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  1. banjiepixel

    I just realized that I literally never use SSG anymore

    Actually high risk maybe when playing keyboard only, but it is actually far too easy to abuse the high reward when you have more control over things. It's true that the range is an issue but close and mid range it not hard to use SSG as a Chaingun replacement thanks to the spread and high damage since the reload is too quick to be effective drawback. It is a rushdown weapon but then again basically most weapons in the game reward you from rushdown and close range combat, even the BFG, something that basically is balancing decision that makes literally zero sense. And yes, you can't use SSG always in every sitution but also my point is actually that it can be used in way too many situations compared to other weapons in the game that have stronger limitations to their use. Even the BFG atleast give you true punishment from abuse with it's massive ammo usage. 18 tics isn't really much to give enemies time to be more of a danger to you, unless we are talking about hitscanners. Not only does SSG save you tons of time in form of avoided weapon switching, SSG is extremely good weapon to open escape routes when surrounded by enemies, basically only Plasmagun and BFG being more effective at the job. Alot of levels are balanced for SSG abuse so basically ammo will be rather rarely an issue. So it is mostly about mappers encouraging use of a design flaw in the original game. Even those large hordes of monsters are more of a symptom of monsters in Doom being too weak, especially for the skills of the modern Doomer. Not talking about being linear replacement. With SSG you need to obviously get closer than with chaingun or rocket launcher but doing this is actually pretty safe with SSG, thanks to combination of huge spread and damage with only slighly longer reload time than regular shotgun. It's almost funny how people seem to think that I haven't played anything beyond Doom II. And to be honest, I just always have had bias against SSG, even when I first played Doom II, I felt that it lacks the impact and fun factor of regular shotgun. It is a great backup weapon against higher tiers of enemies but it's total overkill to have always out when you will be probably only facing low tier grunts. Atleast give the lower monster tiers nice buff to allow the use of SSG against them to make more sense. Also fast monsters doesn't count as it is actually pretty terrible gameplay experience, needs to be actually something more balanced.
  2. banjiepixel

    How to make all those sprites?

    With MS Paint, and alot of patience and practice.
  3. banjiepixel

    What is actually the "essence" of doom?

    You are basically describing a Quake game, especially Quake 2. And that's the thing, Quake basically became a slightly more generic version of Doom, with satanic stuff being replaced by basically space nazis. That's why Doom 3 went so hard with horror to make it different from Quake series only to Doom 2016 be much more like Quake again. And that is why Doom is essentially just Quake with Hell and demons.
  4. banjiepixel

    What is actually the "essence" of doom?

    Quake with hell and demons.
  5. Timesplitters 2 is the best arena FPS and it has no jumping at all. And arena FPS games generally suffer from similar problems as fighting games, most people are not into pure skill competition and need distractions like team gameplay ja shop/money mechanics to keep them engaged. There has been also several waves of people expecting games to be more realistic and grounded that basically did has hurt arena FPS genre because they lean much heavily to arcadey side of things. Actual arcade style games are much more rare these days in general with mostly indie developers keeping things alive. State of modern day Unreal Tournament is pretty similar to modern day state of Ridge Racer or NFL Blitz. Fighting games is one of only arcade based game genres that has actually survived and are still being made by big companies.
  6. banjiepixel

    Freedoom needs more attention

    Remember, there hasn't been really a some kind of "Freedoom team" actively working on it for 20 years. It has been more about people coming and going, either donating something they had previously done or making few custom things for the project to use. Alot of promising assets have been left unfinished because their creators have lost interest and it can be very hard to find someone to finish those assets if there even is a permission to do so from the original creator. It is only natural that project like Freedoom goes to a backburner mode for few years at the time to wait for people with a interest to make new stuff for it. There is very little reason for Freedoom to be a high priority project for anyone involved so progress can be often very slow.
  7. banjiepixel

    Freedoom needs more attention

    Open source people are going to open source, that's the main point. I personally prefer to always use open source alternatives even if there is a cheap or freeware software that is technically better. And as a very niche hobbyist project, Freedoom is doing nicely, everything is fully functional at this point. There might be some things here and there that are not very pretty to look at and need more polished replacement, but back when I first started to use Freedoom, many levels were just one room placeholders, alot of the sounds were missing and multiple enemies did not even have a functional spriteset. Version 0.12 was technically the first Freedoom release to be actually complete. That is much bigger achievement than you might think.
  8. banjiepixel

    Is Project Brutality hated in Doomworld ?

    Better is something very subjective here. You might find BD/PB "improvements" to be fun but I personally find them to make things too boring and unchallenging. And they basically take away so many things that make Doom actually unique experience, especially these days. Concept that can be replicated without alot of other more major changes that BD/PB make to the gameplay. Also lower time to kill means also less time or room for tactics. In my opinion, most of that is very distracting. I am mostly a classic arcade/retro player so I prefer the "feel" and "experience" of the game to get in the way of pure gameplay and I think that BD/PB do allow these "improvements" to hurt the actual gameplay too much. I think that the idea of FPS games needing to be mostly about aiming is extremely boring. As far as I know only two FPS game series seem to have had less importance on aiming, classic Doom games and first two Metroid Prime games on the Gamecube. There are so many other mechanics in play when playing Doom that results in nicely balanced experience where aiming is just a small part of full picture. Original autoaim system in Vanilla gives you more resources to use movement, positioning and precise dodging to survive the encounters. BD/PB makes these things much less important as it is much easier to kill enemies before you would even need to dodge and your focus as a player is so much more on aiming and hunting headshots. You also you cover much more than movement so the gameplay loop becomes mostly about aiming for those headshots and using cover and in my opinion, this dumbs down the gameplay systems alot and makes it pretty boring to me. There is more variety and tactics even in the vanilla Doom. If killing the Baron of Hell isn't worth the ammo or time investment, why even bother? Not killing everything you see can often very good tactical decision in vanillla Doom, but usually isn't very viable thing to do in BD/PB. These mods flatten Doom's mechanics and give you actually less room for making tactical decisions. The "improvements" that BD/PB make are actually pretty superficial and generally just dumb down the gameplay design. Sure, these mods are more modern streamlined playing experiences and some people do enjoy that, nothing wrong with that. But there are also multiple very good reasons why so many people prefer to play vanilla Doom or something much closer to vanilla than BD/PB.
  9. banjiepixel

    Is Project Brutality hated in Doomworld ?

    I mean that there is less of a reason to do something specifiic in different situations and you can mostly do just whatever you feel like at that moment. BD/PB have this very loose design that doesn't really punish you from anything. Then where the depth of BD/PB is hidden? The added depth in BD/PB in general seems to me be of the Mineraft style of depth that is more about player freedom and not the more classical type of depth that is about the game demanding things from the player. So is this the different kind of depth you're talking about? Also what is actually supposed to make BD/PB good then if not the surface level stuff? I feel like Complex Doom does everything better than Project Brutality except for PB having more dynamic monster spawning system with actual progression. But Complex Doom also has more correctly scaled difficulties instead of BD/PB making default Doom difficulties way too easy and forgiving.
  10. banjiepixel

    Could a BFG Ball-Shooting Monster Work in Doom at All?

    I have been playing around with BFG Ball that deals also blast damage for the player's BFG. Doing this for the enemy BFG Ball would mean that the enemy would be more likely kill other enemies and themselves which would help balancing. Also on top of that, we could remove the regular projectile damage from the BFG Ball and make combination of just the hitscan tracers and blast damage. Also we could just replace tracers with blast damage and make the enemy BFG function like more powerful rocket launcher. This change would make the enemy basically a upgraded version of a rocket launcher zombie, another enemy from Complex Doom. In general it would help that these enemies would be actual mapper placed enemies instead of being randomly spawned in place of actual low tier hitscanners. Complex Doom's versions of the enemies are generally fine, the just need to be designed to be actually a part of the enemy encounter.
  11. banjiepixel

    Is Project Brutality hated in Doomworld ?

    Main reason why BD/PB get's boring to me is the fact that these mods flatten the gameplay curve from the tight and varied deisgn of the original game. Weapons in BD/PB have much more overlapping abilities and can be used in more sandboxy way instead of there being more clear weapon roles. Headshot system and increased damege output in general also basically guarantee that DPS becomes the king and game becomes mostly about trying to eliminate enemies before they are able to attack you while original game forces you to actually engage with enemies more and use precise gameplay to survive. BD/PB are basically Doom with alot of the original gameplay nuance removed and replaced with power fantasy and other surface level stuff. These mods are simply too much style over substance for many players that want more hardcore style gameplay with proper depth in the classical sense.
  12. banjiepixel

    What Is Your Opinion On TV Tropes?

    There is nothing wrong documenting common patterns in media. I feel like the site has helped me to gain much better understanding of what good writing looks like. Tropes are supposed to be tools for writers and there is nothing wrong using them. They are natural part of the language of the media we consume. This information does get abused alot these days as false examples of bad writing, but I feel like in these cases it's pretty clear that these people have very limited view and understanding on what even can be good writing. Not mention the fact that alot of "critics" that do abuse tropes as a excuse to call writing of the media bad, often do it these more for political reasons. And rest usually just don't know their stuff and are simply using TV Tropes wrong.
  13. Being aware of your surroundings is one of the most important skills and a warning sound would be one less reason to actually pay attention to things happening around you. It would be probably better to just reduce the damage of the revenant fireball to baron fireball's levels or maybe even more to make the surprise revenant fireball to the face less annoying and survivable. Only if they get more attack power in exchange. How about half the hp and double the damage? Seems fair, right? One tic of extra speed give it nicely slighty more stopping power while still feeling like weak starting weapon. Two tics of extra speed do make pistol starting pretty damn smooth but makes the gap between pistol and chaingun dangerously small. Pistol will still lack alot of Chaingun's stopping power but it will be rather close removing uniqueness between these two weapons. At that point it becomes probably a good idea to speed up also the Chaingun and that can be in many ways problematic. And one thing that really would help to fix Chaingun making Pistol useless could be adding a cooldown to it like Plasmagun has. Just needing to potentially commit one extra bullet is too small drawback for all the advantages that Chaingun has over Pistol. Well balanced pistol functions generally as a ammo saving tool requiring more precision and patience but also less commitment than the Chaingun. This is why adding cooldown can be pretty critical change, with or without giving Chaingun more speed. And on that note, the biggest issue of pistol isn't speed, it's the general sluggishness caused more by it's cooldown that becomes very important factor when attempting accurate tap shots. Just remove that cooldown and we have viable weapon atleast what comes to it's responsiveness.
  14. While the second game is more of a party game, it's important to remember that first Power Stone plays much more like a fighting game and it's a shame that it doesn't have modern port. And then there are the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games that are definitely worth trying even if you are not a Naruto/anime fan. Not to mention all the more or less direct Smash clones. SF2 defined the genre so the same basic template is still pretty popular. Smash does have a great hook of combining platforming and fighting gameplay, not to mention all the popular characters but the SF2 formula is popular for a reason and it can be hard to find a gimmick that works in more untraditional gameplay context. And even puzzle games have copied things from the SF2 template.
  15. Experimentation and simply spending tons of time playing the game are your best friends. With some patience, things are actually pretty easy to figure out, it just takes time. And attacks in Street Fighter come in three different levels of strenght and often using the correct level is more important than the specific attacks themselves. And just focus on couple of attacks you're familiar and expand you movelist as you start to feel more comfortable with new stuff. Don't worry about specials if you feel that you're not ready for them yet. In general, I think the classic Bruce Lee quote "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times." fits here pretty well. It's best to split your leaning process into more manageable chunks. And probably most important skill can be actually being to also enjoy losing. One method is to watch matches of competitive players for some pointers of how gameplay with a character generally should look like.There will be alot of advanced stuff that will be beyond your current abilities but there will be also plenty of more basic stuff you can start trying to imitate. Or you could literally do just what seems to be working based on you personal experimentation. There are always patterns to doing things and it is simply matter of figuring out those patterns. Traditional fighting games are of those types of games relies alot on limitations and requiring more precice gameplay. This comes with also bigger reward and satisfaction for success than many other types of games. And it's not like Smash would be that much simpler that most fighting games, it's just that it puts more focus on things are generally more accessible and easier to understand. There are tons of advanced stuff in Smash too that are pretty hard to execute but at the lower levels, it's much easier to feel like you're in control compared to traditional fighting games. And Smash is less claustrophobic experience in general. Something like Dead or Alive series or Soul Calibur series do have simple controls that aren't too far from Smash and also make movement more free allowing you to step any direction of the 8 directions as you want. Most of that attacking is done by just pressing direction and pressing attack buttons in pretty freeform sequences. Both series are technically dead currently but could be worth trying as something that is easier to get into than Street Fighter. Also not as combo focused as something like Tekken. I agree absolutely with this. Discovering the way SS1 plays did help me personally to focus more in the basics of the genre. And if possible, it could worth trying out a game called Bushido Blade, but more to have fun than it being actually helpful with playing fighting games in general.