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  1. AveryRe

    How do you make a music wad for wadsmoosh?

    You can always just create a new PWAD in Slade and patch the original music entries with songs of those you want to replace. Just create an entry with the same name and use whichever music file of your choosing. GZDoom even supports mp3 audio. I wouldn't bother with that wadsmooshstuff personally.
  2. Sorry for being a bit slow, I'm coming from a Python background mostly, I'm understanding how to reference these classes, but how for example would I set up a function to "fire" every time an Imp is killed, and return the player who did so. I.e getting the killing player as the activator, but still returning the type of monster they had killed.
  3. I don't mean a thing by TID. For example, if I wanted to be able to tell if ANY non-specific Imp was killed on the map, then display a messaging saying "Player has killed an Imp!". Thanks in advance!
  4. No worries! And that makes sense! I added a dependency for CLINT, which in turn has it's own, so that was probably it. Thanks for your examples! I like your take on the interface. I'm going to be releasing a patch very soon that helps with this issue.
  5. I'm actually using Ubuntu so I know a base install from PyPi should work. Did you specify pip3 when installing? wadget won't function under Python 2x, so rather than 'pip install wadget' you'll need to 'pip3 install wadget' on distros like ubuntu. This is, actually, demonstrated in the readme markdown and on the index page of the website! I agree! That's definitely temporary. I'm working on a sort of "redirection dictionary" for popular WADs that aren't intuitive to circumvent this problem. Thanks again for the help! I'll put some more work into it and be back!
  6. wadget 0.0.9 has been released! Easily download files from /idgames using this "apt-get like" utility from the command line. Get it here: https://averyre.github.io/wadget/


    New features in this release:

    • Use DOOMWADDIR instead of working directory if -wd is specified. Allows your WADs to easily be found by source ports.
    • Progress bar added for downloads.
    • Various bug fixes.



  7. wadget now has a website! Check it out here: https://averyre.github.io/wadget/

    And join the discussion in our thread here: 


  8. Sorry to double post again, there has been another somewhat significant release! Install it with: $ pip3 install wadget or upgrade your previous installation with: $ pip3 install --upgrade wadget Notable new features and fixes: Download a file by filename. You can now "wadget cchest3" for example. This will download the first file returned from a search with the specified filename. You can extract and then remove a source archive automatically when downloading with the "-e" flag. Appends ".zip" to filenames less than 3 characters to prevent API errors. Prompts the user before overwriting an existing download. Misc other bug fixes and the like. I'm thinking because some popular wads like "av.zip" don't return what the user would expect in the response, there will be a separate "redirection" file for popular WADs to point wadget in the right direction. This is another API limitation, but can easily be worked around. EDIT: Hotfix 0.0.8 released, simply upgrade again if required. This fix gets rid of all 'None' responses in search. EDIT 2: 0.0.9 released. Added DOOMWADDIR support with -wd flag and a downloading progress bar. Any and all feedback is appreciated! Avery
  9. I believe this error is because the API will not return any results if the search query is less than 3 characters (in "av"s case), but is also searching for a filename specifically. So although av *should* return av.zip, it doesn't. I'll have to write a warning for searches, or automatically append ".zip" when required. Also flags to search other fields should help. Thanks for catching this! So when the API returns file information, it returns some information from the text file included with it. I believe, actually, the file id and filename are the only two fields it doesn't return from the text file. What I thiiiiiink is happening here, is when there is nothing valid in the text file for a name or it's a weird text file in general, the API returns "None". A workaround I'm thinking of is to display the filename directly if "None" is returned. My bad! I will fix this right away. As to your recommendations, I like them both! Those features will definitely be implemented. No doubt! Well they work pretty well with the API, since the alternative is to pass to it a full file path. Do they just increase incrementally with uploads or are they random in some way?
  10. Thanks for your input and testing! To address all your recommendations, which I love by the way! 1. I was not familiar with DOOMWADDIR while coding this, thanks for bringing it up! I will definitely write an implementation/flag of some sort to install WADs directly here, which will likely have to follow another function I'm writing to extract and grab just the WADs/pk3s/whatever from the Zip instead of keeping the archive. 2. A config file is in the works! This will have the exact feature you've requested and is on my roadmap. :) 3. Another feature I want to implement! To get around multiple files having the same or similar names, I'm thinking that it will grab the first result that is returned from a standard search, and if a specific file must be specified that can be done using the file ID as normal. Many thanks!
  11. Hey, thanks a ton man! I loved being able to see the screenshots, especially within Windows as I'm on Ubuntu. I definitely should have cleared up its purpose a bit more! So for example, I use a single folder to store my WADs (Documents/WADs) and am constantly downloading from /idgames via the website, extracting and moving my WADs to that directory. Starting a Doom game for me usually looks something like this: $ gzdoom -file bd* So I wanted a command-line alternative to accessing /idgames without ever leaving that WAD directory. wadget pretty much is a solution to quickly add WADs and other files via the command-line to wherever you keep your WADs! It's not very useful for, admittedly, those who use GUI's.
  12. Hey guys! Sorry to double post. I've just completed the first "release" (ish) of wadget. You can install it with pip by using: $ pip3 install wadget A good starting point would be to try the search function, to look for all 32in24 files (shameless, because I've participated): $ wadget 32in24 -s Now let's download one of the results: $ wadget 15960 Let me know what you guys think! It would be super appreciated!
  13. Thanks! I'm sure I could implement some sort of packaging and uploading solution shortly once I'm satisfied with the basic functionality for retrieving and unpacking WADs.
  14. Hey guys! I used to post here a while back. Like, years ago with a bunch of shitty commentary and projects. Now I mostly lurk /idgames and jump on the occasional Zandronum server. Recently, I became a software engineer and started developing a project in my free time called "wadget". For those familiar with CLI applications, the goal of it is to be a "package manager" of sorts for addons in the /idgames archive. The program is written using Python3 and the /idgames API. You can check it out here: https://github.com/averyre/wadget Basically, I want to make access to /idgames similar to synaptic or snap. You could easily "wadget doom19s" to get the Doom shareware in your working directory, for example, as explained in further detail on GitHub. There is also a search function to scrape for WAD IDs, making things a little easier for now. The website is here: https://averyre.github.io/wadget/ Obviously, this project is targeted very specifically, but I'd love some feedback on the very beginnings I have so far! Avery