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Status Updates posted by ReaperAA

  1. For the sake of curiosity, I decided to try out the political compass test after reading this old (and now closed) thread. And this is what I got.


    Economic Left/Right: -1.5
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.74


    Surprisingly was not expecting to be this much left, since in the past, I would always get it dead center on both economic and social scale.

    1. Kyka


      Based on this post, I also did the political compass test just now, and I surprised myself slightly also. I am moderately conservative politically, though I am quite anti big-government and very pro certain social issues that are defined as 'leftist', so those things defined my political compass more than my conservatism I guess. Thank you for the heads up.1421745521_politicalcompassdotorg2023-05-30013921.png.8fada9c7dfe11db51498b2273a6ec39b.png

    2. Kes Gaming YT

      Kes Gaming YT

      Funny you should mention this! I took the same test back in February and this was my result:


  2. Happy Eid-ul-Fitr Mubarak to all the Muslims around the world.

    1. taufan99


      Eid mubarak!

  3. Happy Eid-ul-Fitr holiday to all the fellow Muslims in the world.

  4. Hey taufan99, I have been missing you :(


    I hope you comeback to DW one day.

    1. taufan99


      Speak of the devil...

    2. ReaperAA


      Oh shi... for some reason I skipped or didn't get the notification of your reply on Thursday. And only realized you are back after you liked my comment just now.


      Glad to have you back dude :') 

  5. Is anyone else having any technical issues on doomworld? I seem to be able to open and login on DW just fine (even able to seem my own and other member profiles just fine), but I am not able to open/view any thread. I get the "This page isn't working at the moment" HTTP error 500 when I open any thread.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Omniarch


      I'm having the same issue.

    3. NuMetalManiak


      I see new posts but cannot access the threads they're in. Very strange happenings.

    4. Horus


      Change your theme to wide or white (using the dropdown at the bottom of the page), then it works

  6. For Mother Russia!!!



    No I didn't turn into a communist. It's the Soviet faction logo from Command & Conquer Red Alert 3. And the background is from Red Alert 2.


    It's a temporary logo change. I might revert back in sometime.

    1. Endless


      Kane live-! Oh wait, wrong faction.

    2. DSC


      Welcome back comrade! Its nice to see you back in town... Wait a minute... How did you go from the GDU to the Soviet Union? They are two totally different timelines! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS? DID YURI TEACH KANE ABOUT TIME TRAVEL?!?!

  7. Hello Lavenza and welcome to Doomworld. Are you the same Lavenza who has done Red Faction 1 speedruns?


    1. Lavenza




      Correct I am indeed :)


      Thanks for the welcome

  8. Ramadan Mubarak fellow Doomer ;)

    1. taufan99


      Thanks! Nothing more joyful than reading stuff like this from any people during this month.

  9. Hello there. So the guy with the "most powerful" Doom source port has blessed Doomworld with their presence. We feel honored (not 😆)

    1. Dwars


      You can 'thank' the legendary Mike L. from the Microsoft Store for that source port. I just played the thing!

    2. ReaperAA


      Oh! I thought u created that port. Kudos to Mike L. then.

    3. obake


      Hey, Dwars. I just recently started watching your videos. It's crazy how many source ports there are. There's something for everyone!

  10. Just read ur comment on Doomkid's status. I feel sorry for u for suffering from chronic pain for 8 months. I hope u get better soon and I wish u good health.

    1. CyberDreams


      I appreciate the support. Thanks for the kind words :)