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  1. Looks great, can I use your sky texture for a new map I'm working on?
  2. Gustavo

    What are you playing now?

    Zombies TC (the original one) Ashes 2063 Talosian Incident Realm of Shades E4 of Ultimate Doom Maskim Xul
  3. Let me know if you have time to check out my 2-map WAD:
  4. If you have time to play my two-map WAD - The Breach, that would be great!
  5. Gustavo

    The Breach - 2 Techbase maps

    Thanks so much for playing the maps and sharing your experience!
  6. Gustavo

    Your advices for mappers

    A novice mapper myself my only advice would be - begin in Boom format, see what you can produce after a handful of days, and release. Don't start with ZDoom as you can get carried away with all the extra bells and whistles.
  7. I've noticed there's no general rule of thumb for number of levels in a WAD. Some teams release 32 map mega WADs, others just a handful of levels and other mappers (for example Memfis), like releasing single map WADs. What do people prefer? Does it make a difference at all in terms of gameplay? Even when releasing single map WADs, do they need to be big/huge maps in order to find them worthwile?
  8. Gustavo

    The Breach - 2 Techbase maps

    Hi all, After struggling since 2012 to release a Doom map, I wanted to share 2 techbase maps I created between August and September 2019. Prior to this release all maps I worked on ended up becoming over ambitious beasts that I never quite finished. I decided to timebox myself and see what I could do in less than 2 months. The Breach is the product of this exercise. Since these are my first 2 finished maps don't expect anything fancy, they are pretty simple and straightforward. Whats required: 1) Doom2.wad These maps have been tested in GZDoom (3.5.1) and prboom+ ( I'm not sure if they will work in other source ports. Hope you like them. You can download the wad right here: breach.rar Screenshots below: MAP01: MAP02:
  9. Gustavo

    Creating a custom sky texture

    Thanks! I'll try this out.
  10. Gustavo

    Creating a custom sky texture

    Hi all, Wanted to see if there's an official guide on how to create a custom sky in Doom2? I tried to basically select the 256x128 area of an image, changed the name of the image to RSKY1, put the image inside a wad between PP_START and PP_END markers and then converted the image to a Doom graphic (in Slade 3). One of the things that happens after this stage is that the image's palette gets destroyed and when I play the wad the sky looks completely messed up. I have not found any guidelines on how to make the image's palette approximate Doom's palette. Any guidance would be appreciated. This is a map for PrBoom.
  11. Hi all, I don't post much here but wanted to show you something I've been working on for the past year. Since it's Doom-related I wanted to share it with you guys. It's basically Augmented Reality Doom using Android's ARCore framework. As of now, the app is only available for Android. I launched v1.4 with some new features today. Feel free to check it out on the Google Play Store - it's free and contains no ads (I hate ads). Note: Doom is property of Zenimax and special thanks for Falcon Delta for ripping the sprites. Below are 2 videos of the app in action (tested with a Pixel 2 XL phone), happy to hear any feedback:
  12. Gustavo

    is there any very hard wads where they have 3000000 or more

    Holy Hell and Holy Hell Revealed
  13. Gustavo

    How to Deal with Mapping Sadness

    Wanted to provide another perspective on this topic regarding Mapping Sadness. It took me a while to understand but I think it's sometimes hard to realize that when we look at some amazing maps out there, that we enjoy playing, we don't consider the possibility that the creator faced challenges and self-doubt. If we play a great map, the mapper must have been confident, greatly talented and had everything figured out from the start. This is not the case and actually a fantasy. We are aware of our own flaws, but not of everybody else's flaws or struggles as a mapper. Perhaps some of the mappers we idolize had a hard time as well, and were not confident of their own creations. This video on Impostor Syndrome might help to summarize, hope it helps: