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  1. Martin-CAI

    The future of DE modding

    I played it. It's quite messy and buggy, but it actually is really entertaining. Because it tries new stuff and it's not just a randomizer, it also brings back the surprise condiment that we lose when we've already played the game too much. I liked it.
  2. Martin-CAI

    Pepsi Slayer

    I offer you a gift. Take it. It will give you strength, help you on your journey... And now they will fear you.
  3. Martin-CAI

    Doom Eternal Ray Tracing Showcase + Other Notes

    Even though I have an RTX card, I'm not sure if it is worth playing DE with raytracing. It'll really depend on how many fps it'll cost, because playing DE with massive fps drops is not funny at all. So we'll see.
  4. Martin-CAI

    Just finished BTSX 1 & 2, any ideas...

  5. Martin-CAI

    The future of DE modding

    As I said many times, I'd love this game to stay alive for years, and the way to make that possible is having people commited to mod it. The thing is, there actually are many commited people. I really enjoy some of their work. But I'm not aware of what's possible to do and what's not. For example, is it impossible to make maps? Or its difficulty is so high that it's not even worth trying? I'm an utter ignorant in this matter. So, if someone involved in modding this game is around here, I'd like to know what are the possibilities and limitations that you see (and what are the things that you'd like to be different too).
  6. Martin-CAI

    Cyberdemons and Spiderdemons.

    I like maps where you can make them fight each other.
  7. These two look so damn similar.
  8. Martin-CAI

    I called it.

    It is for those that want it to be a reward, which means playing the game. For those that just want to tune their things without speding hours, they have to spend a certain amount of money that those that just played the game didn't. You can get it for free or paying for it. It's up to you.
  9. Martin-CAI

    I called it.

    Who says that it should've been available when the game launched? It's just a cosmetic reward for playing, that does not affect in any way the gameplay. There are some people that prefer playing the game to get them (like me), there are others that prefer the easy way and pay for them. But at the end of the day, you have the same experience playing with or without skins.
  10. Martin-CAI

    I called it.

    I support this type of "microtransactions". It doesn't add any advantage, it lets people get what they want and it doesn't affect anyone else in the process. Everyone wins. If this is the prelude of something else, no one knows, like no one knew that they were gonna sell the skins. As things stand, I support selling skins that people could've got for free, not once, but twice. Stop being dramatic.
  11. I don't consider that battlemode was supposed to be popular from the beginning and would "carry out" Doom. The thoughts about it were quite the opposite, and we were not wrong. Some people enjoy it nowadays, but it's far from being a good and popular multiplayer mode.
  12. Martin-CAI

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    I think that keep doing the "jk, this is THE real god" thing in future releases will continue to deteriorate the story, even more than it is right now. They must just stop.
  13. Martin-CAI

    Icon of Win

    Icon of Cheat
  14. Martin-CAI

    Favorite map theme?

    I love Urdak, but I admit that it is like that because I was waiting so much for the "how Heaven would look like in Doom". They imagined it really well, I was amazed in the first playthrough. However, there's nothing like a good Hell map. Call me conservative, but Doom is Hell and Hell is Doom. I feel specially excited in those maps, so my vote goes for Hell.
  15. You compressed in a single sentece all my concerns about the current state of the game.