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  1. d-Illasera

    Map making block

    - play other GAMES from different genres and your pool will be unlimited. *If you wonder, can an RPG genre game fit into an FPS game? yes, if you use your creative mind and "Port it" correctly to fit. You can take a section (Not whole map, but a small part of it), change it, tweak it , make it fit doom's gameplay. Even an adventure game and point and click games can give you some map-related ideas. - Watch movies, you can "Steal" a set/stage from a movie and fit it into doom as well. _____________________________________________________________________ To simplify what @Dragonfly said further, let's split into two, there is a RIGHT WAY and WRONG WAY but both are tools. 1.)To start with the big picture (Big shape) and fill in the blanks (Details / sub-shapes) in between. 2.)To start small with small sub-sections and to expand on it to a big picture (From details to a whole level). The Second method is flawed by design. The reason is the same reason of drawing in perspective, If you won't put your measurements first, You will run into SCALING issues, Like drawing a person without proportions , You start with the head, its 100% to scale, You get to the arms, they are going to be 30% bigger or smaller due to lack of measurements, by the time you reach the legs, they will be 200% bigger / smaller than their ideal proportion. The same thing goes with a map when you start with details, You won't have proper measurements, you will run into problems of BIG CORRIDORS and small rooms, or one room that is x5 bigger than the other (Unplanned for, not by design but a side-effect), You may say, Well, its only creative to have asymmetry and lack of proportions, But wait until you will have to fill it with "things", Then it will be all over the place. (I could be wrong, while i highlight creativity, my mindset is EXTREMELY technical), i don't see a "Lonely tree in the forest to the side of a snowy mountain), i see geometrical shapes.
  2. d-Illasera

    Level design tropes you use

    Well , Activision is always hiring, They pay well, with benefits.
  3. d-Illasera

    Level design tropes you use

    Correction, Its not too much and not too little, i did want to use a variable but i have decided to make it a number for simplicity sake. For starter : Hardware, There is monitor lag and input lag of multiple frames, in doom with LOGICAL 35 fps, it can span from 1 to even 10 frames (Depends on your monitor and input devices). Visual/Audio response time changes from person to person, depends on their hobbies, GENDER, RACE, age, health. with females being slower than males and Europeans are slower than Asians (ON AVERAGE). Correction to the argument : Teleporting, Make sure the player won't get INSTANTLY attacked as soon as he teleports to a new place (give him X second(s) to process new information, depends on amount of new information AND field testing (keep testing it and ask OTHERS to test as well). -References : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4456887/ https://www.humanbenchmark.com/tests/reactiontime/
  4. d-Illasera

    How does one make high quality sprites

    Excuse me, WHAT KIND OF ANSWER did you expect to get?? MAGIC - you know how imps can shoot fireballs? sprite artists use dark magic... They practice! You are good with drawings but not with sprites? How about sculpting? How about 3d models? How about oil and water painting??? These are different fields that require different methodology to practice, the sarcasm is because i don't understand what anawer the OP expected (Forgive me for guessing but I BELIEVE the OP was looking for a way to reassure himself for his laziness, you are "out of luck?", then quit tying AND instead, promote-self pity discussions ABOUT IT then and ask if there is a magical formula to get good). OP , What have you tried in order to improve your work to get better and for how long, please share... As far as brutaldoom , sgtmark isn't very good as well, If you were to look at the credits , you would see that mike12 and others made the good sprites , the monster deaths that sgtmark himself made are toon shaded with patches of pixels and all the detail work of the original work removed (see imp death) , and the places that do have details are beyond broken (see hell knight killing others). Addressing the talent issue : Talented people in a specific field, tend to process information faster related to the subject (Talented artists can pick more information and patterns by observing), The only thing that affects, is time spent on learning / practice, In theory, everyone can reach the same level but some can reach it faster. Talent can also be a curse, depends on the person, Some people pick on things very fast and get compliments and think to themselves ("Well damn, it is pretty good, i will settle in for that), Its pretty common. People without talent , those who don't get burned out, serve as sink of information and on a constant path of slow improvement. - References, Blender guru, Youtube, "'How I learned to draw' with RossDraws" and "The Art of Learning: An Interview with Concept Artist Efflam Mercier"
  5. d-Illasera

    Level design tropes you use

    No tropes but ideas... tropes are boring.. you may as well level-design "By-the-book", Ideas are more unique. But there are few pointers that are useful to any map. - Never place a monster in the same room as the player SPAWNS IN (Level entrance) (While the monster is facing the player) - Teleporting, Make sure the player won't get INSTANTLY attacked as soon as he teleports to a new place (give him 3 seconds to process new information) - Composition, Do not overflow the player with visual info, make sure that your map is easy to understand visually.
  6. d-Illasera

    How do you come up with good ideas for maps?

    That is ok, and no need to cross-strike the "Stealing" part, even beethoven stole from others. This is something i want to address, Do not think about the macro "The entire map design", its pointless and downright impossible, There is too much information for the brain to process when thinking "How to make an entire LEVEL", In level-design, the micro makes the macro... The way i do it, Is create simple areas based on ideas i have having and then connect them in some way. You create small areas and find creative ways to connect them, This is why it is so time consuming and hard, Because you need a lot of ideas, This is why maps in Doom / Hexen weren't made by one guy. * Tip : As far as connecting areas in the same MAP / level, you do it by patterns / layout and theme, You don't want to add a cave in the middle of a church level for example, that will break the theme and the pattern. ** Use very small patterns (Having 2 doors to the left and 2 doors to the right is ok, but if you extend it to 100 doors to each side, you are going to bore the player(. *** You may want to learn design rules/practices by PROFESSIONALS and NOT the community. The reason is a practical one, Professional made maps were Q\A'd and a lot of people actually PAID money to play them. You may also want to learn what NOT TO DO from the community, There are a lot of amateurs and they make a lot of mistakes. (Please note that the argument above got a lot of exceptions to the rule).
  7. d-Illasera

    heXen Upstart Mapping Project (RELEASED!)

    As mentioned in my original post, i gave it a shot, not long though because it failed to capture my attention, so i was unwilling to dive into it for more than noclipping around areas and getting an overall glimpse.
  8. d-Illasera

    How do you come up with good ideas for maps?

    1.)Nature. 2.)Existing architecture. 3.)Stealing from others and tweaking for your own usage. (Cross references, use different products from different genres). 4.)Placing your IDEAS in WORDS FIRST , on a text editor (Or record your voice) and try to shape the words into layout and try to give it life in a Vector graphics editor (Like : Inkscape), Example : you can say to yourself ("I want the player to reach point A to B while having the walls closing on the player, how do i shape the area that encapsulate point A and B"). Pro tip : Do not go right away to your favorite doom editor to make the map, because then your mind will start thinking gameplay instead of layout first. use a vector graphic sketchup program first with primitives and basic colors only.
  9. d-Illasera

    heXen Upstart Mapping Project (RELEASED!)

    Maybe that is the problem , With the exception of map03 that seems somewhat ACCEPTABLE at first glance that is. Other maps look like meaningless scribble in doom builder, Go back to the source material , Look at the core design of Hexen maps (I am not sure if you are aware, but the level designers for the original game had a degree in history and did research European middle-age architecture. Now obviously nobody will go to that extend, But let's step down before we try to package into a .wad file as many maps as we can possibly can; And start with the shapes, start with the basics, with proper layout design, with a connection from one sector to the other that makes some coherent sense. You may also copy-paste things from the core game TO FURTHER TWEAK (As i have noticed in some instances of the map package) , But its more important to understand why it works the way it does (That goes for "Things" placement as well, understand why they put monsters/items in the position they did). - I would suggest going back to drawing board and try to understand the fundamentals of basic layout and level design, I know its extremely vague but i can't put my finger on something and say "This needs to be changed", This whole thing looks like somebody's nightmare. (The first step before you launch the game, you can compare in slade , hexen.wad and xump.wad and say to yourself "This thing got NOTHING TO DO with the source material, its not even on the same playing field. (AKA : Game-wise, beside the repeat of textures/monsters, there is nothing hexen-like from my experience of your wad) - I wish you luck and hope your future product will improve to a playable level.