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  1. eviltechno

    New Doom 64 mouselook?

    To answer my own question, in case someone is wondering this as well: The cvars are: cl_msensitivityx cl_msensitivityy cl_mbasesensitivity
  2. eviltechno

    New Doom 64 mouselook?

    Nice to see someone made a patch for this. I can confirm its working. However, the vertical mouse speed is much to fast even when lowering overall speed all the to the left in the menu. (there is only an option to adjust horizontal mousespeed besides overall speeds) Someone knows how to change those values in console?
  3. I listen a lot to the 20. anniversary albums while playing doom.
  4. which lacks extended tracks and 8 bonus tracks. go for it
  5. Amazing, will check it out!
  6. eviltechno

    FANDOOM Eternal

    Thank you for the upload. edit: links are dead
  7. eviltechno

    How To Play Doom 64 In GZDOOM

    all good
  8. eviltechno

    How To Play Doom 64 In GZDOOM

    Maybe a troll? I mean he knows how to google for mods and doom 64, as he demonstrates in his video, so he must be aware of Doom 64: Retribution (and all the other countless mods)
  9. eviltechno

    Brutal or Vanilla: Which do you prefer?

    I was always more of the "ketchup" goremod guy rather than brutal doom. But after a longer break from doom and mods brutal doom 21 RC1 got me back to doom and even enjoying brutal doom for the very first time. Later then when RC2-RC7 got released in a kinda short period of time (giving the amount of time RC1 was around) I lost interest as it just got way too much and especially the blood effects didn't have a fitting setting for me anymore. On setting 3 it was so much that some enemies just disappear behind the red sprites and on setting 2 there were just to few effects in general, but still too much with certain weapons. So I kept playing some modded version of bd21 (RC1) and bolognese goremod. Still looking forward to future projects. (BD22 or other goremods)
  10. eviltechno

    Vanilla&SmoothDoom onscreen weapons 4x upscale

    Wasn't this done before? Screenshots look very familiar I remember some strange looking things with the mod I tried long ago. Plasmagun looked weird if i recall right. So this might be better. edit: Nevermind my post. I tried the upscaled smooth version and it's really good. The plasmagun looks fine as well.
  11. eviltechno

    UltraHD Texture Pack - 2nd Tech Demo released!

    haha. good fun
  12. eviltechno

    Doom Episode - 1 Remaster

    great stuff
  13. eviltechno

    What device do you use for aiming & turning?

    I play Doom on a mouse & keyboard "emulation" using xpadder software with an xbox one controller. (just like any first person shooter) Xpadder allows me to use the same turning / acceleration speed in any game. I have aim assist disabled. (It wouldn't work anyway as game can't detect the controller that way. I'm coming from mouse and keyboard as well btw.
  14. eviltechno

    Do you prefer Doom 3 or Quake 4?

    I really liked Quake 4 singleplayer (especially when the story told you why you were even able to run "fast" at some point) Doom 3 was honestly only nice because of the graphics (back then..)
  15. eviltechno

    Doom 3 Weapon mod edit I made