add a script to you map like this script 999 enter { SetAirControl (0.87); } The issue is that it does not recognize it at a value of 1 so just use anything slightly lowered
  12. Customgtp

    Boss health bar with 2 bosses

    I found this script to make a health meter for an enemy a while ago and I've used it in my wad. The problem is I want to use it again in a fight with 2 cyberdemons but don't know how to. I tried making two seperate scripts with health bars that are seperate from each other. One glitched out and didn't display right. I want to make a value that combines both things health but I don't have enough scripting knowledge to do so. Here is the script I'm using. int mtid = 121; Script 10 (void) { int hdisp; int monhp = GetActorProperty (mtid, APROP_HEALTH); int mmaxhp = GetActorProperty (mtid, APROP_SPAWNHEALTH); SetFont ("NORMAL"); hdisp = (monhp * 100 / mmaxhp); if (hdisp <= 0) hdisp = 0; SetHudSize (255,500, FALSE); int acounter; int bcounter; SetFont ("MONHPBAR"); HudMessage (s:"a"; HUDMSG_FADEOUT, 102, CR_GREEN, 0.5, 1.1, 0.1, 1.0); for (acounter = 0; acounter <= hdisp; acounter++) { if (hdisp <= 0) break; bcounter = bcounter + 2.0; SetFont ("FILLNORM"); //By default, the bar shows as a blue bar. if (hdisp < 75) //If the hp is at a caution level (75%) Display a yellow bar. SetFont ("FILLCAUT"); if (hdisp < 50) //If the hp is at a danger level (50%) Display an orange bar. SetFont ("FILLDANG"); if (hdisp < 25) // If the hp is at a critical level (25%) Display a red bar. SetFont ("FILLCRIT"); HudMessage (s:"a"; HUDMSG_FADEOUT, acounter, CR_GREEN, 23.1 + bcounter, 7.1, 0.1, 1.0); } bcounter = 0; acounter = 0; Delay (1); Restart; }
  13. Customgtp

    Trouble with teleporting enemies in maps

    Thanks this helped alot.
  14. Customgtp

    Trouble with teleporting enemies in maps

    ok so to add more context I'm using the teleport group command. The command line looks like this , TeleportGroup (4, 5, 6, 1, 1);. I'm tagging the monsters with 4 the room with 5 and the teleports are with 6, move source seems to not affect the result and the other 1 is for fog. I put the enemies in a room big enough to store all of them. the enemies I'm using are 48 x 48 in size and the room they are stored in is 256 x 256.
  15. I've been struggling with creating effective teleports in my maps. Whenever I try teleporting a group of enemies into an area at least half of them always don't teleport. I'm using UDMF map format. I start with the spawn room and I mark it with a tag. I then tag the monsters with a seperate tag. I've tried placing more teleport spots than are needed and placing the exact amount of enemies that I need to teleport in. However I always run into the issue of less then half of the monsters not teleporting. any help is appreciated.