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  1. eviltechno

    Supercharge [gameplay mod | v1.2 11/9/19 PE fix]

    Is there a guns only version for this?
  2. eviltechno


    I like centered crosshairs in my screen. Can't help it.
  3. eviltechno

    UltraHD Texture Pack - 2nd Tech Demo released!

    Glad your pc is working again. All the best for you.
  4. eviltechno

    (WIP) Mortal Kombat II for zandronum (gzdoom 1.8.10)

    Best MK ever IMHO. Unfortunately the steam version was a straight copy of the (unfair) arcade version. (rather than console version)
  5. eviltechno

    Brutal Doom 64 with Obaddon

    Sure you do. Maybe it's usefull for others.
  6. eviltechno

    Brutal Doom 64 with Obaddon

    Yea, probably not too much work for you and me. And also not for the OP. Just saying you can have this in less than 3 seconds with a random music converter, which does all that minus the track list notifier by itself ;) You just have to put music files of any format in one folder and hit the executable. But lets shorten things up. Heres the tool. Originally intended for doom4 music, but works with everything. https://www.moddb.com/mods/d4d-doom4-for-doom/addons/proj2music3pk
  7. eviltechno

    Brutal Doom 64 with Obaddon

    You mean renaming all tracks you want to use to track01, track02, track03 ... ? That's way too much work. There's a one click solution. Though I used to mod the randomizer you are talking about, to make use of the artist text. But really only useful if you need this. Involes way too much editing.
  8. eviltechno

    Brutal Doom 64 with Obaddon

    "About the doom 64 tracks randomized, I agree this would be the perfect fit, I don't know if such a thing exists though." It does. I actually bought the extended anniversary edition of "doom 64" and "psx doom" soundtrack and made these packs myself. If you don't what to buy anything, I think you could just use one of the musicpacks spreading around. (for brutal doom or some other doom64 total conversion) Creating a randomizing music pack is quite easy. There's a tool for this.
  9. eviltechno

    Brutal Doom 64 with Obaddon

    Yes you probably tweaked it even more, but I already had this concern with 1 or 2 modders in the past. None of them was able to recreate BD64 style reloading to BD21 unfortunately. "Oblige to Obaddon is huge, the levels are so much fun and detailed." I was surprised to see streets with cars in an oblige map. btw, wondering why you recommended something other than HQPSXMUS.WAD for the music. One could even make a randomizer music pack with the doom64 tracks. Would fit perfectly.
  10. eviltechno

    Brutal Doom 64 with Obaddon

    This is great. So much thanks for this. Hard to believe these maps were made with a map generator. Brutal doom 64 is pretty much perfect. Much better than BD21 RC10 (gold). Don't know why Sgt. Mark V had the shotgun reloading right in BD64, but skipped proper configuation in BD21. In BD64 when you pressed reload instantly after shooting, you just automatically reload after the pump animation stops (how it's done in any good shooter btw) In BD21 RC1 you have to wait for the animation and when you messed up the timing you have to press reload another time. RC2 just featured an instant reloading, which aborts any current animations. Not too annoying, but when he had it working in BD64, why not using the code again for later BD releases.. Anyway thanks for sharing!
  11. eviltechno

    UD/D2 map remakes?

    Doom 2 reloaded
  12. eviltechno

    BD: BYHAE, a tale

    It was not just BD21 compatible. AFAIK there were other fixes and additions. So if anything, making that already improved BD21 RC1 (?) version of BYHAE compatible with BD21 RC11 (gold) would be the best and easiest way, but someone has to post that version. (Maybe someone has a better wire to XV117)
  13. eviltechno

    BD: BYHAE, a tale

    double post
  14. eviltechno

    BD: BYHAE, a tale

    That's not the v21 version. Just the usual file spreading around from 2013.
  15. eviltechno

    BD: BYHAE, a tale

    There was at least one modded/fixed BYHAE at moddb, but the uploaders were asked to put it down. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to try it. Maybe someone can provide a link here. I still have this screen as I asked the uploader in private long ago https://archive.is/oJfHR (He didn't reply to me)