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  1. Grogglogobofink

    Strife hacking has begun!

    nice findings, keep up the good work.
  2. Grogglogobofink

    The scariest thing in the game.

    the light transitions made for pretty good atmosphere (although there wasn't much of that in eps 2 or 3).
  3. Grogglogobofink

    Die, Phobos Lab, Die!

    really, they care? i played several quake conversions of doom and doom2 maps before (i think off cdrom.com). and they never seemed to care about wolf3d for doom either.
  4. Grogglogobofink

    Doom: Enigma

    yeah i'd tried it in single player (as it would be immensely useful to make voodoo dolls off another player), but that obviously doesn't mean anything since there isn't a real player 2.
  5. Grogglogobofink

    Doom: Enigma

    i doubt it. if you put two monsters on top of each other they don't telefrag one another, they just get stuck. i'm also not 100% you can use player starts 2-4 for voodoo dolls, never tried it.
  6. Grogglogobofink

    Amrozi's death sentence

    heh, it's a good thing in my book :) although it would have been worse for him if he'd gotten life in prison.
  7. Grogglogobofink

    Gamespy is here you have no chance make your time

    for once, i agree with dsm.
  8. Grogglogobofink

    Die, Phobos Lab, Die!

    i for one don't consider the doom3 community part of the doom community at all. i mean, how many people in this community are going to map for doom3? a handful at most i'd wager. the quake3 community is far more similar to the doom3 community than the doom community is.
  9. Grogglogobofink

    Question about Doom/Doom2/Heretic/Hexen level design

    actually, this makes me curious. is there a list somewhere of who made what heretic levels? to be more on the point, the only map i know how long it took is E4M2 of doom, which took romero one night to make :)
  10. Grogglogobofink

    Die, Phobos Lab, Die!

    i have no problems with gamespy really, except for what cyb just mentioned heh. and it's nice to see a doom III site popping up, i hope it lures away some of the doom III crowd from here.
  11. Grogglogobofink

    Doom: Enigma

    heh, yeah i know you have that one. epyo was quoting an earlier list. sweet :) what happens in scythe? i only played it coop. i think that would be a good thing to have, but how could you manage that with a limitless port?
  12. Grogglogobofink

    Doom: Enigma

    yay, an update. thomas van der velden made a titlepic to go along with his interpic and m_doom replacements, and said he'll have me an E1 map in a couple months :) that leaves 3 E1 map slots open. when E1 is finished i'll release a 'shareware' demo. any takers for any of the remaining spots?
  13. Grogglogobofink

    Doom: The new nightmare

    pay attention you people! and calm the fuck down bbg, wth is your problem. i'm surprised you didn't attack randy heit into submission when he proposed making zdoom. (LEGACY ALREADY HAS JUMPING AND 16 PLAYERS IN MULTIPLAYER, YOU FUCKCART!!!)
  14. Grogglogobofink

    How big an infinity?

    fradrik is teh geniuz! heh, i think the main problem people are having here is that they don't understand infinity isn't just some really big number.