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  1. Besides it's almost impossible we know the actual truth, because no one is gonna post any proof, I appreciate the long statement from Marty. Assuming that what he says it's the truth, I don't think it was a communication problem. If you signed a contract, you delay it a month, and you don't accomplish it, it's always your fault. I understand that creativity takes time, but as a experienced composer, you should know, roughly, how much time it'd take. Let's see if Mick clarifies something. The whole situation is a pity.
  2. Martin-CAI


    This is the thread for Urdak lovers, right? I really wanna see more of it in DLCs.
  3. - 23 - Completed. - First in UV, then in NM and the last in extra life mode - Didn't lower I'm really really used to play FPSs, but I must say that this game requiers specific learning to quickly switch between many tools; thing that no FPS that I've ever played has. Once I got used to all the tools and bound them correctly, now it just flows. P.S.: And yes, I'd say that is a combination of: normal reflexes decline by aging and amount of time spent in FPSs in the past and in the present. And you can add talent maybe, but that's not easily mesurable.
  4. Martin-CAI

    thoughts on the Kahn Maykr?

    I would've liked to stab the chainsaw right to her face to finish the battle, but still a really good boss fight.
  5. Martin-CAI

    Doom 2016 vs Doom Eternal

    My vote is for D2016 because I have almost no criticism in it and, on top of that, the risk of failure was bigger than Eternal. They kept so many aspects from classic Doom, and they innovated with other ones, which were great and fit perfectly, imo. In my view, Eternal has more criticizable aspects, because it feels that they overloaded the game with new things, and some of them just don't feel necessarily right on it. Eternal has great things, though: battles feel more Doom than D2016, to me; really hard and imposing bosses; awesome landscapes. But D2016 is a more even game, I like it entirely, and that's why I think it's slightly more enjoyable, in general terms.
  6. Martin-CAI

    Mick Gordon’s Club House

    I couldn't agree more. Those ambient tracks mixed with some enviroments, just fit perfectly, like Taras Nabad or Urdak. But I think that the combat music is not as bright as it was in 2016. There are some good ones, of course, but for me, no one is memorable. On a side note, it's a pity that bossbattle tracks are all kinda flat. Even in D2016. They deserved more love.
  7. Martin-CAI

    Favorite and disliked level

    Just the title. Any reason is allowed. To me, Urdak was the one that I enjoyed the most. The enviroment, the soundtrack, the hard battles and the boss fight are the reasons, all of them fit perfectly I feel. On the other hand, I didn't like the Cultist Base. Mainly because I found myself doing more platforming than Dooming. I feel that they exaggerated that aspect of the game in this one. Also, the scene where you control a Revenant... I understand that they made it because they wanted to kinda show you how battlemode works, but a little weird scene still.
  8. Martin-CAI

    I'm stuck... it's a bug :(

    Okay, this is getting a little annoying. It crashed again twice, in two different master levels. The worst part is that those kind of levels don't have any checkpoint and they're quite long, so I have to redo them from the start. P.S. I veryfied the integrity of game files, nothing changed.
  9. Martin-CAI

    I'm stuck... it's a bug :(

    Glad to hear that I'm not the only one. I was about to finish a master level and the game crashed without any error.
  10. Martin-CAI

    I'm a bit confused by the lore tbh

    The brain surgery wasn't recorded cuz Satan was too rushed to stop the doomguy. The surgery failed, for sure.
  11. Martin-CAI

    I'm a bit confused by the lore tbh

    No no, it's not what I'd want to hear. It's just what I expect to happen because, you know, the story is not *really* rigorous, or maybe they are saving things for DLCs. It is said, for example, that the Doomguy arrived to Sentinel Prime mysteriously, just because. So I expect an explanation like that for your questions.
  12. Martin-CAI

    I'm a bit confused by the lore tbh

    What do you mean when you say that UAC doesn't remember him? And about weapons, I'd say just nostalgia and keeping classic things. With the other two, I think you're right, they are story holes. They can be easily patched tho, saying "no, it wasn't an actual titan yet" or "UAC made people to believe in them again, somehow".
  13. Martin-CAI

    Anyone else have invisible skins?

    Try to verify the integrity of game files on Steam. Maybe some of them are broken for some reason.
  14. Martin-CAI

    Collectibles IRL

    I need them, especially the Archie and the Cyberdemon. Am I the only one?
  15. Martin-CAI

    My analysis. A mix of feelings.

    I know that there are many analyses, but I wanted to do mine. I’m not gonna pretend to say the truth of Doom nor anything similar, I’m just giving my opinion. I’ll start with the things that I liked the most: -I applaud developers that have read people’s opinion. They listened to us, changed some things and added the possibility of changing others: the HUD; the grunt sound; the speed of the character (I’m not sure about this one, but by what I had seen in videos I feel like they speeded it up); they put ammo over the world so you don’t depend entirely on glory kills and stuff (but yeah, it’s not completely sufficient). -I felt the combats harder than 2016, in many aspects: Monsters take smarter decisions; you have to use your whole arsenal if you wanna succeed in UV or nightmare; there are way more minibosses that increases so much the difficulty of battles; more variety of monsters (I found arachnotrons and whiplashes so dangerous and really hard to beat). Also, I loved dashes, and when you completely improve it upgrading the praetor suit… Damn. Loved it. In sum, the combat aspect was the best thing of the game, imo. -The bosses. Like combats, they were an actual challenge in UV, more than 2016. Also, they added an epic style in them; thing that Doom had never had before. -The environments. I was impressed with most of them. It seems that they tried to make this Doom the most epic one, and with those ambiences, I think they achieved it. Many times, I found myself contemplating them. -An aspect that was quite controversial is the 1UP system. Personally, I didn’t like it when I saw it in videos, but when I played the game, I understood its utility. It is a second chance to survive in a battle, without having to reload the scenario. The good thing is: if you wanna play the game in an old-style way, you just don’t pick the 1UPs and everyone’s happy, because the game doesn’t reward you with them because, for example, you achieved certain amount of XP. So, if you don’t like them, you just don’t pick them. The thing that I didn’t completely like, but I don’t hate: the lore. I think it is too abundant, I would’ve preferred it to be simpler. I think that the thing that I didn’t like was this weird arrival of the Slayer to Sentinel’s world. I would’ve liked it to be just our protagonist, as a representant of Earth, against Maykrs and Hell, and that’s it. But well, on the other hand, I liked the addition of a heaven-like place, and its relation with hell, though. I didn’t like: -Too much spoilers about the game. I don’t know if they were overconfident, but they exposed too much about it before its release. Why showing pretty much every single mechanic? Why showing every single boss before? That kinda broke the mystery of not knowing who you’re gonna battle against. Why showing, for example, Urdak? Imagine entering to that place without knowing how it actually is, keeping the mystery of how their world is. I don’t feel that it was really necessary, they could’ve show less. -Imo, the worst one: the platforming. I found those parts out of place, tedious, and not fitting with the tone of the game at all. In Doom I’m looking for combats, not for jumping puzzles. Also, they kinda broke the atmosphere in some levels. On one hand, they make you feel that you are in an impressive place, and on the other, you have those parts where there are glowy buttons that open doors, activate blades or crushing walls, that make the game kinda silly. The worst level was the 3rd one. I felt that I wasn’t playing a Doom game. I know they took some risk adding that, but I feel that that they could’ve handled it differently. Maybe using those walls and tubes just to give you more movement, but not necessarily making puzzles. Some could like that, some others not. I didn’t like that at all. -The soundtrack. Not as cool as 2016. I didn’t find any good piece, those that really pump you up in combats. There are some good ones in chill moments though. So that’s it. I really liked the game, more than 2016 in some aspects, but I feel that they could’ve avoided some others.