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  1. banjiepixel

    GOG Has Released Doom 64

    As far as I know, it should not matter if the Doom64 EX code isn't officially sancitioned by id or Zenimax. Nintendo also definitely doesn't sanction Super Mario 64 decompilation project (https://github.com/n64decomp/sm64) but they can do nothing because there are zero actual original Nintendo assets distributed and zero actual Nintendo code used. And that Mario 64 decompilation project isn't even GPL. Doom64 EX code shouldn't be a problem as it uses GPL license and is basically just recreation of Doom 64 code and doesn't actually use any code from Doom 64. So what is the actual legal problem you see here?
  2. It is pretty safe to assume that many, maybe even most, "limit removing" maps released before Crispy Doom probably are not actually limit removing. Unless the readme mentions the actual complevel of course.
  3. banjiepixel

    Complex DOOM question/bug

  4. My view is that what these days means vanilla for Doom includes Chocolate Doom as it is basically just direct port of the original game with very minimal quality of life features like built in support for dehacked patches. People are way more likely test their maps for vanilla compatibility by using Chocolate Doom than they are to use original 1.9 exe in DOSBox. Chocolate Doom is also in many ways closer to original DOS version's limitations than both Doom95 or recent official Unity port. It also could be argued that because of official Unity port of Doom exists, it can be seen as direct update to original 1.9 vanilla exe making Unity port by definition also vanilla with it's all raised limits and new features. Unity port also has built in support for dehacked and is updated official version of Doom making dehacked officially vanilla Doom feature. There is also long history of old wads using dehacked to mod the original DOS Doom games, so I would say that also for historical reasons, dehacked is vanilla. Dehacked also does not really add anything to the vanilla DOS executable. It only allows to edit values that already exist and because of that limitation, I would argue that the modified exe is still vanilla, nothing was added and nothing was removed.
  5. I do hope hope that GOG launches or has already some kind of "Save GFWL Games" project where they offer to do all the work to remove GFWL from the games in exchange for GOG release of them.
  6. banjiepixel

    Why are so many indie games retro-styled?

    It is pretty simple, reason for it is usually a mix of nostalgia and retro style being easier making it something that almost everybody can do with minimal learning. These are also reasons why Doom modding is so much more popular than modding later id games like the quake 1-3.
  7. banjiepixel

    Crispy Doom 5.11.1 (Update: Feb 10, 2022)

    More likely to be this way because of technical limitation, not by design. Spectres use pinkies sprites and majority of the corpse is still skin. Bloody parts are invisible only because because they can't be made visible in the corpse without making whole corpse visible. There is not conflict between spectres bleeding red and corpse being invisible in my opinion. And I also feel gameplay should go always first. Rendering spectre corpse fuzzy is mainly for gameplay reasons too and it became originally more useful feature once archviles were introduced originally.
  8. banjiepixel

    Crispy Doom 5.11.1 (Update: Feb 10, 2022)

    Does anybody know why are we even making spectre blood invisible? I feel that spectres bleeding red blood, just like pinkies do, makes just so much more sense. Both are clearly very similar species so why would their blood be different color? Way I see it that it is that only spectre's skin that in invisible and the insides are identical to pinkies so that means bleeding red blood for spectres too. And red blood functions better from the gameplay pespective. I feel that it should be the default when colored blood is turned on.
  9. banjiepixel

    What were the first three PWADs you downloaded?

    2002 A Doom Odyssey Alien Vendetta Memento Mori
  10. banjiepixel

    What is your favorite classic Doom Game?

    Final Doom has 64 maps, evolves Doom 2 gameplay in many neat ways and is compatible with both Final Doom and Doom 2 pwads. It also feels more fresh to me, Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 are very nostalgic but also bit too boring at this point, after 20 years of playing them. I started playing Final Doom much later, maybe 3-4 years ago so it does feel much more new to me.
  11. banjiepixel

    Source Ports Doomworld Uses [adding up later this month]

    Eternity Engine: 4 Crispy Doom: 3 Woof: 2 Have been playing recently mostly with Eternity Engine because it seems to have better xinput gamepad support than other demo compatible source ports. Crispy Doom is my favorite source port as a purist player when playing with keyboard and mouse, I wish it had better gamepad support, it would make it most used port for me easily. Woof is third mostly because I prefer to play limit removing maps over boom/mbf maps. But Woof is almost perfect boom/mbf compatible port for me, basically Crispy MBF, also lacking only in gamepad support.
  12. Small changes to the gameplay often give small situational advantages, that is pretty much unavoidable so these should be used with caution freelook being good example of this despite having also some disadvantages. Removing infinite height also does give player some potentially gamebreaking advantages but also comes with it's own disadvantages. But jumping and crouching have no real disadvantages and are little to nothing of value outside of cheating to the vanilla maps outside of being used to cheat, while being able to aim freely and enhanced physics (turning infinite height off and gzdoom physics in general) do actually help many people enjoy Doom much more and giving only some very situational advantage in vanilla maps that can be avoided by using them with caution. There is no clear line between just playing modded Doom and cheating, it does get very complicated. I do personally advocate playing vanilla maps with classic autoaim controls and with the original physics but everybody should play Doom the way that makes them feel most comfortable. Cheating or not, it doesn't really matter outside of the competitive Doom scene. For somebody, even playing Doom with god mode on could be perfectly valid way to enjoy Doom because this doesn't remove challenge completely. It is clearly cheating but also it could be only way somebody is able to play Doom and there is nothing wrong playing like that in casual context.
  13. Is it cheating or just playing Doom in modified form? I personally think that cheating gives player clear advantage compared to normal gameplay while using mods like removing infinite height mainly just changes how the gameplay works without giving clear advantage in most cases. Things like freelook or jumping have much more potential breaking the balance and being cheating than modifying just how the game's physics work. I mean, playing vanilla IWAD maps with PrBoom's Boom/MBF compatibility or even with GZDoom is not the same experience as playing with Chocolate Doom but it isn't cheating just because it is different. Cheating requires clearly breaking the game's balance and small gameplay changes like removing infinite height or freelook (when used with caution) are usually at most just assists that can help with Doom's accessibility.
  14. banjiepixel

    Shooting a Rocket to death

    Thanks for pointing this out. Should had done more testing. I guess what I want is really beyond what dehacked can do.
  15. banjiepixel

    Shooting a Rocket to death

    I don't know how practical it would be to make rockets destructible but I was reminded by the fact that very long time ago I had idea to make revenant missiles destructible and finally decided make actual functional dehacked patch for that. destructiblerevball.zip I gave them 100 health so they are not completely too easy to destroy. Also why not give destructible rockets more health? I think 50 could be a good place to start. Here is dehacked patch for that. destructiblerocket.zip