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  1. ReaperAA

    What sort of wads would you like to see?

    Maps that are around 10 to 15 minutes in length. Less numbers, but intelligent use of monsters (think Plutonia-like usage). Less BFG spam and more love towards underrated weapons like chaingun and plasmagun. Nice aesthetics with some build engine games like levels here and there.
  2. In case anyone missed this, Dario is back in action again and this time, he is playing.... VALIANT!!!
  3. ReaperAA

    The Activision Blizzard Situation ¿Any Thoughts?

    This honestly. I don't see Acti-blizzard getting worse than how bad it already is. If anything, if Kotick is kicked from his job, there might be a chance for things to improve. This kind of feels like the same situation as Gearbox and 3D Realms being under the umbrella of Embracer group, which made some people hopeful about Duke's future. Though pretty sure nothing is really gonna change about either Duke or Heretic/Hexen.
  4. ReaperAA

    The Activision Blizzard Situation ¿Any Thoughts?

    Microsoft Owns Activision-Blizzard. MOAB for short.
  5. ReaperAA

    Random Video Thread

    Normally, I am not much into anime girls stuff, but THIS...... this made me chuckle.
  6. For those of use who like playing modern uber-detailed Quake maps, this might be useful. I came to know about this just yesterday that there is a fork of Quakespasm by Andrei Drexler released about a month ago which offers massive performance boost over vanilla Quakespasm. This tweet shows the FPS numbers difference between original QS and the fork: I can confirm that it has massive performance boost over the default Quakespasm. With default QS, AD_Tears (from Arcane Dimensions) would run at sub-60fps and would even drop to 30fps at the worst spots. Whereas on this fork, I got consistent 60 fps. Even when I increased FSAA from 0 to 4 (4x anti-aliasing), I was still running at 60fps, with only a slight dip to 52fps for a split second at one point. Running AD_Tears at 60fps brought a tear on my eyes :') The code and binary are available here: https://github.com/andrei-drexler/quakespasm/releases
  7. @Immorpher offtopic but can you tell me where you got those color lighting files from. I too am using colored lights with the official maps, but they don't have as many lights as your version have Or are they just part of Quake 64?
  8. They assigned 1 point to 1000 Lines 3 CP now, which was previously assigned to Newdoom Community Project
  9. Great news. Changed the thread name to indicate the current name for the fork.
  10. ReaperAA

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    A very nice and atmospheric palette, but I do think that the blue range indices (which are purple-ish range in your palette's case) could have been more even in their brightness drop off. It looks like the brightness massively drops after the 8th index from the brightest blue and the next indices afterwards have very gradual brightness change.
  11. ReaperAA

    Choosing Only 5 wads to Play Forever

    Eviternity: My favorite modern megawad with nice aesthetics, combat difficulty that is ideal comfort zone for me and great sense of adventure. Also has a couple marathon sized maps that can keep me busy for longer periods. 1000 Lines 3 CP: Despite being limited by 1000 linedefs, the maps are really gorgeous and have well crafted layouts. The dehacked weapon changes are chef's kiss. Assault rifle and fast weapon switching is awesome (wish more wads had fast weapon switching). The 1000 lines limit means that the maps are more compact and thus prevent them from sloggy. Plutonia 2: I love Plutonia style combat and the sequel very much has that, while also having overall better level design. Gusta's maps in particular are really nice. Valiant: Skillsaw is a mapper who loves designing maps that have very very impressive architecture coupled with very punchy (and occasionally mean) gameplay. Gotta need my Skillsaw fix if I am stuck on an island. Although Heartland is my favorite Skillsaw wad because of its quality, but because it is much shorter than Valiant, I would choose Valiant over it if I am stuck on an island. Faithless Trilogy: Okay, this one is a Heretic wad, but I don't care. I like it enough that I am including it.
  12. ReaperAA

    Preferred WAD difficulty style?

    My preferences: Maps that are around 15-ish mins long on average. I don't mind if maps are shorter, but long maps in succession start feeling like a slog. Occasional long map is fine for me. Middle 2 episodes of Eviternity is generally my ideal comfort difficulty. I don't mind playing easier or harder maps when I am in mood though. I prefer maps that make intelligent use of monster to increase difficulty (like Plutonia) and not by throwing hordes of enemies at me (like Hell Revealed). I prefer good mix of incidental and arena encounters. All incidental combat or all arena combat can get tiring for me. In case of a megawad, I prefer variety in aesthetics. Samey looking aesthetics can get tiring for me. I don't like constant difficulty or an exponential difficulty curve in megawads. I prefer more ups and down in difficulty. I feel that breather maps are very important to have, especially in between a group of hard maps. Likewise, if there are many easy maps, it is important to have a tough map in between them to spice things up. Alien Vendetta mostly got it right, with the exception of maps 25, 26 and 27 being 3 consecutive maps that are very long.
  13. ReaperAA

    Favourite Map from each episode?

    Favorites of each episode: E1 : E1M7 or E1M5 E2 : E2M2 or E2M4 E3 : E3M6 E4 : E4M2 Least Favorites E1 : E1M9 E2 : E2M3 or E2M9 E3 : Almost every map other than E3M6. Probably E3M7 or E3M5 E4 : E4M4
  14. GZDoom: Most used Doom source port for good reasons. Supports all Doom engine games. Tons of graphical options and best modding capabilities among all Doom port. Very customizable. You can make the visuals look identical to vanilla or turn on all the Hardware renderer eyecandy. Support for various compatibilty options that can be tweaked to make GZDoom behave like near vanilla. Optional support for freelook, jumping and crouching. Support for Quake-style console. Highest number of sourceport-exclusive mods/content are made for it. Even some commercial retro FPS games such as Hedon, Selaco(WIP) and Supplice(WIP) use GZDoom. Probably more that I haven't listed. As of this date, the only source port to support Vulkan renderer. Now also comes with OpenGL ES renderer which means even low end computers can enjoy it. +20 years of legacy and still going strong. It runs Brootal Doom and Project Brootality DSDA-Doom: The de facto source port for speedrunners and demo recorders Being a fork of PrBoom+ means it has all of PrBoom+ features, including all the demo recording/playback features. Makes PrBoom+ totally obsolete Only demo compatible source port able to run Doom, Heretic and Hexen with the same .exe Most feature rich among all the demo-compatible source ports. Unlike most other Demo compatible ports, it actually has support for resolutions higher than 400p. Being conservative with modding and having hardware renderer means it usually has best performance among almost all source ports. One of the only 2 source ports that have complete MBF21 standard support (other being Woof). Only source port as of this date to support Rewind feature
  15. Best place to report crash or other bugs would be the Raze github page OR Raze bug report section in ZDoom forums
  16. Definite sounds like a unique idea. But I see one big BIG problem This here makes it a bad idea, especially if this is applied for the entire campaign and not just one mission/map of the campaign. Because with a game that just gives all the resources at the start, most players with likely just go gung-ho... until they reach a point where they realize that they shouldn't have, but then it would be too late and they would have to start over. Even with making adequate adjustments and warnings given to the players at the start of the campaign, some players will still make the mistakes of playing the game carelessly and waste their ammo resources by overkilling or missing their shots. For example, I have seen some occasions of casual Doom players on YT where they waste ammo by using some 5-6 shots of SSG to kill a far away cacodemon (which normally takes 2 SSG shots + maybe a few bullets). By the time they realise their mistake it would be too late and then the realization of starting over would easily frustrate many players.
  17. Just to make it clear, I am not particularly against SR40 or even SR50 being required if the wad in question is meant for experienced/veteran players. But since this is TNT: Forever we are talking about, which as you said would be an accessible difficulty wad, it would not be a great idea to add that. There are plenty of pro youtuber players (even apart from Zeromaster or Decino). But there are also plenty of newbie/average joe players there. Players of all skill levels exist on YT. Also, most of the newbie players don't usually visit Doomworld/Doomwiki and thus don't easily get to learn about the advanced techniques.
  18. ReaperAA

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    If you liked Valiant, I would also recommend to check his other wads such as Heartland and Ancient Aliens
  19. Exactly. Straferunning is apparantly not so common among your average joe youtubers. Another youtuber I know is Kes Gaming, who has been playing Doom for over a year now, but I can guarantee that he would not have figured out straferunning if someone hadn't told him about it. What's funny is that he still doesn't use it because he finds it hard (even though SR40 is really easy to perform). And whenever he did SR40 for performing a jump, his jump is usually not better than what an experienced player can do with straight running.
  20. ReaperAA

    Guess the map (12th edition) (thou art an answer meister)

    Lol, I was just today watching one of pagb666's video and.... Also, after reading the hints
  21. True color software renderer is quite demanding whenever I used it. For a change, I would recommend giving a shot to hardware renderer (using OpenGL ES renderer for GZDoom if you have old hardware) and sector lighting mode set to either "Doom" or "Software". You would get similar lighting and colors with likely much better performance such that you won't need to lower the resolution. Though with that said, you won't get Y-shearing and sprites would look flat when looking up/down. So its a give and take situation
  22. ReaperAA

    id Tech And Unreal Engine

    It depends which version we are talking about. When it comes to modern versions, Unreal Engine wins by a longshot. The id Tech engines from 4 onwards have seen limited use outside of id's own games and the last two versions (id Tech 6 and 7) were literally designed for just in-house use only (for Doom and Wolfenstein games).
  23. ReaperAA

    If Final Doom had a third IWAD, what would it be?

    Exactly. There is no way Icarus would have been the 3rd Final Doom wad, simply because Icarus was born for the sole reason to make up for turning Evilution into a commercial wad. I think either Perdition's Gate or Memento Mori 2 would have been the best candidates for the 3rd Final Doom wad. Perdition's Gate was literally designed in hope of becoming the 3rd Final Doom wad, but unfortunately missed the deadline. Memento Mori 2 was developed around the same time period and probably would have been a good candidate for a Final Doom wad as it was the sequel to the popular MM wad.
  24. Definitely Hardware rendering because Software renderer's performance sucks ass on my laptop CPU.
  25. ReaperAA

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    ye good ol' midi composer