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  1. Hello Everyone !


    I am writeing from Hungary . I would like to make a new doom 2 wad with new monsters and new weapons , but i don't know how . Already I know how to make a new map in GZDoombuilder but i don't know how to make and script a new monster and weapon in slade . Please help me . Just write down simply or send me a link which i learn easily . 


    Thanks a lot .

    Best Regards : Tornado

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    2. Tornado


      Thank you very much . I will see what can I do .

    3. Tornado



      How can I change a monster texture size in SLADE ?

    4. Tornado




      I have a problem . What did I do wrong ? I draw a some sprites but my sprites compared to the others is not good because they looks like cartoons .

      What do I do to be realistic ? Please help me.


      Thanks in advance !

      gzdoom 2018-11-09 15-33-45-05.jpg