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  1. Bolognese does not know which gameplay mod you are going to use it with, so it doesn't have the required sprites. Such "universal gore mod" for exploding heads, as you mentioned, most likely exists for games that use 3D models. It will however never work with sprites.
  2. eviltechno

    Kaiser X 1.0

    You can? depends under which circumstances i guess. If i just start the game in e1m1, i get out of ammo before i even got a shotgun or something, as the enemies don't drop and are about 6x stronger as in vanilla. Makes no sense. To anwer your question, that MegaNailborg dude was the most annoying one in the first map with his 500 Health. Problem is, even if you put them down to 200 they are still a bit tuff, as you start with a pistol and they appear as the first enemies. Thats why i asked if you had cheats in mind. So don't know if it's too much work, but either give them weapons to drop or make them spawn later. Or make them mix with shotgunners who can drop. Adjusting health only wont help much.
  3. eviltechno

    Kaiser X 1.0

    Thanks for upload. I was looking for stuff like this. Something that just randomize the enemies with a wide variety of custom ones, for "vanilla" doom. @Edward Damn that looks awful. Wanted to use this without weaponpacks. Was browsing the files with SLADE in hope to find a textfile, to just exclude some enemies. With no luck. Anyway I will most likely try this in coop some time and just trow in enough lives. I'm already thankful that this is Zandronum compatible. [edit:] Ok, this is unplayable. Tried to drop skill from 4 to 2 + used a stronger weapon mod. Did you put this mod together with IDDQD in mind? [edit:2] nvm
  4. This bug excists no matter which addon or mod you are running.
  5. It's already there.. called "Brutal Doom" Bolognese is a universal gore mod.
  6. eviltechno

    AIMX - Zandronum Hacks and Cheats [Youtube Video]

    Just perfect. Thanks. One more question though, is there an update timer or something to display the name/healthbar in a more smooth way?. No big deal really, just curious. It also seems to depend a bit on the gameplay mod or internet.
  7. eviltechno

    AIMX - Zandronum Hacks and Cheats [Youtube Video]

    When setting "aimx_wallspynames" to Off instead of the names just disappearing they get replaced with a flickering red icon. How can I prevent that? I didn't find that icon in the sprites folder.
  8. eviltechno

    AIMX - Zandronum Hacks and Cheats [Youtube Video]

    Thanks for posting. Fortunately there was a source file provided, so i finally got what i wanted for weeks Merry Christmas
  9. eviltechno

    [v 0 .95] Doom Neural Upscale 2X

    Only works with GZDoom?
  10. eviltechno

    Playing Deep in Hell

    Thanks! I know about slaughter maps, but i thought this is a rather big "non slaughtermap" with a very high amount of monsters. Not ridiculous :)
  11. eviltechno

    DOOM 64 Mega-Mega Project

    I thought this is zandronum focused, as i read multiplayer. The new maps from Nevanders Doom64 mod usually can't be played in zandronum and nobody made it compatible. The same with his older version 1.4. Zandronum won't run because of the gameplay stuff included.
  12. eviltechno

    DOOM 64 Mega-Mega Project

    Thanks for this. So this is some best of map pack? It would be nice if someone made some full mappacks for zandronum (talking about the addon maps)
  13. eviltechno

    Playing Deep in Hell

    4500+ enemies in one map. Thanks for upload. Also nice weapon mod / sounds.
  14. eviltechno

    OTEX texture set released!

    When reading "universal texture pack" i thought it would be working with all maps, replacing default textures.
  15. eviltechno

    Searching mod to see ALLIES through the map

    Just some alternative addon/plugin to team radar v3. In D4T for example the team radar doesn't work. It works after mapchange or when the other player(s) join but then their dot disappear for unknown reason. However a mini automap would be very cool for newer players, but i can see why people think this might be too "nooby" or whatever. For my preference i would love just seeing the team mates / allies through the walls as an indicator. My other main coop game is left 4 dead 1. Probably that's why. There you can see the teammates highlighted in cyan-glow, everywhere, from any distance. If that glow is disabled its called "realism mode". IMO Realism mode doesn't really fit into doom coop, as the maps can get way to complex and players can get lost in no time.