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  1. 12ga.

    Impse dies. NOW

    hmm sounds good to me, gettin tortured by demons..... hatin dat ahh fuck it signed in as 12ga. again god damn internet browser.
  2. 12ga.

    Infamous serial killers

    heheh stupid cereal.
  3. Hey I still cant get into my old account no matter what I try can I please have my old post count added to my new account?
  4. 12ga.

    New UA-Corp Code??

    Yea im having no such luck eather I'm not even comeing close.
  5. 12ga.

    Doom 3 weapons

    I like the way your thinking, It kinda gave me a glimer of hope on better model design to come... thanks lol
  6. 12ga.

    Back into the cycle of no info

    Yea im quite a patient person but im getting to the point where i just want them to release the damn thing already..
  7. 12ga.

    Doom 3 weapons

    Meh shit happens
  8. 12ga.

    Infamous serial killers

    I hate em all except me....I mean... lol j/k yea they should all fucking die horrible deaths like getting there nuts crushed in a vice or somthing then getting them fed to them and choaking on them. I do got a question though was that natorious Sniper a few months back refered to as a serial killer?
  9. 12ga.

    Doom 3 weapons

    And all of the Frigits in the Canadian Navy, They are one awesome sounding weapon almost deffening...Kind of like really really loud velcrow.
  10. 12ga.

    Doom 3 weapons

    Yup me and my brother have hollowed out a .303 british round before and put mercury in the tip then refilled the tip with the lead we extracted we shot it at a 4 by 4 and the mercury splashed and blew it clean in half.
  11. 12ga.

    Doom 3 weapons

    Yup good old 75mm handheld autocannon lol.....
  12. 12ga.


    Sounds good to me, and right up dooms alley :-).
  13. 12ga.

    hell enviroments

    I agree with you fully on that post, I really want to see that gothic type of hell again.
  14. 12ga.


    I dont really care about water in doom 3, but i do want sludge and radioactive/toxic waste and like maybe mutated fucked up things come out of it and if you fall in it or your in a radioactive environment you get radiation poisening. Im hopeing they atleast have a meter for reading radiation levels I'll find that add's to the feel alot in games.
  15. 12ga.

    Whats the meaning of the other dudes in Doom3?

    Fuck having your own platoon, kill em all on yer own.