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  1. Thanks for your suggestion. I downloaded doom64ex-plus- for windows and I put -file "DOOM64EX_RELOADED_V1C.wad" as "other parameters" in the launcher. The game does not load up with the mod and either crashes right away or before the first map is loaded. It works without the mod though, and mouse seems good. Can anyone confirm this its working?
  2. So I downloaded an older Doom 64 steam version as the last updated versions do not work with the mouse x / y patch. It worked without doom reloaded just fine. But when trying to load it with this mod it crashes to the desctop even before the main screen. Before this I installed it with doom ex, which also worked, even with this mod. But the mouse input was laggy when strafing which seems to be a known problem with doom ex. There must be a way to play doom 64 reloaded with proper mouse input, right? Or are we stuck with either choppy gameplay (doom 64 ex) or no vertical mouse look (doom 64 steam) ?
  3. eviltechno

    Melodeath (7 map Boom miniwad) Final

    Great animated skybox. I saw this promoted in a youtube video. I wish there was an universal mod that could put this in all wads- hehe. Good work.
  4. Great man. Not happening in the next few weeks, but my next Doom64 playthrough will definately be with your mod. Already installed it some time ago when I found it on moddb. Looking forward to your stuff!
  5. eviltechno

    modern textures?

  6. eviltechno

    modern textures?

    Read downloads in the description. You have to load these files after your other mods.
  7. eviltechno

    New Doom 64 mouselook?

    To answer my own question, in case someone is wondering this as well: The cvars are: cl_msensitivityx cl_msensitivityy cl_mbasesensitivity
  8. eviltechno

    New Doom 64 mouselook?

    Nice to see someone made a patch for this. I can confirm its working. However, the vertical mouse speed is much to fast even when lowering overall speed all the to the left in the menu. (there is only an option to adjust horizontal mousespeed besides overall speeds) Someone knows how to change those values in console?
  9. I listen a lot to the 20. anniversary albums while playing doom.
  10. which lacks extended tracks and 8 bonus tracks. go for it
  11. Amazing, will check it out!
  12. eviltechno

    FANDOOM Eternal

    Thank you for the upload. edit: links are dead
  13. eviltechno

    How To Play Doom 64 In GZDOOM

    all good
  14. eviltechno

    How To Play Doom 64 In GZDOOM

    Maybe a troll? I mean he knows how to google for mods and doom 64, as he demonstrates in his video, so he must be aware of Doom 64: Retribution (and all the other countless mods)
  15. eviltechno

    Brutal or Vanilla: Which do you prefer?

    I was always more of the "ketchup" goremod guy rather than brutal doom. But after a longer break from doom and mods brutal doom 21 RC1 got me back to doom and even enjoying brutal doom for the very first time. Later then when RC2-RC7 got released in a kinda short period of time (giving the amount of time RC1 was around) I lost interest as it just got way too much and especially the blood effects didn't have a fitting setting for me anymore. On setting 3 it was so much that some enemies just disappear behind the red sprites and on setting 2 there were just to few effects in general, but still too much with certain weapons. So I kept playing some modded version of bd21 (RC1) and bolognese goremod. Still looking forward to future projects. (BD22 or other goremods)