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  1. Whitestellar

    A mod to trow balance out of the window: WS

    Been there, done that
  2. Hello... i'm kinda nervous here heh My first time posting a mod, it's is just a sprite work here and there with some edition on damage. This mod i call Whitestell, it's a unfair, unfunny and all time broken mod to the mortaly chanllenged, but, if you're not, let me tell you, you may like it Well, give it a go, i tried my best, some weapons pickup is kinda huge, but not to much broken And the most fun part? None of them need amunition, ffs, they are HELL POWERED, why should them? The downside? You cannot pick any health or armor, that's all And some credits: And the link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bkza92grmo92xyk/Whitestell.rar/file
  3. Whitestellar

    Guitar Gun

    I'm making a mod, my plan is to substitute the BFG 9000 with a hit scan in area guitar, any ideia how to make it play a mid while hold fire button?
  4. Whitestellar

    EXP System and how to Slade it

    Hi. First time using this forum because I really need help to solve a thing. Trying to make my first Gun Mod, but i get and ideia: How about Damage Multiplier System? I need to know how to configure a XP variant without a cap (virtualy with a giant unreacheble cap) with give +1 damage to the character every level And i need to know how to use it, because is hard to understande the Wiki in how to integrate complicated scripts. Already have the weapons and the Regen system, but need to find someone who know how to do this Level Up System, a very simple one