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  1. Martin-CAI

    A Doom Eternal like game

    I'm not sure if this should be posted here, so if a moderator considers that it doesn't quite fit, please, move it. So, a friend of mine, knowing my taste, recommended this game: I tried it, and insert meme of "a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one". The DE influence is really strong and they don't try to hide it. They rather proudly exhibit it: character movement, dashes, double jumps, fast-paced combat style, quick-swapping to optimize damage, different types of enemies that require different strategies to be quickly killed, a weapon wheel, among others. I found myself moving around and dodging enemies in the same way I do in Doom Eternal without even thinking, but at the same time paying attention to how to use the new weaponry. I felt like kind of in a limbo between something well-known and fresh stuff. You guys who liked DE gameplay, I strongly recommend to give it a try. It's in early access on Steam, but you can download its demo for free (1-2 hours of gameplay, in my experience). There are some games that are released in its "final version" but they're in a blatant beta phase. This one it's in early access and I've never experienced any major bug.
  2. Martin-CAI

    The future of DE modding

    As I said many times, I'd love this game to stay alive for years, and the way to make that possible is having people commited to mod it. The thing is, there actually are many commited people. I really enjoy some of their work. But I'm not aware of what's possible to do and what's not. For example, is it impossible to make maps? Or its difficulty is so high that it's not even worth trying? I'm an utter ignorant in this matter. So, if someone involved in modding this game is around here, I'd like to know what are the possibilities and limitations that you see (and what are the things that you'd like to be different too).
  3. Been waiting for this release since the beginning. Playing it right away. Congrats guys!!
  4. Martin-CAI

    Is there a mod to skip platforming in TAGs?

    I don't think there's an easy way to achieve that, since there must be a whole edited campaign with cuts here and there in platforming parts. So, if there isn't someone that already did that work, there's no solution. Not a fan of platforming either, but I had to forcefully learn in order enjoy what Doom is good for. P.S.: Ignore the hate.
  5. Martin-CAI

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    Sounds like anything, honestly.
  6. Good points, but they can even keep that delay artificially, so you can't spam 3 nades at once in a little fraction of time. Also, I do spam "switch+throw+switch+throw..." quickly when I'm in a desperate situation, but not because I want to, but because I don't know what I'm going to throw. Being able to instantly know what type of nade you're throwing would encourage specific uses. So, for example, if you want to throw the ice bomb, you'll throw it with its dedicated button instead of spamming until you see you threw it. There are just a few occasions in which we can switch, then look what we are going to throw and then throw it. Most of the time is trial and error: "oh, I threw a bomb. I didn't want to do that. I switch and now I throw an ice bo... I died". Also, I wouldn't say that this change would let us save a substantial amount of time, considering the spamming strategy that (I'm quite sure) most of us follow in those situations.
  7. Martin-CAI

    Doom Burnout?

    Games are supposed to be entertaining, right? So if a game is not being enjoyable for the moment, just do another thing that fills that gap. Come back when you feel it again. As simple as that. I've always had my periods of 0 Doom and then downloading a couple of wads to play days and days. Just do what you want.
  8. Agreed. I even tried to look for a script so I can throw them just with one click. Something quite unnecessary because, as you said, there are just 2 types of bombs, so the button that you have to bind to switch between them could be used to bind one of the nades. It's a problem that no one seemed to address in this subforum, so I'm glad that you mentioned it and, maybe, someone working for id sees it and does something with it.
  9. They do take damage. The strategy of destroying their weak points is not only useful for survival, but also for killing. On top of that, they get stunned, so it's a win-win if you manage to hit them.
  10. Martin-CAI

    What do you think the lowest age for Doom Eternal should be

    If you're talking about what age should be the official one, in the current social context state, I'd say 17+ is correct. That being said, personally, I wouldn't say that Doom entail a real danger to children's minds, nor other games like it. Classic Doom has kind of the same amount of gore and violence and, hardly, a child that grew up playing it is nowadays, because of the game, a murderer or a psychopath. I've never found any serious study that proves that correlation. Children are not dumb. They differentiate really well what's real and what's not.
  11. Martin-CAI

    Whats your opinions on marauders

    Like marauder, hate its wolves.
  12. Martin-CAI

    6.66 Update Crashes

    Also, test performances in other games. If you get problems in other games, it's a general thing (maybe new drivers). If you've only got problems in DE, then it's something more specific. PS: change the title to something more explanatory like "6.66 update crashes" or "(Issue) 6.66 update" so more people can address the thread.
  13. Martin-CAI

    How do you think the Demonic Crucible would work on a Titan.

    I think it just inhibits demonic energy in some way, so once the blade is stuck, the Titan falls into a forced slumber, let's say. Because they don't die, apparently.
  14. Martin-CAI

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    Do you recall in which stream that was said? Something like this, placed in Nekravol, would've been way better, in my opinion:
  15. Martin-CAI


    8-bit boss battle
  16. Martin-CAI

    What's your favourite Doom Slayer skin?

    Ember skin
  17. Martin-CAI

    Doom Eternal: End of an era?

    Mmh. The fact that Doom have had several eras doesn't necessarily mean that there will be another. Also, this "third era" was supposed to be a reborn that takes into consideration more elements from classic Doom, because Doom 3 was too "dark" for the saga. I think that there will be another era if there would be several things to correct in regard with the last Dooms. I personally doubt that they'll change the tone of the game.
  18. Martin-CAI

    Do you agree that Doom is becoming a "cute" game?

    Look at this duuuude
  19. Martin-CAI

    Thoughts on ray tracing...

    2560x1080 (21:9), 144hz monitor. While with rtx off I always get 144fps+ without exception, with rtx on and dlss set in quality I may get drops that hit 100fps. But at the end of the day, it's a matter of preference. Personally, in a race between smoothness and graphic quality, in a game like Doom, I'll always go for smoothness.
  20. Martin-CAI

    Thoughts on ray tracing...

    My sum: it runs better than I expected and it makes the game even prettier than it normally is, but I'll eventually turn it off because of the substantial frame drops that I get in crowded situations (RTX 2070 super).
  21. Martin-CAI

    The future of DE modding

    I played it. It's quite messy and buggy, but it actually is really entertaining. Because it tries new stuff and it's not just a randomizer, it also brings back the surprise condiment that we lose when we've already played the game too much. I liked it.
  22. Martin-CAI

    Pepsi Slayer

    I offer you a gift. Take it. It will give you strength, help you on your journey... And now they will fear you.
  23. Martin-CAI

    Doom Eternal Ray Tracing Showcase + Other Notes

    Even though I have an RTX card, I'm not sure if it is worth playing DE with raytracing. It'll really depend on how many fps it'll cost, because playing DE with massive fps drops is not funny at all. So we'll see.
  24. Martin-CAI

    Just finished BTSX 1 & 2, any ideas...