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  1. banjiepixel

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    Battlemode seems fun. I am not really a fan of asymmetrical multiplayer modes but atleast 2vs1 setup keeps things pretty simple. Battlemode seems to be a great way to have fun PVP-multiplayer variation of the Doom gameplay. I personally would had made it full 1vs1 with playable demons replaced with some kind of "Demon Master", think evil demonic counterpart of Doom Slayer that could summon and control demons and maybe have demonic monster form of his own. It could had been fun if a match would had started by Doom Slayer trying to hunt Demon Master but longer Demon Master would survive, more powerful he until he would be the hunter in the situation. I do love that they are marketing Battlemode with clear fighting game/mortal kombat style.
  2. banjiepixel

    PrBoom+ name discussion

    Would PrBoom Ultra be too unoriginal/boring for the new name?
  3. banjiepixel

    Cyberdemon is back!

    In Doom 2016 they played things pretty safe because they needed to transition from Doom 3 to something new. In that game they experimented carefully with many less serious elements and Eternal will now go full on with that tone by bringing back many classic doom designs. Like the more arcadey gameplay design of Eternal, some people will not just like how Doom Eternal will look like. Doom 2016 looked more serious and "scifi-realistic" and some people will always like that more. But personally I think that it was pretty boring. Updates to the designs have been great so far, makes me wish that they would do actual Doom1+2 remakes with the many same assets. Resident Evil 2 Remakes style modernized remake I mean, not just classic levels lazily ported to newest Doom's engine.
  4. banjiepixel

    Zenimax shilling Doom Eternal in other companies' games?

    With some creativity, anything is possible. Melee combat has been always part of Doom series dna. With MK11, the iconic chainsaw could be easily the main focus and shotgun could work nicely with it as support. Smash Bros is more unlikely but could be done, especially if Doomguy would use mostly fists and plasmagun. Doomguy doesn't need blood and guts to be the Doomguy so those could be just ignored completely for Smash Bros.
  5. banjiepixel

    What about the parkour parts?

    Movement has always been very important feature in Doom, so parkour does actually fit pretty well. Doom 3 had pretty bad movement and it just wasn't a very fun game to play. Even Doom 2016 did feel bit too stiff compared to classic Doom games and parkour stuff is a great way to improve player's movement abilities in more modern gameplay context. I only wish that Doomguy would finally learn to also sprint and slide. Maybe they should had named them different like the very similar yellow orbs in Devil May Cry games, but calling them 1ups makes it more clear what they do. Also 1ups do work great with more arcadey style of Doom Eternal but I can see why some people do not like it. I do think that Doom Eternal looks alot better than Doom 2016, first one felt too much like basic shooter, Doom Eternal has more personality and more variety in gameplay design.
  6. Technically same could be said about not using freelook. There was actually time when I moved from using freelook to using keyboard only. Played on a laptop then and at that point keyboard only felt just most simple and comfortable way to play. I later moved back to using freelook and then ended up finally using proper classic doom controls, with just vertical mouse movement disabled. Playing with keyboard only is alot like playing with a gamepad, that is what I liked about it. It could be a fun challenge to actually someday complete Doom with snes controller or maybe even with arcade stick.
  7. banjiepixel

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad [released!]

    Inferno part 2 and now Inferno part 3 are basically just bonus episodes anyway so it doesn't really matter. You can ignore Thy Flesh Consumed and Sigil completely if you don't like them. Also some of us love Inferno and are able to appreciate getting more of it in the form of Sigil. I think you complain too much, getting Inferno part 3 is much better than not getting Episode 5 at all, especially one made by Romero.
  8. banjiepixel

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad [released!]

    Many people seem to feel that E5M8 is anticlimactic finish but I think it is supposed to be more of a reward for surviving E5M7. E5M8 is just so much fun for me. It seems to be a map where you are supposed to run past the monsters instead of killing them, even the last moments seem to be about just running past spider mastermind and cyberdemon. It seems to me that there are many moments in Sigil where Romero wanted the player to just avoid certain monsters instead of fighting them and E5M8 is a great way to finish with that. I have now completed Sigil four times, twice with prboom-plus, twice with gzdoom. Two times of those time I did it with HMP and two times with UV. I think it is now safe to say that I do really like Sigil. I think only E5M7 has some bad parts, other levels are very good and fun to play.
  9. banjiepixel

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad [released!]

    The last level is actually pretty fun obstacle course to play. Romero also used the limited Doom 1 monster selection very well, sure there were alot of barons but so many times they can be just avoided. I like that Romero created fun maps without trying create big arena fights. Sometimes it is better create something more subtle, especially when mapping for Ultimate Doom.
  10. banjiepixel

    Sigil came out a couple hours ago, completed it. And think it's okay

    I felt that design was pretty solid and the limited Ultimate Doom monster selection was used pretty well. And I feel that being frustrating in some places was by design, it was frustrating for the right reasons. I played on UV and never really felt maps being unfair. Playing on Ultra Violence for the first time was bit too much for my skills but I had fun playing it. It is rare than I actually complete Ultimate Doom episode wads and I have not yet completed even Thy Flesh Consumed but SIGIL was really great experience for me. Have completed SIGIL now twice and the levels have actually pretty fun flow once you're familiar with them.
  11. I don't know if this fits here but I put it here anyway because I think not many people know about this but should:
  12. banjiepixel

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad [released!]

    Some people just want to run around like a mad man and kill everything they see and then SIGIL comes out and you need some patience and precision to survive. In Doom you should be very cautious opening a door, but instead Gman just died rushing into door with two Barons behind it and complained how it was somehow unfair. SIGIL was great experience for me because it made me watch my every step, something that was pretty accurate to how the original Doom 1 experience was back in the day.
  13. banjiepixel

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad [released!]

    I couldn't resist and bought a digital copy today and completed first 4 maps already on UV. Here's my impressions so far: -A lot of tight spaces and I like it because it is pretty much the antithesis of Doom 2016. -Many situations where it is much better to run than try to kill every monster, could teach something new for some less experienced players. -Very limited ammo but I like it because it makes you focus on managing the monsters, not slaughtering every single one of them. -Some spectre and lost based soul trolling going on here and there, I hate both of them but I think they have been used very well so far, atleast there won't be any pain elementals around. -Seems to designed around the things that make classic vanilla Doom unique, will be probably horrible to play with Brutal Doom or other mods like that, very positive thing I feel. As for the mouselookgate, I can see why some people like it. When I first got back to Doom by discovering Doom Legacy so many years ago, it was pretty amazing to play Doom like it was modern first person shooter. But couple of years ago I decided to give the classic doom aiming mechanics another chance and fell in love with them. They just feel more unique and different from any more modern shooter and the original engine and the gameplay was designed for and around that mechanic. I personally can use both depending on the situation and I think every serious Doom player should be able to switch easily between these two styles based on what mods or maps they are playing. Also certain people should learn some respect, so shameful pirating something that can be bought for almost nothing right now and will be free to download just in few days. Why no respect for Romero?
  14. banjiepixel

    Linux friends looking for advice.

    My personal experience is that Kubuntu does perform pretty close to how Windows performs. Normal Ubuntu desktop is pretty heavy, not something you want to run especially if your hardware has even some trouble running Windows. Much better options for perfomance are KDE, Xfce and Mate. There also many other more lightweight options available within Ubuntu itself. Changing distro just to get more lightweight experience is unnecessary in most cases. Also there are ways to get around the missing dependencies/packages´╗┐ not on your distro's repos/not included in the main installation. And sometimes it is even possible to run into very similar problems with Windows too.
  15. banjiepixel

    Linux friends looking for advice.

    Then again, look what Valve is doing with Steam Play. I am sure that Microsoft won't break Win32 anytime soon but I can see them very slowly starting to make it more secondary, more deprecated feature. They already have their Microsoft Store so they clearly have wanted move away from Win32 but it didn't work very well so I feel that they are now starting to build support for other, more open alternatives. I mean, they just very recently made even the Microsoft Edge to be based on Chromium. They are also a member of the Linux Foundation and they own Github now. Microsoft has been changing Windows very slowly since Win10, making changes too fast would upset people and it does seem that plan is to slowly expand open source code use and Linux support on Windows 10.