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  1. Small changes to the gameplay often give small situational advantages, that is pretty much unavoidable so these should be used with caution freelook being good example of this despite having also some disadvantages. Removing infinite height also does give player some potentially gamebreaking advantages but also comes with it's own disadvantages. But jumping and crouching have no real disadvantages and are little to nothing of value outside of cheating to the vanilla maps outside of being used to cheat, while being able to aim freely and enhanced physics (turning infinite height off and gzdoom physics in general) do actually help many people enjoy Doom much more and giving only some very situational advantage in vanilla maps that can be avoided by using them with caution. There is no clear line between just playing modded Doom and cheating, it does get very complicated. I do personally advocate playing vanilla maps with classic autoaim controls and with the original physics but everybody should play Doom the way that makes them feel most comfortable. Cheating or not, it doesn't really matter outside of the competitive Doom scene. For somebody, even playing Doom with god mode on could be perfectly valid way to enjoy Doom because this doesn't remove challenge completely. It is clearly cheating but also it could be only way somebody is able to play Doom and there is nothing wrong playing like that in casual context.
  2. Is it cheating or just playing Doom in modified form? I personally think that cheating gives player clear advantage compared to normal gameplay while using mods like removing infinite height mainly just changes how the gameplay works without giving clear advantage in most cases. Things like freelook or jumping have much more potential breaking the balance and being cheating than modifying just how the game's physics work. I mean, playing vanilla IWAD maps with PrBoom's Boom/MBF compatibility or even with GZDoom is not the same experience as playing with Chocolate Doom but it isn't cheating just because it is different. Cheating requires clearly breaking the game's balance and small gameplay changes like removing infinite height or freelook (when used with caution) are usually at most just assists that can help with Doom's accessibility.
  3. banjiepixel

    Shooting a Rocket to death

    Thanks for pointing this out. Should had done more testing. I guess what I want is really beyond what dehacked can do.
  4. banjiepixel

    Shooting a Rocket to death

    I don't know how practical it would be to make rockets destructible but I was reminded by the fact that very long time ago I had idea to make revenant missiles destructible and finally decided make actual functional dehacked patch for that. destructiblerevball.zip I gave them 100 health so they are not completely too easy to destroy. Also why not give destructible rockets more health? I think 50 could be a good place to start. Here is dehacked patch for that. destructiblerocket.zip
  5. banjiepixel

    Mouselook or autoaim?

    I prefer to play with autoaim for all my more serious gameplay. There is no official port of Doom with mouselook so I see playing Doom with mouselook/freelook same as playing Doom with any gameplay mod. I also have no desire to play any Doom maps that require freelook. But it is pretty fun to sometimes play Doom with freelook in more casual manner, just like it is fun to play sometimes with many other forms of modded Doom gameplay. It is also more relaxing to play with autoaim and it makes Doom feel more unique, every game these days has a freelook. Autoaim makes Doom feel more like old school shoot em up and classic Doom has these days more in common with modern top-down twin-stick shooters than modern FPS-games.
  6. banjiepixel

    What would you do to make the pistol useful?

    Easy, just replace pistol with shotgun that uses bullet ammo and you have the most useful pistol ever! Or just lower the delay after firing so it is atleast more fun to use. I don't personally like making the pistol be always accurate because it removes gameplay mechanic from the game, I prefer to just tweak existing mechanics. And making pistol firing rate too fast makes it too similar with chaingun. It also becomes more problematic to change other weapons just to fix the crappy pistol that is supposed to be bad because you get it for free. With ZDoom it is possible create some type of upgrade for the pistol that you can find later in the game but then again, chaingun is basically already a direct upgrade to the pistol. Just tweak the pistol to be more fun to use so pistol starting becomes smoother experience and let pistol become useless after you get the chaingun.
  7. banjiepixel

    Satanic Infestation Open IWAD Project (CURRENT VERSION v0.0.5)

    It doesn't matter how they can be played as distributing those PWADs like BTSX can be still a problem as they they include assets that are clearly just pallette modified versions of the original Doom assets. By all means the assets are copyrighted but as they are not really any reasonable ways to avoid distributing those because of the changed pallette, so it's for a very good reason and fall under fair use. Just something being slighly modified doesn't make it non-infringing but if there is a good artistic or technical reason for it, it can be allowed distributed and be legal under fair use basis.
  8. banjiepixel

    Satanic Infestation Open IWAD Project (CURRENT VERSION v0.0.5)

    I didn't say that Freedoom would be illegal, the fact that it can be used to play PWADs without owning the original Doom games makes the PWADs legally more problematic, especially since many of them even include modified assets from the original Doom games. If I decide to play Back to Saturn X PWAD with Freedoom, it isn't Freedoom's fault that the game I am playing will have imps and other enemies and assets that clearly are infringing and could be also illegal. It could of course be argued that what BTSX is doing is actually fair use and because of that it is to be allowed.
  9. banjiepixel

    Satanic Infestation Open IWAD Project (CURRENT VERSION v0.0.5)

    Most PWADs can be legally played without owning the original game, so technically by that logic Freedoom makes all those PWADs illegal.
  10. banjiepixel

    Satanic Infestation Open IWAD Project (CURRENT VERSION v0.0.5)

    These things go on a case-by-case basis. Zenimax seems to be more active at protecting IP than id Software themselves has béen in the past. They can't touch most of the stuff created by the doom modding community but actual fan games can be easier to target, especially when they can be easily confused to being official product. In general, major issue for Zenimax seems to have been just that fan projects have used the word "Doom" in their title and being standalone games at the same time. So, what is your point? I am sure that some care but I am also pretty sure that many do not actually care. But then again, Satanic Infestation will use it's own non-infringing assets so there isn't any copyright problem anyway.
  11. banjiepixel

    Satanic Infestation Open IWAD Project (CURRENT VERSION v0.0.5)

    I am fully aware that it is your goal, I didn't mean to suggest that you had any plans to use copyrighted material in your project. I do hope your project is a success because I would like to see there to be a open source IWAD with more Doom-like style.
  12. banjiepixel

    Satanic Infestation Open IWAD Project (CURRENT VERSION v0.0.5)

    Actually alot of fan games do this and it is okay because copyright holder sees them basically just as fan art. Companies like Sega and Capcom seem to not care about fan creations infringing their copyrights while Nintendo is famous for sending out cease and desist letters to fan projects. It is still pretty unknown how ID/Bethesta would react to such creations as a standalone games but based on their history with Doom community, they don't seem to care too much. Sure, we are talking mainly about PWAD stuff but copyrighted assets being in the IWAD isn't really the issue because anybody can just create a placeholder IWAD and have all the problematic assets be loaded as a PWAD and we have a game that is completely standalone. I feel that the bigger issue actually is mixing open source licensed assets with nonfree assets.
  13. Classic style player here. I used to think that freelook in Doom was very cool because it made the game feel like later FPS games but by doing that classic Doom feels less special and it also changes the gameplay too much from the original. Movement and positioning yourself right is very important to classic Doom gameplay design and freelook takes focus away from those elements. It is also more fun and relaxing to play without vertical aiming. I play mostly with Crispy Doom but even when sometimes casually playing around with GZDoom, I prefer to play only stuff that doesn't require me to use freelook, jumping or crouching.
  14. banjiepixel

    What was the first Doom source port you have used?

    My first source port was Doom Legacy, I probably discovered it because Sonic Robo Blast 2 was based on it. It was easy to play multiplayer LAN games with Doom Legacy, also me and my friends loved to play Doom with freelook because it made the game feel like other first person shooters. I only played IWADs back then, PrBoom was the first source port that I used to play PWADs.
  15. We're not going to get source released for a modern AAA Doom game. If there ever will new open source engine from Id Software, it will be heavily smaller scale engine for a more indie style game and there just isn't really much market for such thing. Modern cutting edge game engines just need to rely too much on middleware to function.